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Genshin Impact Carrot Locations: How to find them

Locate the Carrots and find them with ease!

Genshin Impact is an open-world MMORPG that took the gaming world by storm ever since its release. And what’s better than slaying monsters and saving the world? Finding carrots while doing it! If you’re looking for places to find carrots in Genshin Impact, look no further. Our guide will tell you all the Carrot locations and how to find them in Genshin Impact.

List of all the Carrot locations in Genshin Impact

Here is a list of all the possible locations, from where you can find and obtain Carrots in Genshin Impact.

1. Mondstadt, near Wolvendom

Wolvendom Carrot Locations
Image via miHoYo

Mondstadt is a bustling city and the capital of the country of Liyue. There are many places to explore and things to do in Mondstadt, but one thing that you can’t miss out on is picking up some carrots, Carrots can be found growing in small patches all around the city, so keep your eyes peeled when exploring. Players can find carrots in Wolvendom. There is a higher chance of finding carrots here.

2. Stormterror’s Lair

Stromterror Lair Carrot Locations
Image via miHoYo

Stormterror’s Lair is a dangerous place, full of deadly creatures and traps. But if you’re brave enough to venture into this treacherous dungeon, you might just be rewarded with some carrots, These vegetables can be found in small patches if you keep exploring.

3. Dawn Winery

Dawn Winery Carrot Locations
Image via miHoYo

Dawn Winery is located in Liyue Harbour. It is home to many friendly people, and it’s also home to some carrots. These vegetables can be found growing in small patches, so keep your eyes open when exploring.

4. Jueyun Karst

 Jueyun Karst Carrot Locations
Image via miHoYo

The Jueyun Karst is a large forest area located in Liyue. This forest is full of dangerous creatures and treacherous paths, but if you’re brave enough to venture into its depths, you might find some carrots. These vegetables can be found growing all around the forest, so keep hunting.

5. Springvale

Springvale is a village located in Mondstadt. Three carrots are located here for Genshin Impact players. This waypoint is located just a short distance from the Teleport Waypoint, so you shouldn’t need much time to find it. This location is also quite easy for new players to locate as it is very close to Mondstadt.

Springvale Carrot Locations
Image via miHoYo

These are just a few of the many places where you can find carrots in Genshin Impact. So get out there and start exploring! Who knows, you might just find yourself a new favorite vegetable. But you can also purchase it from the Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue.

6. Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue

Players can purchase carrots at Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue. The price is 230 Mora and you can buy up to 10 carrots. Moreover, there is also a small chance that players will find them while searching for loot chests in the area.

Genshin impact Carrot Locations
Image via miHoYo

The game features several different locations where you can track down this essential ingredient for your cooking adventures. Whether you’re exploring the wilds of Springvale or taking on quests, we’ll show you where to go to get your hands on some carrots. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start hunting!

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