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Genshin Impact: Withering Zones and Decay Explained

New Climate Effect in Sumeru region!

With Genshin Impact version 3.0, the Sumeru region has been opened up for exploration for the players. With the new region, many new mechanisms have also been introduced in the game. Like Dendro reactions, new bosses, new enemies, and new Environmental Effects. One of the environmental effects introduced in this region of Genshin Impact is the Withering Effect.

Withering Zone in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Withering Effect
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Like Sheer Cold in Dragonspine and Balethunder in Inazuma, Withering can do continuous damage to your team if it is not dealt with properly. The Withering is a climate effect in Sumeru. It harms all plants, animals, and humans who pass through it. Only Vision holders can resist decaying(Decaying is the effect of Withering). 

Effect of Withering in Genshin Impact

When exposed to Withering characters would accumulate decay. Depending on the number of decay characters, characters would have their Elemental Resistance, Physical Resistance, and HP decreased. These stats would decrease further as more decay is accumulated. If Travelers accumulate 10 points of decay then after 10 sec all of their characters would fall. 

More about the Decay effect

Players will see a red bar above their HP bar. It would have 10 divisions. When all divisions are filled, all the characters would die. 2 divisions would be filled by default when Travelers enter the Withering region.

Genshin Impact Withering Effect
Image via HoYoverse

Your team accumulates Decay by taking damage from enemies in Withering Zones, Withering Branches, and occasional Withering nodes that periodically shoot Decay. To prevent the buildup of decay, players have to use stand-by Candles of Light or collect Flames of Life

How to clear the Withering Zone

Players have to collect Dendrograna. And while holding a Dendrograna, players have to perform a charge on the Withering Branches. Each Withering Zone has 3 Withering Branches, so players have to repeat this process till all the withering branches are cleared of the given Withering Zone.

Genshin Impact Withering Effect
Image via HoYoverse

When all withering branches have been destroyed a Disciple of Decay spawns. Use Dendrograna to destroy its shield and finish the spawned enemy. After this players have to approach the Tumor of Withering and tap on the input button to destroy the Tumor of Withering. Finally, the Withering Zone will be cleared.

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