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Free Fire Hayato Guide: Abilities, Character Combinations and more

Use Hayato to his full potential!

Free Fire has a large active user base thanks to its distinctive game mechanics and features, such as character skills, pet abilities, and so on. In the game, character and skill combinations are quite important. Every character has a special ability that gives the user an advantage in battle. Furthermore, Free Fire features two different types of skills: Active and Passive. Hayato is one of the most used passive-skilled characters due to its amazing skill. This Free Fire Hayato guide will help you with the best character combinations with Hayato and tips to master him.

About Hayato in Free Fire

Free fire hayato guide
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According to Free Fire stories, Hayato is the son of a famous Samurai family. This young Samurai is hiding a secret from the rest of the world. Being the only kid in the family, he upholds the family curse.

Hayato abilities in Free Fire

‘Bushido’ is Hayato’s passive skill. With every 10% loss in max HP, the ability enhances armor penetration by 8%. At the max level, every 10% decrease in armor penetration would result in a 10% increase in armor penetration. In addition, players can unlock the Awakening skill (Hayato Firebrand) by completing the provided missions.

Free fire hayato guide
Image via Garena

Awaken Skill: This skill reduces frontal damage by 1% at a base level and 3.5% at max level for every 10% max HP loss.  

Best character skill combination with Hayato you should try in Free Fire

As he is a passive skilled character, players can use active character skills with two other passive skills. Some of the best character skill combinations with Hayato are discussed below.

1. Hayato/ Wukong/ Kelly/ Maxim

On activating the Wukong skill, it transforms the user into a movable bush, and the default aim doesn’t work until the bush is damaged. Kelly helps by providing constant 6% extra agility. Using Maxim skill, players can eat mushrooms and medkits 25% faster. Players can activate Wukong’s skill at low HP, and with the help of Hayato’s ability, they can knock down the opponent. This combination is mainly for offensive gameplay.

2. Hayato/ Alok/ Rafael/ Maro

Alok aids the user by keeping them healed up during combats by providing 5 HP every second for 10sec when the skill is activated. Rafael benefits from the silencing effect while using snipers or rifles. Also, the downed enemy suffers 45% extra HP loss. In comparison, Maro increases the damage to the opponents up to 25% with the increase in distance from the enemies. This skill combination can benefit users during long-range combats. This combination can be used for BR mode while rank pushing.

3. Hayato/ Alvaro/ Skyler/ Moco

Alvaro increases the explosive weapon damage and range of damage up to 20% and 10%, respectively. With his sonic wave, Skyler damages 5 Gloo walls within 100m range, along with HP recovery on every Gloo wall deployed. Moco exposes the shooted enemy’s location for 6.5 sec at its max level. This skill combination is useful while playing with teammates. This combination can play a supportive role in utilizing grenades and explosive supplies.

Tips And Tricks for using Hayato in Free Fire

Hayato has an offensive skill that players may use in Clash Squad and Battle Royale mode. Players with low HP can kill enemies with fewer shots and use medkits rapidly to continue fighting. If used efficiently and at the right time, Hayato, in combination with Chrono or Wukong, can frag over 2-3 opponents. Shotguns are more effective than SMG guns using Hayato to down the enemies quickly.

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