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Genshin Impact: Bunkoku Enigma World Quest Guide

Find all the Stone Slates here and Conquer the world of Dark Enkanomiya!

With the Three Realms Gateway Offering event on board, players are all in a race to collect the rewards quickly. After unlocking this Three Realms Gateway Offering event, players will go through the Eve event at first. After conquering this event in Genshin Impact, players will enter the Bunkoku Enigma World Quest, where they can get 40 Light Realm Sigils to upgrade the Bokuso Box along with 40 Primogems, three Hero’s Wit, and 30,000 Mora.

Players need the right location, upgrades, and a full walkthrough to complete this Genshin Impact Bunkoku Enigma World quest. This is our step-to-step guide to get the quest completed in minutes.

Genshin Impact Bunkoku Enigma World Quest and its locations: How to unlock

Players can begin the quest by talking to one of the soldiers at the dark Enkanomiya, Yabe. After completing scene 1 of the Three Realms Gateway Offering event, players will automatically unlock this event. In Dark Enkanomiya, players will encounter Yabe immediately, after they encounter the first waypoint. Once players have received the Bokuso Box, talk to Yabe to start this quest. To continue the quest, players will be given the player a damaged stone slate and they must go down to the quest area.

Genshin Impact Bunkoku Enigma World Quest
Image via miHoYo

When Genshin Impact players speak to Yabe about the hidden chamber, the first stone slate will be given to them. Following that, they will need to locate the remaining seven stone slates scattered around the darkened Enkanomiya.

There are seven different stone slates that players must find to solve the puzzle. On the map, Yabe marks the location of the stone slates, but players may still miss some of them.

Stone Slates: How to find them in Genshin Impact

The first three stone slates can be found in the same room, the library in the Narrows. Players need to light three Electro totems to gain entry to the library, which is locked behind three Electro totems. To obtain these Electro Totems, they need to complete two challenges that are sealed behind them.

  • Once the player enters the library, the first stone slate is on the right.
  • The second stone slate can be found on the left side of the room.
  • On the right side of the second floor is the third stone slate in this library.

In the Evernight Temple, the fourth and fifth stone slates are located together.

  • The fourth stone slate is just behind the treasure chest inside the room, once players have completed the mirror puzzle in this area.
  • There is a fifth stone slate immediately left of the treasure chest.

There are two more stone slates under an underground ruin near the teleport waypoint in The Serpent’s Heart.

  • After going down the entrance, the sixth slate can be seen on the right side.
  • The last slate can be collected from the left side of the entrance.

Damaged Stone Slate sliding puzzle: How to solve

After getting all the stone slates, players need to arrange them and form a similar photo shown below.

Genshin Impact Bunkoku Enigma World Quest
Image via miHoYo
  • One must start by pulling the middle-left slate upwards.
  • Players must pull up the bottom-left slate.
  • They must slide the bottom-middle slate to the left.
  • Players should slide the bottom-right slate to the left.
  • They must pull the middle-right slate down.
  • To complete the puzzle, one must move the slate in the middle to the right.
  • Once the player activates the mechanism, they can head down.

Completing the Genshin Impact Bunkoku Enigma World Quest

After solving the sliding puzzle, they must turn on the mechanism and enter the room. Players must talk to Koyanagi and pick up the Mysterious Stone Slate within the room. Using the Enknaomiya Phase Gate, players can then return upstairs.

Mysterious Samurai
Image via miHoYo

They must put the Mysterious Stone Slate into the machine, deactivate it, then reactivate it. They must make their way into the room beneath again and fight the Mysterious Samurai. Players must talk to Koyanagi again, after opening the Luxurious Chest. To complete the quest, they must head upstairs or make use of the teleport waypoint and speak with Yabe again.


After completing the  Bunkoku Enigma World Quest, players will receive the following list of rewards:

  • Primogems ×40
  • Hero’s Wit ×3
  • Light Realm Sigil ×40
  • Mora ×30000

That’s all for the walkthrough guide for the Bunkoku Enigma World Quest in Genshin Impact.

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