Golf Strike Beginners Guide with Tips and Tricks

How well can you strike?

Golf Strike by Miniclip is the latest in games from this company, the makers of 8 Ball Pool, Gravity Guy, Bloons Tower Defense, Plague Inc, Berry Rush, and Mini Militia. The game was designed to be fully played by the touch controls and the motions such as dragging the ball make it reminiscent of mobile pool titles. The game is completely multiplayer, and you will challenge players from all around the world to see who can get through each course in the least number of strikes. So, let us find the best tips for beginners in this Golf Strike guide.

Getting started

The game starts with a tutorial explaining to you the different types of strikes the player can take in the course. The player is given a lot of information on their strike from how far it will go or how much it will veer to the left or right. Golf Strike is a very relaxed golfing simulator where the player only needs to pay attention to the on-screen queues to make the best shot possible.

Game Modes

There are three game modes that you are given access to, there is the default Play Golf which unlocks instantly. It’s a mode where you and 6 other players race to see who gets the ball to the end with the fewest number of strikes. This game mode can be quite exhilarating as you can see the other players strikes in real-time as they’re made.

Golf Strike Beginners Guide

The next mode which is unlocked at level 2 is called Play Duel which is a 1v1 match where you and another player are as the name says dueling each other.  The duel consists of both players watching the strikes the other makes and seeing who can get the ball in the hole in the least number of strikes. In Play Golf you can just see the ball as they fly but here you can watch the player set up and see exactly what tricks they use to get the ball in the fastest.

The last game mode you unlock is at level 3 and it’s called Lucky Shot, this isn’t a multiplayer mode it’s just more akin to a game of darts. The player is given 1 shot and they’re attempting to get a hole in one or as close to a certain radius around the hole. The closer you make it to the hole, the better the reward you are given. This is more of a reward than an actual game mode and players are given one Lucky Shot a day for free while the other shots are monetized at $1.99 for 3 shots.

Stages and Cosmetics

The game has 7 stages and every few levels the player unlocks a new one with more stages said to be arriving in the future. In these stages, the rewards are always better than in the previous tiered stages and the new tileset gives the player a fresh experience. Players can pick whichever stage they want and are most comfortable with, or they can pick stages where the rewards they would like are located in.

Golf Strike

The cosmetics are cool, and it was fun to see what strange different drivers and irons you’re able to equip. The balls can also be edited and the ball trails to give players full control over their golfing experience. The combination of unlocking new golfing equipment and constantly unlocking stages makes the first few hours a blast to get through!

Golf Strike Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Well, once you’ve played for a bit you’re going to start bumping into better players and you’ll start needed to resort to a few tricks to stay ahead of the game. Let us list off a couple of ways that you can manage to up your shots in “Golf Strike”.

1. Do your adjustments

We can say that you don’t always just resort to what the tooltip tells you is the best shot. Even though the game shows you where your shot will go, the game doesn’t take the wind and other slight adjustments into the calculation. You as the player still must make those other micro-adjustments to determine what the best possible shot truly is.

Golf Strike Beginners Guide
Golf Strike

For example, when you start your shot the game places you first in the plan view phase, during this phase you are given a position where the game suggests you should shoot, but you can aim into the grass or the sand if you think that the wind and other factors would make this a better shot.

Other micro-adjustments such as which part of the ball you want to hit and how much spin you’d like to apply to the ball be it vertical or horizontal spin can all be adjusted too. These micro-adjustments are also further affected by which ball you decide to use. So depending on which stage you’re going into you may need balls that you think would fare better in different situations. This is all the sort of thing you would have to learn to get a feel for as the wind makes each stage slightly different from the last time you played.

Golf Strike

2. Manage your Gear

Golf Strike Beginners Guide
Golf Strike

The most important thing though for the best results in this game would be to manage your gear and make sure you are always using the highest upgraded and best gear in the slot. The cosmetics in this game are more than just visual, they each give gameplay benefits which make this game pretty pay 2 win. If you want to make the best shots and shoot even further than the tooltips are suggesting then it’s recommended that you first upgrade and switch around your gear to the best possible putts, irons, drivers, and wedges.

3. Unlocks and Progression

Since it is a golf game once you progress and win in your games you will unlock new clubs and new golf balls to use on the next games. The game takes a similar approach to games such as Clash Royale where you must wait a certain amount of time to open your chests. The timers increase with the rarity of chests and you only have a certain number of slots for chests on the screen.

Good Luck, Swing that Puck!

Golf Strike allows you to compete against other players of your rank to progress and get better gear. With that gear, you can enter in difficult tournaments against more seasoned players to win even more prizes. All the while the game tracks your progress to see how high you can climb the leaderboards. If any of that sounds interesting to you, we implore you to give it a try and if you are finding trouble, do not hesitate to fall back to this short guide for tips to keep you on track!

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