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Free Fire Maro Guide: Abilities, Character combinations, and more

Free Fire is a very popular game and as such it keeps rolling out fresh new content for the players every few weeks. The game always tries its level best to bring amazing brand new content to its players in the form of collaborations with other big brands. The official collaborations with Money HeistDJ AlokKSHMR, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Ragnarok in the past were pretty much successful in inducing a feeling of excitement and craze within the player base. Freefire’s latest collaboration is with Mohamed Ramadan – an Egyptian actor, singer, rapper, dancer, and producer. Maro, also known as MR1 is a free fire character based on the real-life of this popular middle-east personality. Today, in this Free Fire Maro Guide, we will take a closer look at this character that seems to be a really special character in the game.

Who is Maro in Free Fire

Maro is a character based on the famously known as Mohamed Ramadan also known as MR1. He is an Egyptian singer, actor, producer, dancer, and rapper. Moreover, he has more than 17 million followers on social media and is very popular in Arabic counties. MR1 also has over 17 blockbuster films and almost 7 Hit television series to his name. This is the most exciting part about the Free Fire x Mohamed Ramadan collaboration which is the introduction of the man himself as a character in the game.

What are Maro’s abilities in the game

Free Fire Maro Guide
Abilities of Maro in Free Fire

Maro is a special character and as such he will have an active skill Falcon Fervor. Under this skill, the Damage increases with distance up to 5-25℅. Moreover, the Damage to marked enemies increases by 1-3.5℅ . This ability can easily break any level of vest/armor with 1-2 bullets/shoots. Players can use this ability with any active skill character such as K, Chrono, Wunkong, etc. because Falcon Fervor is a passive ability. Next, we have given about strategies and character combinations that you can use to maximize your advantages in the game.

Character Combinations you can use with Maro

When using Maro, there will be 2 major character combinations that you can use according to the general gameplay. Those are Rush and Camp. Starting with the Rush gameplay first.

Rush Gameplay

MR1With the ability to increase damage, the player can easily give massive damage to an opponent with 2 hits of M1887/M1014 (Basic shotgun)
HayatoWith the ability to Increase vest penetration, the player can easily break the vest of the opponent while having increased damage by MR1
KWhile fighting with multiple enemies, the player will have less time to heal, K can easily deal with that issue with infinite EP generation and EP to HP convention with only 3 seconds of Cooldown
KellyWhile rushing in enemies and running back to the squad player will have extra speed given by Kelly.

Camp Gameplay

MR1MR1 dealing with more damages to enemies, also marking the enemies for help of teammates.
ChronoChrono can give player a temporary cover from where player can give back fire to his teammates with speed for reviving teammates from newly added Revival point
KappelaWith the help of kappela player can heal himself faster and increase knockdown HP of teammates.
LauraWith the ability of increased accuracy when scope in, player can easily shoot sniper to enemy.

Maro could be a match changer character but this latest character will be soon available in a discount event named The Food Truck. With his bundle for free, players can purchase this character if they are interested in competitive esports or else in increasing their collection. There is a slight possibility that Free fire might give this character for free in future events. But for now, Maro is available via Top-up event and soon will be available in-store.

That’s it for today’s Maro guide for Free Fire. Do you find it great to play with him? Let us know in the comment section below!

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