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Free Fire Misha Guide: Abilities, Character Combinations and more

Use Misha to her full potential!

Free Fire lets players can choose from various characters, each of which benefits players on the battlefield. Every character has a unique skill, and gamers can customize the skill set and battle for Booyah. Misha is one of Free Fire’s oldest characters. However, she was neglected for equipping owing to her useless skill. Later, the developer gave her a buff with the OB27 update, and she became one of the most popular characters used by Esports teams and BR rank pushers. This Free Fire Misha guide will help you with the best character combinations with Misha and tips to master her.

About Misha in Free Fire

Free Fire Misha
Image via Garena

Misha is a fictional character by Garena, and according to them, Misha is a fantastic racer with a lot of potential. The racing community dubbed her Racequeen for her never-say-die attitude and incredible driving skills. She quickly climbed to prominence as she competed in additional tournaments, always willing to take on new challenges.

Misha abilities in Free Fire

Free Fire Misha
Image via Garena

Misha has a passive skill called ‘Afterburner.‘ It increases the driving speed by 20% while driving the user is harder to target. Players will also experience 30% less damage from assaults while inside a vehicle at its max level.

Best character skill combination with Misha you should try in Free Fire

As Misha’s skill only works while driving vehicles, there’s no use for her in small area modes like Clash Squad, Lone wolf, etc. However, players can use her with other characters for rush and survival gameplay. The best character skill combinations with Misha are listed below.

1. Misha/ Chrono/ Kelly/Moco

Chrono creates an impenetrable force shield that blocks 800 damages that lasts for 6 seconds. Kelly increases the running speed by 6%. Moco exposes the opponent’s location with a mark on the shot enemies for 5 seconds. This character combination can be used to play aggressively. Misha allows players to use vehicles to travel to their opponents’ location while avoiding damage quickly. Users can exit cars and take shots on enemies when the opponent is low.

2. Misha/ Alok/ Hayato/ D-Bee

Alok aids the user in keeping them healed-up by providing 5 HP every second for 10 seconds when the skill is activated. On the other hand, Hayato increases the armor penetration by 10% with every 10% decrease in maximum HP. D-Bee, while firing, improves the movement speed and accuracy by 15% and 45%, respectively. Players can perform rush gameplay by equipping this skill combination. While lacking medkits and at low HP, players can exit the vehicle, and with increased accuracy and armor penetration, users can easily kill down the enemy.

3. Misha/ Notora/ Ford/K

Notora restores 5 HP every two seconds while driving a vehicle. It boosts the HP of both user and their teammates. Ford reduces the damage taken outside the safe zone by 24%. K restores EP automatically up to 250 units, and on activating its skill, it covers 5 EP to HP every second. This character combination can be used for survival gameplay while rank pushing. With Misha and this combination, players can easily cover zone shifts and survive outside the safe zone for a long time.

Tips and Tricks for using Misha in Free Fire

  • While driving vehicles, it is harder to target the user as the default aim doesn’t work. So, players can easily escape from enemies and increase their survival points while pushing their rank.
  • Users with vehicles can collide with the Gloo walls and destroy them in a split second. Using Misha’s skill to damage or kill opponents, vehicles can also be used with ease.
  • Enemies can, however, destroy your vehicle using a precise scope and accurate shots. As a result, players should get into a fast vehicle or a vehicle with shorter width, for example, motorcycle.

Players should look for another vehicle if the vehicle is damaged more than half, as one shot of AWM can destroy your vehicle, and consecutive shots can kill you without any cover.

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