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Genshin Impact Guide: Tips to beat Dendro Hypostasis boss

Tips to get the overworld boss in Genshin!

Genshin Impact recently released the new Version 3.2 Update containing the newly released and anticipated 5-star Dendro character, Nahida along with a new 4-star Cryo character Layla. Not only that they have also released some new bosses to fight, the new weekly Trounce Domain boss, ‘Everlasting Lord of Arcane Wisdom’ and a new Overworld boss, ‘Dendro Hypostasis. The Dendro Hypostasis is a boss located in the Sumeru region which drops ascension materials only exclusive to Dendro characters. Currently, in the game, only Nahida requires the unique character ascension material. In this guide, we will be discussing and giving tips on how to defeat the Dendro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact, along with recommending what characters you should be used for the boss fight.

How to Find and Unlock the Dendro Hypostasis Boss in Genshin Impact

Players must unlock the Sumeru region, mainly the desert region of the map, in order to have access and locate the Dendro Hypostasis.

Land of Lower Setekh
Image via HoYoverse

The Overworld boss is located at the ‘Land of Lower Setekh’ inside a hidden cave. Travelers can either walk towards the cave or use the nearest teleport waypoint to spawn near the boss. Once players teleport to the location, they can jump down and glide from the cliff and make their way towards the edge, till they spot a huge cave that descends to reveal the Dendro Hypostasis.

Genshin Impact Dendro Hypostasis Boss: Quick Overview


  • Code Name: Zayin. A high-purity Dendro entity.

There are significant deviations in behaviour between this being and the other Elemental Hypostases, though no one has yet produced a reliable conclusion as to why this is the case. According to the deductions of some researchers, Elemental Hypostases have the knowledge required to “learn,” which is how they use “mimesis” to initiate attacks.

Genshin Impact Dendro Hypostasis Boss
Image via HoYoverse

However, the ability to incorporate information to create change also opens one to the risk of information contamination. As this creature learns and changes, the purpose of its birth — no matter how academically unquantifiable it may still be — may yet become so distorted as to be rendered irrelevant.

Materials and Items dropped by the Dendro Hypostasis Boss

  • Character Ascension Material: Quelled Creeper.
  • Artifact Sets: Berserker, Instructor, Adventurer, Gladiator’s Finale, and Wanderer’s Troupe.
  • Ascension Gems: Nagadus Emerald Sliver, Nagadus Emerald Fragment, Nagadus Emerald Chunk, and Nagadus Emerald Gemstone.

Genshin Impact: How to Defeat the Dendro Hypostasis Boss

A hypostasis that uses an inert shell to defend itself. It now displays abnormalities due to having been corrupted by some unknown influence. You must seize moments where its elemental core is exposed to attack effectively. When it is in danger, it will release Restorative Piths that have the properties of Tri-Lakshana Creatures.

Use Dendro to revive these Piths and induce a Normal State in them to continuously cleanse the Dendro Hypostasis, and use Electro to trigger their Activated state and speed up the cleansing process. Using Dendro attacks on the Dendro Hypostasis’ core can also help to cleanse the creature. Complete the cleansing process to complete the challenge.

Attack Patterns and Abilities

There is a total of five different attack abilities that the Dendro Hypostasis can cause. Be sure to learn the attack patterns in order to dodge and run away accordingly.

Mucky Orbs: The Dendro Hypostasis shoots 3 waves of orbs at the player, with each dealing 40% ATK as AoE Dendro DMG on hit and leaving behind residuals on the ground that deal 5% ATK as AoE Dendro DMG every 0.5s. Simply avoid the dendro orbs by running away and make sure not to stay on the dendro residuals after the orbs touch the ground.

Mucky Orbs
Image via HoYoverse
  • Plunging Attack: The Dendro Hypostasis turns into a large vine-like ball and encases itself in a vine shell, then it bounces up and slams down at the player’s location a total of 3 times, dealing 70% ATK on the first attack, 70% ATK on the second and 100% ATK on the last bounce as AoE Dendro DMG. Players can stop the onslaught of attacks by using a Pyro character to inflict pyro onto the vine shell which will burn down the vine shell and will interrupt its attack. If there is no pyro in the party then simply time the plunging attacks by dodging in time or using the i-frames.
  • Whip Combo:  The Hypostasis transforms itself into a whip and attacks three times, the first one dealing 40% ATK, the second one 60% ATK and the last whip attack dealing 80% ATK as AoE Dendro DMG. Time the whip combo and dodge the attacks by either running away or using i-frames.
Genshin Impact Dendro Hypostasis Boss Guide revival phase
Image via HoYoverse
  • Vine Spikes: The Dendro Hypostasis sends its shell into the ground that transforms into 4 vines that spike from the ground, dealing 20% ATK as AoE Dendro DMG. Shortly after, more additional thorns will then grow from the vines, dealing a total of 50% ATK as AoE Dendro DMG. During this attack, the Hypostasis’ core is exposed. The vines are not fast enough to inflict damage on the players hence you can simply walk away from the four vines that sprout one by one. This is also a good place to inflict damage onto the Dendro Hypostasis’s core so use this opportunity. Another thing to note is that those vines can be burned down by simplyinflictingPyro onto them.
  • Vine Jail: The Dendro Hypostasis surrounds a large area with vine barriers that deal 10% ATK as Dendro DMG on contact. The vines will gradually close in towards the Hypostasis. After the vines reach the Hypostasis, a powerful explosion will occur, dealing 250% ATK as AoE Dendro DMG. Just like the Vine Spikes, during this attack theDendro Hypostasis’s core gets exposed making it more perceptible to deal damage. Additionally, the vine barriers also can be burned down if the party has a Pyro character. Burning the barriers will stop the whole ‘Vine Jail’ sequence and allows the player to escape.

Revival Phase

After when you deplete the HP of the Dendro Hypostasis to 5% or below, the boss will enter a Revival Phase and will release three Restorative Piths. A cleansing progress bar will appear below the HP bar. When this bar is fully filled, the cleansing will be completed and the fight will end causing the Dendro Hypostasis to be defeated.

Revival Phase
Image via HoYoverse

Restorative Piths have the properties of Tri-Lakshana Creatures (a combat and exploration mechanic implemented on the Sumeru region) and will spawn in the Scorched state. The three different states are as follows:

  • Normal State: When hit by the Dendro element, the Restorative Piths will enter the normal state. Every normal Restorative Pith will increase the cleansing progress bar by 2.167% of every second.
  • Activated State: When hit by Electro, the Restorative Piths will enter the Activated state. Every Activated Restorative Pith will increase the cleansing progress by 6.667% every second.
  • Scorched State: When hit by Pyro, the Restorative Piths will enter the Scorched state. A Scorched Restorative Pith will not increase the cleansing progress and hence stay unchanged.

Although, hitting the Hypostasis’s core directly with Dendro will also increase the cleansing progress by 0.183%. This can occur no more than once every 0.4s. During this revival phase, the Hypostasis will periodically launch a cube at the player, which will deal 60% ATK as AoE Dendro DMG. If a Restorative Pith is hit by this attack, it will return to the Scorched state.

Be sure to finish the cleansing progress bar quickly, because if the player fails to cleanse the Hypostasis within around 22 seconds, the Dendro Hypostasis will revive. The first revival will restore 50% Max HP to the Hypostasis; The second revival will restore 25% Max HP; All subsequent revivals will restore 12.5% Max HP. Be sure to note that the cleansing progress will carry over to the next Revival Phase so players do not have to worry about starting the progress bar again.

Achievements completed from the Dendro Hypostasis Boss Fight

  • The Marvelous Uses of Nitrogen Fixation – During one Dendro Hypostasis challenge, cause three Restorative Piths to be in an Activated state simultaneously. Can be achieved if the player brings a Dendro character that can apply AoE Dendro to activate all three Restorative Piths.
  • Records of the Fall – Burn the Dendro Hypostasis’ vine shell as it is performing a Plunging Attack. Bring a Pyro character to the party and inflict pyro onto the vine shell.

In the Overworld Boss fight, players must bring a Dendro character in the party in order to enable the Restorative Piths progress bar, or else the boss cannot be defeated fully and would revive itself with HP. Pyro and Electro characters are recommended to bring to the party.

Although bringing a Pyro character is kind of a double-edged sword. Even though inflicting Pyro onto the Dendro Hypostasis’s core will cause a massive amount of damage due to the Burning effect, your on-field character will also be inflicted with the Burning effect causing them to take continuous damage.

Genshin Impact Dendro Hypostasis Boss team comps
Image via HoYoverse

It is advised to bring a Shielder to the party if you are planning on using a Pyro character. Bringing an Electro character to the party is the most viable option mostly because of two reasons. One is that dealing Electro on the Hypostasis will cause Catalyze reactions such as Quicken, Aggravate and Spread enabling it to deal more increased damage onto the Dendro Core.

Furthermore, once the Dendro Hypostasis is in its Revival Phase, Inflicting Electro onto the Restorative Piths will enter an Activated State and increase the cleansing progress rate quickly. Here are some recommended characters to bring to the Dendro Hypostasis Boss fight.

  • Electro DPS/Sub-DPS characters: Raiden Shogun, Fischl, Cyno, YaeMiko.
  • Pyro DPS characters: Hu Tao, Yoimiya, Diluc, Klee, Yanfei
  • Shielder (If Pyro is at the party): Zhongli, Diona, Noelle

That’s all for the Dendro Hypostasis guide in Genshin Impact!

Did you like our guide to beat the Dendro Hypostasis boss in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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