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Genshin Impact: Warrior’s Spirit event Guide and Tips

Complete the event easily with this guide!

Warrior’s Spirit is a special combat event in Genshin Impact where the Travller duels opponents with only their swords. This event is very similar to the Clash of Lone Blades event in version 2.6. To participate in the event players must have an adventure Rank 30 or above, complete Ritou Escape Plan, and complete Raiden Shogun story quest act II. Players can use the Quick Start option if they have not yet completed Raiden Shogun story quest act II.

How to unlock the challenges in Genshin Impact Warrior’s Spirit  event

The event quest will automatically be added to the quest list if players are eligible. Navigate the quest and teleport to the marked location. Talk to the two samurai and defeat them. Afterward, visit the Kamisato Estate. Teleport to Ritou to talk to Kamisato Ayaka. Here. the challenge domain will be unlocked.

There are six challenges in total. The first challenge is unlocked from the first day and one new challenge will be unlocked for the next five days. There are three levels of difficulty. Completing the challenge at a higher difficulty will also give players rewards for the lower difficulties. Pro difficulty can only be unlocked by completing Hard difficulty.

How to complete the challenges in Genshin Impact Warrior’s Spirit event

Each of the warriors you will face has a different set of sword techniques, including ordinary techniques that they will use often and exceedingly powerful but less often used Ultimate Techniques

Genshin Impact Warrior’s Spirit event
Image via HoYoverse

You will be unable to use Elemental Skills or Bursts during these duels, but you will obtain new abilities: a Parry and Honed Techniques. When using Parry, you will raise your weapon in a defensive stance, greatly reducing DMG taken. Parry goes on a cooldown after being used.

You will use different Honed Techniques to deal with different opponents. Hitting opponents with Normal and Charged Attacks, and performing Parries successfully will accumulate Spirit, which will also accumulate slowly over time. Once it finishes accumulating, you can actively use Honed Techniques. Up to 2 uses of such techniques can be accumulated.

If you get the timing right and Parry just as your opponent is striking, you can completely negate any DMG and will reset Parry’s cooldown. Completing such a Perfect Parry against your opponent’s normal techniques will cause you to accumulate more Spirit.

Genshin Impact Warrior’s Spirit event guide
Image via HoYoverse

When each warrior is about to use their Ultimate Technique, their weapon will shine brightly. Perfectly Parry these techniques to unleash powerful counterattacks and accumulate large amounts of Spirit, then use your own Honed Techniques at the right moments to seize victory!

Genshin Impact Warrior’s Spirit: Event completion rewards

Complete the event to gain the following rewards:

  • 40x Primogems for completing a challenge on Normal difficulty
  • 20x Primogems for completing a challenge on Hard difficulty
  • Weapon ascension materials
  • Hero’s Wits
  • Mora

That was all about the Warrior’s Spirit event in Genshin Impact.

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