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Genshin Impact Rex Incognito: Location of all the books

A must-read for Zhongli fans!

The immersive world of Genshin Impact has a lot of secrets that players need to work to uncover. The land of Teyvat consisting of 7 islands boasts of various characters, both playable and NPC’s. The background information of these characters is presented to the travelers by exploring the world, completing quests, and lastly, reading books in-game. This guide will discuss the Rex Incognito series in Genshin Impact and the location of all its constituent books.

For Zhongli fans, the Rex Incognito series is a must-read. The book is a collection of 4 volumes scattered in Liyue, the people of which area worship the Geo archon. It narrates the tales of Zhongli in the mortal realms of Liyue. Collecting the books does not provide any incentive nor does it unlock any achievement, but is a must-read for Zhongli fans and players who are invested in the lore.

Rex Incognito: Reason for such a name

Zhongli was originally known as Morax and sometimes is also referred to as Rex Lapis. He is Geo Archon and is one of the oldest members of the Seven. The series covers Zhongli’s secret visit to the mortal realm, hence the name “incognito” is given.

Location of the books

Volume 1

Genshin Impact Rex Incognito Location of books
Qingce Village waypoint

One must teleport to Qingce Village waypoint. Players head towards the narrow stairway, after walking for a few seconds will find a small open area with tables. The first volume sitting on top of a table is adjacent to a cart of flower pots.

Volume 2

Genshin Impact Rex Incognito Location of books
Liyue Harbour

Liyue Harbor houses the second instalment of Rex Incognito. One must fast travel to the teleport waypoint and head towards the harbor. The book is on top of a wooden bench near an old-looking NPC.

Genshin Impact Rex Incognito Location of books
Location of the second book

Volume 3 

The penultimate book in the series is located at the Wangshu Inn. One must teleport to the only waypoint at Wangshu Inn and then go inside the inn. Players need to head to the first level using the stairs. Travelers will find a scroll hanging on the wall. The third volume will be under the scroll.

Genshin Impact Rex Incognito Location of books
Location of the third book

Volume 4

The final volume is found in Liyue Harbor. The book is purchasable for 1500 Mora from Wanwen Bookhouse. To reach the bookhouse, one must teleport to the north of the waypoint of Migxing Jewelry. Players should cross the road ahead and then climb up the stairs in the red-coloured building.

Genshin Impact Rex Incognito Location of books
Location of the fourth book

There are a lot of books available for purchase. Players can purchase them as well to read more interesting stories. 

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