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Genshin Impact Guide: How to beat Anemo Hypostasis with Tips

Some basic tips and strategies!

Anemo Hypostasis is a boss-type monster in Genshin Impact. Hypostases are accumulated elemental energies creating a core of pure elemental energy. A solid shell forms around the core of hypostases protecting its more fragile parts.  An Anemo Hypostasis or, otherwise known as Beth, is a high-purity Anemo entity. It is one of the four Hypostases, the other three naming Aleph (the Electro Hypostasis), Daleth (the Cryo Hypostasis), and Gimel (the Geo Hypostasis). Here, we will guide you to beat Anemo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact beat Anemo Hypostasis
Razor vs Anemo Hypostasis

Anemo Hypostasis Drops

Anemo Hypostasis is a tricky boss to clear, farming will require specific strategies and techniques. Before defeating Anemo Hypostasis, the player should ask themselves what materials they need from the boss.

Anemo Hypostases generally drop different artifacts. However, the main loot that most people need from the Anemo Hypostasis, or any Hypostasis in that matter is their element-specific ascension materials. The ascension stone dropped by the Anemo Hypostasis is the Vayuda Turquoise and Hurricane Seed. The most probable reason for players to need these materials is when levelling up Anemo characters like Jean, Sucrose and such.

Beating the Anemo Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

1. Dodge the Attacks from the Anemo Hypostasis

To easily defeat the Anemo hypostasis, the players would need to learn how to dodge its attacks. Anemo Hypostasis has 8 different types of attack that the players should be wary of.


Rapidly flies close to the player, forming a big wall that folds in a “clapping” action. It does damage in an area in front of the wall. To avoid being hit, do a sideways dash.


The boss will transform into a massive crystal fly, fly into the air and fire two blasts of wind. The first blast will launch the player into the air, where the boss will aim the second. To avoid this attack, it is recommended to simply avoid the initial wave.

Meteor Strikes

The boss will fire portions of its shell into the air. This will hit and cause updrafts where they land. During this strike, the boss’s core will be revealed. Running towards the monster or exploiting the updrafts caused by the strike are both effective ways to avoid them.

Missile Strikes

Before shooting chunks of its shell at you, the boss will make a diamond shape with its shell. Moving away from them is the simplest way to avoid them.


Beth will summon 8 tornadoes in the field. Once into contact with one of the boss’s eight tornadoes, one will take Anemo damage. Tornadoes do not attack the character, so it is easy to stay away from them. 

Vacuum Explosion

Beth will fly next to the player. It will use its shell to construct a ring around itself, creating a vacuum that will drag characters in. If closer to the monster, an explosion will occur a few seconds later, doing a substantial amount of damage. This strike can be evaded by swiftly sprinting outside the ring. It must be kept in mind that the boss’s core will be exposed at this time.

Vacuum Release

Beth will teleport beside the player and begin absorbing Anemo Orbs. It will send a shockwave throughout the arena for every orb it consumes. It will also regain 5% of its health for each orb consumed.

Second Wind

Second wind

The boss will travel to the center of the arena and generate four floating Wind Crystals as well as a few updrafts when it has about 5-10% HP remaining. If nothing is done, the monster will devour the Wind Crystals after a few seconds and regain HP equal to the number of Crystals eaten. To avoid this, one must take advantage of the updrafts and collect the Crystals before the monster does.

2. Strategize your gameplay according to the conditions

The Anemo Hypostasis is a condensed elemental embodiment of the Anemo Element. It will be immune to any anemo damage being dealt with it. This means that anemo damage dealers like Jean and Xiao are bad choices for defeating Beth. For this fight, it would be vital to bring characters that can easily damage Beth when its core is exposed like Diluc, Keqing, Hu Tao, Ganyu or any elemental heavy damage dealers. They can cause swirl reactions against Beth which will maximize the damage output.

Genshin Impact beat Anemo Hypostasis
Eula attacking the exposed core of Anemo Hypostasis

The Anemo Hypostasis will not take any damage until its core is exposed. The only way to expose the core of the Anemo Hypostasis would be to dodge each attack it sends. The general strategy would be to know when it would expose its core to maximize the damage output. This can provide the opportunity for a short amount of time, helping in minimizing the number of attacks one needs to dodge or mitigate. When the second wind does begin, the player should create the most efficient pathing to collect all orbs to limit Beth’s resurrection to one time.

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