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Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions for Dehya and Tips

Team compositions for Dehya in Genshin!

“Flame-Mane” Dehya is a Pyro claymore character who was released in Genshin Impact Version 3.5 Update. She will be added to the Standard Wish – Wanderlust Invocation in Version 3.6. At the moment, she does not have a “best team”, as her DMG is lackluster are any healer/shielder can sustain the team better than she can. Players are only advised to slot her into teams if they are genuinely passionate about playing her. However, it must be mentioned that she might get better when a new team archetype is created that appreciates her slow rate of Pyro application. This Genshin Impact guide will discuss how to create and play with the best team compositions of Dehya.

Best Team Compositions for Dehya in Genshin Impact

Ganyu Burn-Melt

Main DPSDendro applicationPyro application/healingAdditional Pyro application/Interruption resistance

This is the closest thing to a “best team” for Dehya. In this team, the goal is to maintain the Burning (Dendro + Pyro) status on enemies for Ganyu to Melt with her charged shots. When Cryo Melts an enemy with Burning status, the Pyro does not get completely consumed, applying Pyro again maintains the Burning status. This is where Dehya’s coordinated attacks come in handy, as it would help maintain Burning status for much longer than any other variant of this team. The high interruption resistance from Dehya’s skill helps Ganyu fire off a few charged shots without having to worry about getting knocked around.

Genshin Impact Dehya Team Compositions
Image via HoYoverse

In this team, Dehya is not acting as the Melt support for Ganyu, she is helping maintain the Burning status created by Bennett and Nahida. An important thing to note: Dehya alone, without Dendro cannot be used as Melt support for Ganyu. Dehya’s coordinated attacks would cause the Melt reaction instead of Ganyu, resulting in lower DMG.

Mono Pyro

Interruption resistance/On-field Pyro DPSPyro battery/HealingOff-field Pyro DPSElemental DMG bonus/Elemental resistance shred/Grouping

In this team, Xiangling does the most amount of DMG. As a result of being buffed by Bennett and Kazuha, Dehya also does a somewhat decent amount of DMG with her burst, but do not expect it to contribute to a significant portion of the team’s total DMG.


On-field DPSPyro battery/HealingDMG bonusElemental DMG bonus/Elemental resistance shred/Grouping

This is Dehya’s nuke team. Utilizing three of the best buffers in the game, Dehya can do some decent DMG in her burst mode. This team is not sustainable against waves of enemy mobs.

Image via HoYoverse


Burgeon TriggerHydro ApplierDendro ApplierElemental DMG bonus (Kazuha only)/Elemental resistance shred/Grouping

This is a worse version of a Thoma-Ayato Burgeon team. The main reason the Thoma-Ayato Burgeon team works well is that Thoma’s slow Pyro application prevents the Burning reactions from taking place. Dehya’s Pyro application is even slower than Thoma’s. This creates another problem where enough Burgeon is not triggered, wasting many Bloom seeds that could have dealt with Burgeon DMG. She will need to be built with EM in this team, which significantly reduces her survival utility of DMG Mitigation.

Final Thoughts

At the moment, Dehya feels like an incomplete character. We can wait for her to get better in the future, or we can accept her as she is and try to make the most of her. Good luck to players planning to build her and use her in these teams.

What are your thoughts about our guide on Best Team Compositions of Dehya in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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