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Genshin Impact: The Great Banquet of the Adepti web event Guide

Earn up to 120 primogems in the new web event

The Great Banquet of the Adepti is a new web event in Genshin Impact version 2.4, featuring the Adeptis and fun side activities in the Lantern Rite Festival. This web event will last from January 28 to February 6, 23:59 (server time). Players will need to collect Shimmering Shells every day to unlock milestone rewards which include Primogems, Mora, and more along with some Liyue specialties.

Genshin Impact The Great Banquet of the Adepti: Event details

The Adventurer Rank of the player must be at least above Level 10 in order to participate in this event. Players can either go through the Special Event tab, which is available in the in-game menu which gives direct access to this event without even logging in to the game account in the browser or go through this event link.

Genshin Impact The Great Banquet of the Adepti
Image via miHoYo

How to obtain Shimmering Shells

Players can obtain the Shimmering Shells by fishing out stuff from the sea, every collectible item has some points, and once collected, those items will get automatically converted to Shimmering Shells, which in turn will be used to claim rewards. Shimmering Shells that can be collected from the sea each day have a max cap of 400, so save your attempts for the next day when you have reached that threshold. 

Genshin Impact The Great Banquet of the Adepti
Image via miHoYo

There are daily missions that will give Shimmering Shells as a reward when completed successfully. 

Daily MissionsRewards
Log into the game daily200 Shimmering Shells 
Use 40 Original Resin daily 100 Shimmering Shells 
Complete 2 Daily Commissions daily    100 Shimmering Shells 

Different items have different values, so try to go for the higher value items. Occasionally some game characters like Xiao will provide buffs to procure the items more easily. Xiao provides an increased speed buff for the net rope, and Ganyu freezes the water when there are fish to be caught.

Values of various obtainable items

Seashell 10 Shimmering Shells 
Rock 10 Shimmering Shells 
Medeka 15 Shimmering Shells 
Pufferfish25 Shimmering Shells 
Pouch 25 Shimmering Shells 
Red Chest 100 Shimmering Shells 
Rarity Chest Underwater Rarity 

Rarity chests have the Underwater Rarity, these Underwater Rarity are items from the previously destroyed Jade Chamber. The web event has a total of five such rarities, which once collected can be used to claim a total reward of x5 Sanctifying Unction and 20k Mora.

Genshin Impact The Great Banquet of the Adepti
Image via miHoYo

There are special pouches that have a question mark on them, which may provide surprises like changing the current fishing area to another with better items to obtain, so keep an eye out for those.

Genshin Impact The Great Banquet of the Adepti event rewards

AreasUnlock Criteria Rewards
Jade Delicacies    20 Shimmering Shells10 Primogem, 20000 Mora
Wish Upon a Lantern  700 Shimmering Shells 25 Primogem, 10 Mystic Enhancement Ore
Luck and Abundance700 Shimmering Shells25 Primogem, 50000 Mora
Iridescent Kites  800 Shimmering Shells30 Primogem, 5 Hero Wit 
Splendid Fireworks x800 Shimmering She30 Primogem, 5 Hero Wit 

How to gain more voyage attempts

More attempts for fishing up items can be gained each day by completing some simple missions, these missions can be accessed through the web event. These missions will get reset with server time, so make sure to claim on time. 

Log into the web event daily3+ attempts 
Share the event once a day 2+ attempts 
Visit Genshin Impact’s Facebook page 1+ attempts 

Liyue local specialties

When all the areas are unlocked, Teapot Spirit’s Blessings section will get unlocked where players can use extra Shimmering Shells to draw various Liyue Local Specialties.

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