Golf Blitz Tips and Tricks: 10 ways to skip being a beginner

Golf Blitz is a 2D PVP golf battler, where you have to get more points than your 1 to 3 opponents. Each hole has it’s own palette, which hides many difficulties, but in its most base state, it’s a golf game with platforming elements. In this game, beating opponents gain the player rank points, which help with matchmaking. But who says you have to slowly work through the ranks of beginners before you can really get into it? Following are 10 Golf Blitz tips and tricks to help you skip being a beginner and get to the more challenging courses of the game.

1. Battle for first place!

Have fun as much as you can, but sooner than later your opponents will start realizing that this is a PVP game. Take advantage of this and start playing dirty first! The best time to do this is in the last stretch, when seconds count before someone beats you to the hole. Don’t just aim for the goal! Knock your opponent away so they can’t shoot! Even better if your ball lands in the hole in the same move.

2. Don’t forget to use your powerups

Your character’s energy regenerates quite quickly. Use your powerups, don’t just forget about them and try for first place! Your opponents aren’t gonna forget about them, so using them as well at least levels the playing field, where skill counts as much as energy replenishment rate.

Golf Blitz tips and tricks
Here are some of the powerups in the game. From left to right: sniper shot, power shot, fast shot, and sticky shot. More unlock as you play.

3. That being said, use them wisely

Sometimes hitting that first shot will be crucial to winning the current stage. But take the 3-second countdown to look around the map a little and plan your first hit wisely. Maybe waiting at the beginning for a power shot will take less time than taking two or more shots to get the ball where you want it to go.

4. Get a feel for the physics engine

To nobody’s surprise, the game employs a physics engine. This can be considered as one of the most important Golf Blitz tips and tricks. Too many times have I seen a player shoot straight for the hole just to watch their ball bounce over it. Even a carefully aimed sniper shot will not always land where you want it. So instead, aim a bit short and see how the ball bounces exactly where you wanted it to go.

5. Open the card packs as often as possible

The game has a sort of a loot box mechanic, but it’s very lenient to free players. We get some premium currency by playing and opening card packs, so we can skip at least some of the wait timers. But if you can, open them for free as often as possible. Some take two hours, while others take even 12 hours to open. Start opening them before you go to bed or before you go to class/work. You’ll really like the accessories and powerup cards you get inside.

6. Get more card packs!

Some card packs do not require time or premium currency to open. The following open immediately after you get them: Star Packs (get stars by finishing stages first), Free Packs (given, you need to wait 2 hours before it appears again), and Level Up Packs (you get these for free when you level up).

7. Upgrade and unlock stuff!

In the mentioned card packs, you’ll get a bunch of awesome stuff from the free currency to powerup cards, accessory cards, and character cards. The first kind enables you to level up your powerups (obviously, this is awesome). The latter let you unlock new accessories and skins for your character, which luckily don’t affect gameplay (I would otherwise have a hard time choosing the angel over the yeti). But each new unlock gets you some EXP, and when you level up, you can raise your base stats.

8. Figure out your playstyle

Once you get the hang of the gameplay, you’ll be able to figure out what areas you lack in and where you could do with a boost. There are 4 base stats in the game: Speed, Power, Accuracy, and Cooldown. Speed is how fast your ball goes after you hit it. Power is how far you can hit it. Accuracy is how narrow the hit angle is. And cooldown is how quickly you can take another shot after your ball stops moving. Figure out what skills work out for you.

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9. Good luck

I mentioned Accuracy being the width of the hit angle. Unless you’re using a sniper shot powerup, that angle might be very wide, especially for a level 1 character. So having a bit of luck never hurts anyone. Unless your ball bounces off your opponent’s ball, sending you into the hole and your opponent into the water where they have to retake the shot. That always hurts on the inside.

10. All in all, have fun

Balls bounce and interact with each other. The hit angle might be too wide, making you miss the narrow opening in the wall that is the last obstacle between you and the finish. Your opponents might be very aggressive, hitting you out of the way to ensure their own victory – it is a PVP game, after all. Just always try to remember to have fun. Play with friends and taunt each other if you like. But being mad at the last stage is a sure fire way to spoil the joy of hitting the finish in a marvellous shot in the next.

At the end of the day, Golf Blitz is my favourite sports game on my phone, and I’m not even a fan of golf in real life! It’s fun and the cartoony art style help me take it less seriously than other golf games out there.

In-game purchases usually make the PVP a bit too pay-to-win. But in this one, I think the difference between free players and paying ones is minimal. The ranking system ensures that unless a pro player has been on a losing streak recently, you won’t see them until you’re on their skill level. The most card packs you get is from playing the game. The upgrades do very little unless you really specialize in a certain skill. By the end of the match, all that matters is experience (and I don’t mean the one you level up with).

Hope these Golf Blitz tips and tricks will be helpful for you. If you are looking for more, don’t forget to visit GamingonPhone regularly. And, if you are looking for a bunch of people to talk about Mobile Games, you are most welcome to join our Discord community.

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