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Free Fire Nairi Guide: Abilities, character combinations, and more

Here comes the Storm Chaser!

Free Fire has a unique character ability feature that plays a significant role in gameplay. The Free Fire character becomes one of the important aspects of the game and players desire to unlock them for a better gameplay experience. Also, Free Fire keeps on introducing new characters in the game frequently. Recently, a new character Nairi has been added to Free Fire

Who is Nairi in Free Fire

Nairi is a passive skilled character. He is not a real-life or anime collaboration character. According to the Free Fire comic, he is a storm chaser who researches climate technology.

Nairi in Free Fire
Nairi in Free Fire

Nairi character ability: Ice Iron

In Free Fire, Nairi’s ability gets activated automatically. He has a special survival ability that the deployed Gloo walls will recover a certain amount of current durability every 1 sec when damage is taken. Also, the user equipping this skill will get increased damage on Gloo walls while shooting from any AR gun.

Ice Iron
Ice Iron (Image via Garena)

At the base level, the deployed Gloo wall’s durability will recover by 20% every 1 sec. However, the Gloo wall durability recovery increases up to 30% every 1 sec at Max level.

Character Skill Combinations

As the Nairi character is a passive skilled character, players can use one active skill and two passive skills along with him. Also, based on the strategies and gameplay preferred, players, can choose any of the skill combinations given below.

Character skill combinations for Rushers

Character SkillTips for Rushers
Kelly/ Deadly velocityKelly’s character increases the sprinting speed by 6% at the max level. Players can damage the enemies and rapidly rush on them by using this ability.
Skyler/ Riptide rhythmSkyler unleashes a sonic wave that completely damages 5 Gloo walls within 100m range at max level. Also, each Gloo wall deployed will recover the user’s HP by 9 points. Players can easily damage enemies after damaging their protective Gloo walls.
Hayato/ BushidoHayato increases the armor penetration by 10% with every 10% decrease in maximum HP. The chance to kill the enemies even at low HP increases when taken Hayato in use.
Moco/ Hacker’s eyeMoco marks on the hit enemies that expose the enemy location for 6.5 sec at max level.
Wukong/ CamouflageWukong transforms into a movable bush that lasts for 15 sec at max level. On every kill, the cool-down time resets when the user takes down any enemy. Also, the default aim doesn’t work on the bush shield so it’s hard to damage the Wukong user.
Joseph/Nutty MovementJoseph increases the moving and sprinting speed by 20% upon taking damage at max level.

Character skill combinations for Campers/Snipers/Assaulters

Character Skill Tips for Campers/Snipers/Assaulters
Maro/ Falcon ferverMaro increases the damage with distance up to 25% and also the damage increases by 3.5% to the marked enemies. Players using Maro get an additional advantage of increased damage from long distances.
DJ Alok/  Drop the beatDj Alok creates a 5m aura for 10 sec that increases the movement speed by 15% and restores 5 HP every second. Players are able to keep them healed during fights.
Laura/ SharpshooterLaura increases the accuracy by 35%  while shooted scope in.
Rafael/ Dead silentRafael shows a silencing effect when using snipers and rifles, also the downed enemy suffers 45% faster HP loss. It’s hard to spot the user as it hides the firing mark on the map.
K/ Master of allThe K character recovers 3EP up to 250 EP every 1 sec. Also, on activating the HP mode it converts 5 EP to 5 HP every second until it restores the maximum HP.
Shani/ Gear recycleShani restores the armor durability every by 30% after every kill at max level.

Tips and Tricks for using Nairi in Free Fire

The Gloo walls provide protection on the battleground. However, there are limitations on the Gloo walls in the Free Fire clash squad mode. So, this character will be effective in Clash squad mode as it will strengthen the Gloo wall durability and provide longer protection.

Besides, this character skill won’t work against the Skyler character as the Skyler character completely damages the Gloo walls within his range. So, players will not get any advantage against the Skyler character.

What are your thoughts on the character of Nairi in Free Fire? Let us know in the comments below!

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