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Genshin Impact: How to unlock Moshiri Kara domain in Tsurumi Island

All you need to know about how to unlock and complete this one-time domain!

The last island of Inazuma has been introduced in version 2.2 of Genshin Impact which has brought new landscapes, new enemies, and more open world mechanics. The update also adds another one-time domain for players to take part in, known as Moshiri Kara. One-time domains reward players with various items like Primogems, artifacts, and Mora upon completing the challenge. The domain remains open after completion but does not offer rewards anymore. This guide will discuss how to unlock the Moshiri Kara domain in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Moshiri Kara Domain
Moshiri Kara domain in Genshin Impact

Moshiri Kara domain in Genshin Impact

The Moshiri Kara Inazuma domain is located to the north of Tsurumi Island. To reach the domain travelers need to use the Waverider as the domain is very far from landforms.

On arriving, players will find that the domain is underground, and the island has three locked electro totems. To remove the seal from the totems players need to complete challenges that are located on other islands. To reach the challenge area players need to use the phase gate.

Genshin Impact Moshiri Kara Domain
The challenge area of Moshiri Kara Domain

Time-gated challenges

There are a total of three time-gated challenges as listed below : 

  • Destroy 6 Exploding Barrels in 120 seconds: Three barrels are placed in two groups for a total of 6 barrels. The barrels are placed very close to each other and targeting the barrel in the centre blows up the other two. Use bow-wielding characters to make the challenge a cakewalk. Completing the challenge grants players a common chest.
  • Collect nine Electro particles in 120 seconds: Equip the electrogranum from the Sakura bough nearby to bounce between the floating crystal and grab all the particles. Completing the challenge rewards travellers a Precious chest.
  • Defeat two Thunderhelm Lawachurls in 80 seconds: The lawachurls have an electro shield that can be taken down easily with Pyro and Cryo and once the shield is down the opponents can be knocked down. Completing the challenge rewards travellers an Exquisite chest.

The challenges can be completed in any order. Once all three are complete, players need to light up all the totems to gain access to the Domain as the door will rise up out of the ground which will also unlock the achievement of Moshiri Kara. A Precious chest is also spawned right in front of the domain. 

Tutelage: Nest-Bed of Ambition domain challenge

The domain challenge named “Tutelage: Nest-Bed of Ambition” requires players to defeat 22 enemies which include the recently inducted enemies Rifthound. Since Rifthounds have the ability to apply corrosion, it is recommended to bring a healer to reduce the difficulty of the challenge.

Moshiri Kara Domain: Rewards

Genshin Impact Moshiri Kara Domain
The challenge area of Moshiri Kara Domain rewards

Rewards from unlocking the domain are

  • 2 x Precious Chest 
  • 1 x Common Chest
  • 1 x Exquisite Chest 

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