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Free Fire: Tips to perform Dragshots and how to master them

Perform dragshots with ease!

Free Fire is a Battle Royale game such as no other, having a completely different playstyle compared to other titles. These playstyles depend on the customizable HUD button placements and reaction skills. A noticeable skill is the ability to take headshots easily, also known as dragshot. In this article, we shall discuss what dragshot is and tips to do dragshots like a truly experienced player in Free Fire.

What is a dragshot in Free Fire?

Free Fire dragshots tips

In Free Fire, dragshot is the action of swiftly dragging the Fire button upwards with select weaponry for easier headshots. It is something that has to be mastered thoroughly before trying it out in actual combat. Dragshot also has different conditions to work per weapon class as some weaponry is suited for close combat and some distance.

Setting customization for dragshots in Free Fire

Free Fire dragshots tips

1. Choosing the gun class

The first step is to choose a gun class most comfortable with as all have their own drag methods. As of now, every weapon except melee weapons and certain sidearms can be dragged. For dragging, any gun of choice will do, however, there are certain guns that can be dragged depending on their class and range which we shall list below:


M500, Desert Eagle, G18


Free Fire dragshots tips

M1014, M1887, SPAS12, M1883

Assault Rifles (AR)

Free Fire dragshots tips


Light Machine Guns (LMG)

M60 (w/spiral charger), M249

Submachine Guns (SMG)

MP40, MP5, Thompson, P90, VSS, UMP

2. Set custom HUD

Next is to make a suitable Custom Hud for dragging. Recommended Custom Hud sensitivity

For easier dragshot, making the Fire button as big as needed to press easily is crucial for dragshot to work and it should be positioned slightly above the usual so it can easily be dragged upwards.

3. Head for practice and test your skills

Free Fire dragshots tips

The Training Grounds offer a large selection of nearly all weaponry to practice with including a wide combat area with players to practice with. Normal Clash Squad is also a good place to practice skills without the fear of losing points like in Ranked Games.

Tips to master Dragshots in Free Fire

Drag may take a while to master, but we’ve given up some tips below to make it easier:

1. Drag when the enemy is close to you

Free Fire dragshots tips

One thing that might be noticable is that dragging is easier when the enemy is up close. This is because most weapons are inaccurate when shooting from a distance. Keeping your aim steady and ready is the right way to drag easily.

2. Don’t completely rely on the aim assist

Free Fire dragshots tips

The aim assist could be a hindrance at some times but can also be a real save in some situations. For proper dragging, aim away from the body first, keep the aim faced slightly up away from where the body would be, and drag the fire button upwards.

3. Make use of available defenses

Constant dragging can be a real pain, so considering taking cover behind nearby structures or gloo walls while also deciding where and who the target will be is a good plan.

4. Try out different weapon classes

Free Fire dragshots tips

Consider swapping to any other classes for more practice. Shotguns, for example, have spread bullets while ARs and SMGs have continued fire. Both are powerful in mid and close range so trying out each could decide which combination could be taken for drag in a real battle.

5. Move/jump while shooting

Free Fire dragshots tips

Moving and jumping around is another great way to practice dragging, as this can heighten the chances of headshots. What should be kept in mind though, is that jumping up also increases chances the enemy can headshot you easily, so be wary when you decide to jump drag someone.

6. Be on top of leveled terrain

Free Fire dragshots tips

If positioned on a higher platform than the enemy, the chance of headshot is much higher in comparison when on even grounds. Reaching higher terrains should be an option to consider when fighting an enemy on the battlefield.

That’s all for our explanation on dragshots and tips on how to drag easily in Free Fire. Drop your opinions and queries in the comments!

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