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Free Fire: How to get Unlimited Playcards

Get all the Playcards!

Free Fire has a wide series of equipment available of which each has a limited number of uses and will disappear once used out. This will occur unless an Unlimited Playcard is equipped. Unlimited Playcards in Free Fire have different ways to be obtained of which this article will go in-depth explaining.

What are the Unlimited Playcards

Unlimited Playcards are time limited items that provide their designated selectable equipment with an unlimited number of uses per game. As long as the equipment has the time-limited playcard, no selectable equipment will be used, no matter what amount the player has. Once the time for the playcard is expired, all selectable equipment used will decrease after usage each game. The Playcards are stackable meaning any Play Card obtained afterwards will increase the expiration date by its specified time( e.g an already active 3 day Play Card could stack with a 24 hour and increase expiration date by 1 days making the Playcard active time a total of 4 days)

Selectable equipments which are eligible for Unlimited Playcards

Eligible equipments include:

  • Bonfire
  • Bounty Token
  • Resupply map
  • Scan
  • Summon Airdrop

Distribution to get Unlimited Playcards in Free Fire

Unlimited Playcards are distributed though:

The Store

Redeemable tokens

Special aftermatch drop

Free Fire: How to get unlimited playcards

Leveling up certain characters

Free Fire: How to get unlimited playcards

Various Luck Royales

On some special occasions, unlimited playcards can also be dropped as an aftermatch drop. While purchasing them is the best way to get them for a doable time, there just might be a chance for one to be obtained for free with the methods above for extended time.

That’s all about Unlimited Playcards in Free Fire and how to get them! Feel free to mention your opinions in the comments!

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