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Free Fire Wolfrahh guide: Abilities, Character Combinations and more

Utilise Wolfrahh to his full potential!

Free Fire has been adding new characters in-game for a while. Some are from collaboration (Alok, K, Etc.), and some are based on the comic Free Fire (Kelly, Hayato, A124, etc.).Wolfrahh is one of the free passive skill characters which can be purchased via “gold.” Wolfrahh decreased damage taken from a headshot. In this Free Fire guide, we’ll go through his complete analysis and provide tips on using Wolfrahh effectively.

Wolfrahh abilities in Free Fire

Wolfrahh guide
Image via Garena

Wolfrahh grew up hiding from the world after a traumatic event. After facing fears, he overcame some of his confidence issues but still had trouble finding his identity. He was invited to the largest underground VR game competition on the continent to showcase his skills. However, he discovered the secret-his choices surrounding those will define his life in the process.

Wolfrahh guide
Image via Garena

This character is purely based on the player’s ability to steal and quickly kill and take cover. Wolfrahh, after killing an enemy/having spectators, will increase resistance to headshot and increase damage to the enemy’s limb and body by 5-30% and 5-20%, respectively.

Best character skill combination with Wolfrahh you should try in Free Fire

When using Wolfrahh, there will be 2 major character combinations that you can use according to the general gameplay. These are Rush and Scout. Starting with the Rush gameplay first.

Rush Gameplay

Kelly/Awakened KellyWhen rushing on the enemy, the player should have a speed advantage. Kelly can increase player speed by 6-8℅ , whereas Kelly awakened and increased speed by 6-8℅ and increased max damage by 120℅.
Hayato/awakened HayatoWhen rushing to an enemy, the player also wants to destroy the enemy vest as fast as possible, increasing damage. Hayato can increase armor penetration by 18-20℅ whenever 10℅ of HP is reduced, whereas awakened Hayato has 18-20% of armor penetration and reduced frontal damage by 20℅ , which will reduce the enemy’s damages significantly.
AlokWhen rushing, players will need an extra speed bonus and maybe a little bit of healing too. Alok will create an aura/ring around the player, which will increase movement speed by 15% and heal the player with 5HP/sec. With a balanced cooldown of 45sec.

Scouting Gameplay

LauraWhen scouting, players always want high accuracy when shooting/sniping. Also, increased accuracy helps deal with more damage on vests and helmets. Laura can increase accuracy by 35℅
Hayato/awakened HayatoWhen scouting, players also want to destroy enemy vests as fast as possible, which will lead to increased damage. Hayato can increase armor penetration by 18-20℅ whenever 10℅ of HP is reduced, whereas awakened Hayato has 18-20% of armor penetration and has reduced frontal damage by 20℅ , which will reduce the enemy’s damages significantly.
DimitriWhen scouting/sniping, there are scenarios where players have to heal and revive teammates simultaneously. Dimitri has the perfect ability for so, within 3.5m diameter. The player can heal 3 HP per second and downed allies can revive themself. This circle lasts up to 15 seconds and has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Players can purchase Wolfrahh for free in-store with the help of in-game currency, gold which can be obtained after winning/completing a match successfully.

Tips and Tricks for using Wolfrahh in Free Fire

  • The best tips for Wolfrahh are that he is a scouting character, so the best way to play Wolfrahh is to scout on enemies and give teammates backfires.
  • When a player hits the enemy’s body, there will be a 30% increase in damage, and with the help of the Hayato player, it will further increase damage by 20%.
  • He can also be instrumental when teammates are rushing in the enemy squad as it will increase damage and increase Armour penetration.
  • Wolfrahh with Dimitri is a very overpowered support unit. If the fight is an indoor teammate, heal/revive themself and continue the fight as the cooldown is only 60 seconds.

However, it’s important for players to understand the maps and Wolfrahh’s skills well and then use him to their advantage.

Did you find our Free Fire Wolfrahh guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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