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Genshin Impact Yoimiya 2nd Story Quest Guide and Tips

Tips to complete the 2nd story quest of Yoimiya!

Genshin Impact has released version 3.7 where they have released Yoimiyas re-run along with her very own second Story Quest that follows the story of her arriving in Sumeru to witness a meteor shower. Yoimiya is the first non-Archon character that has received a second story quest. In this guide, we will talk about the ways to complete Yoimiya’s 2nd Story Quest in Genshin Impact as well as give our analysis of her story. 

How to Unlock the Yoimiya’s 2nd Story Quest – “Star-Pickers’ Passage” Carassius Auratus: Act II in Genshin Impact

To unlock and play Yoimiya’s 2nd Story Quest, players must:

Genshin Impact Yoimiya’s Second Story Quest Guide: Quest Walkthrough

Yoimiya’s 2nd Story Quest in Genshin Impact is divided into 3 different parts, with rewards attached to it.

Part One: The Seeker of a Meteor Shower


Back in Inazuma, Yoimiya is preparing for a romantic journey.

Genshin Impact Yoimiya 2nd Story Quest Guide
Image via HoYoverse
  • Go to Naganohara Fireworks and talk to Yoimiya and her dad
  • Head to the dock in Ritou with Yoimiya and talk to her
  • You then travel along with Yoimiya to Sumeru. After reaching Sumeru walk around Port Ormos.
  • As her resident guide, you escort her to Sumeru City. She then promptly explores by herself
  • You are then called to Akademia for a reason. Head to the Akademia.
  • Return to Treasures Street and look for Yoimiya again.
  • Leave the Akademiya and talk to Paimon about a plan

Part One Rewards

  • Adventure EXP x500
  • Mora x31125
  • Hero’s Wit x4
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x7

Part Two: All Things Flawless and Pure


You and Paimon tell Yoimiya that meteor showers respond to people’s wishes. In response, Yoimiya wants to spend some time getting herself ready for the occasion.

Part Two
Image via HoYoverse
  • After joining Yoimiya both of you head to Devantaka Mountain.
  • Head upwards to the Mountains and continue your trek up the place.
  • Talk to Yoimiya and ask her about the situation
  • Later on, you encounter an NPC called Ahangar. Ask Ahangar about the ores.
  • Get information from Sadegh there. 
  • Look for Avin and ask about her whereabouts
  • Continue asking about Avin’s whereabouts as you search for her
  • Investigate the traces on the ground. There should be wheelchair marks left on the ground.
  • As you follow the marks you will find a wheelchair. Approach the lost wheelchair.
  • You will then be ambushed by enemies. Defeat all opponents and recover the wheelchair.
  • After defeating the opponents, retrieve the wheelchair and talk to Avin
  • She then informs you to go to the Mawtiyima Forest with Arapurva. 

Part Two Rewards

  • Adventure EXP x625
  • Mora x38100
  • Hero’s Wit x4
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x8

Part Three: A Flower that Blooms Across the Sky


Avin doesn’t want to forget her Aranara friend, so you resolve to help her recover the wonderful memories of her past. The Aranara you summoned is also happy to lend a hand.

Genshin Impact Yoimiya 2nd Story Quest Guide
Image via HoYoverse
  • Go to the Mawtiyima Forest with Arapurva and Avin.
  • Catch up to Avin as she moves faster away
  • You will then notice a shooting star. Catch up to the drifting star and continue chasing after it.
  • Talk to Avin and Yoimiya to assess the situation. 
  • A cutscene will then take place. Observe the meteor shower with Yoimiya and Avin. 
  • Finally, talk to Yoimiya as she readies herself to depart from Sumeru. 
  • Go to Port Ormos to see Yoimiya off from the region as she heads back to Inazuma. 

Part Three Rewards

  • Primogems x60
  • Adventure EXP x625
  • Mora x38100
  • Hero’s Wit x4
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x8
  • Guide To Transience x5
  • Friendly Aranara Carving x1 

In-Depth Review and Discussion of Yoimiya’s 2nd Story Quest ACT II

Yoimiya’s second story quest is a captivating and heartwarming story that focuses on her empathy and kindness toward those around her as she travels from Inazuma to Sumeru. This tale takes us on a delightful adventure as Yoimiya sets out to explore the lands outside Inazuma in search of Teyvat’s greatest meteor shower which ultimately leads her to Sumeru. With the assistance of the Traveler and Paimon, she embarks on a journey filled with wonder, friendship, and self-discovery.

Yoimiya’s Characterization 

The story begins with Yoimiya expressing her desire to witness the meteor shower, hoping that it will ignite her creativity and inspire her to create a new firework masterpiece. Along the way, she encounters new regions and meets intriguing individuals, adding depth to the narrative. The vivid environmental aspects of Inazuma City and Sumeru will surely immerse the players in the richly crafted world of the game through Yoimiya’s perspective.

Genshin Impact Yoimiya 2nd Story Quest Guide
Image via HoYoverse

One of the story’s strengths lies in its ability to portray Yoimiya’s genuine concern for her loved ones and those around her. Her dedication to her father and her willingness to help him even in her absence showcase her compassionate nature. The interactions between Yoimiya, the Traveler, and Paimon exhibit a strong bond of friendship, adding a sense of warmth and camaraderie to the narrative.

As the Traveler, Paimon, and Yoimiya all venture into Sumeru City, the story introduces Nahida, the Dendro Archon who we are all familiarized with through the game’s main Archon Quests. She with her vast knowledgeable expertise, assists them in their quest. The inclusion of Nahida’s wisdom and the Akademiya adds depth to the story by expanding the lore of the game’s world. The narrative beautifully balances Yoimiya’s aspirations with her selflessness as she listens to the hopes and wishes of others, further highlighting her empathetic character.

Avin and the Aranara

Additionally, the story introduces Avin, a young girl bound to a wheelchair, and her Aranara friend, who becomes an integral part of Yoimiya’s adventure. The development of their relationship and the impact Yoimiya has on Avin’s life adds a layer of emotional resonance to the narrative.

Through their interactions, the story explores themes of hope, friendship, and the transformative power of dreams of children. The cutscene of the meteor shower itself was breathtaking, vividly capturing the beauty and awe-inspiring nature of this celestial event. The childlike wonder and awe evoke your imagination and convey the grandeur of the meteor shower as it enhances the story’s enchanting atmosphere.

avin aranara
Image via HoYoverse

The second story quest seamlessly blends elements of fantasy and exploration with themes of personal growth and overcoming obstacles. The story highlights Yoimiya’s determination to fulfill the dreams of those around her, even when faced with challenges.

This aspect adds emotional depth to the narrative, making it relatable and inspiring. The story’s pacing is well-managed, allowing you to accompany Yoimiya on her journey while maintaining a sense of anticipation and discovery. The plot progression will keep the players engaged as they encounter unexpected twists and turns, making the story an enjoyable and immersive experience.

Final Thoughts

Yoimiya’s story quest is a captivating story that combines adventure, friendship, and the pursuit of dreams. Yoimiya’s endearing personality, her dedication to those around her, and her unwavering pursuit of inspiration make her an amazing and sweet character. With its immersive world-building, emotional depth, and uplifting themes, this story will undoubtedly resonate with you and those who appreciate heartfelt narratives filled with wonder and hope.

What are your thoughts on the guide for the Yoimiya 2nd Story Quest in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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