Gran Saga Idle: KNIGHTSxKNIGHTS Hero Tier List for June 2024

Save your continent with legendary heroes!

Gran Saga Idle: KNIGHTSxKNIGHTS is a casual adventure game by Kakao Games. Gran Saga Idle adds to the famous IP of the Gran Saga with different experiences for its players. The Black Dragon and its army took over the great continent. Eve and Lilith are helpless and send Las and his hero friends back in time to prevent this mishappening. The heroes in the game are from different factions and each has a specific role and skill set. Therefore, this Gran Saga Idle hero tier list will help you choose the legendary heroes for your victory against enemies. 

Gran Saga Idle Hero Tier List for June 2024

The heroes of Top Heroes are classified into three prominent tiers: S, A, B, C, and D

Strong (S)Gerus, Ludmilla, Elio, Reinhilt, BellaKarlitch, Dark LeonDark Karcion, Karcion, Ignox, Leon, Strox, Lea, Talon, HakanChristina, Chloe
Good (A)Quyi, Namarie, Jun, Mikokoro, EleanorFiona, Wyin, NohillierKarte, Luin, Elisa, Aoife, Stella, Kaito, OrtaSeriade, Amy, Yuna, Judy, Delia
Average (B)Rose, LoamRatan, Aaron, Professor BellLas, Neneto, VeilYuu, Ethan
Fair (C)Blumming, Balder, Zelsi——Leona, Urd, Kika——
(D)Leah, Annie, Faville——Elvin, Zico, Dennis, Philip, Council Commander——

Best Meta Class Hero in Gran Saga Idle for June 2024

1. Best Ranged Class Hero – Gerus

Gerus is the best hero in the legendary set and belongs to the Dark Faction. For ranged classes, you should keep Gerus on your team. He has an Attack, Defense, and HP of 450, 60, and 13.5k. His powers allow him to fire magic bullets at the enemy 3 times in a row.

Gran Saga Idle Gerus
Image via Kakao Games

Dark Imperial allows Gerus to deal damage equal to 600% of Final Attack to enemies within the area. It also applies Pain and Critical Damage Reduction by 25% for 8 secs. Finally, the Dark Force gives the Normal Attacks a 75% chance to deal extra damage. 

2. Best Defence Class Hero – Karlitch

Karlith is the top-tier hero when it comes to the Defense class. He belongs to the Earth Faction and also has legendary status. He has an Attack, Defense, and HP of 285,190, and 28.5k. His powers allow him to swing a hammer at the enemy 3 times in a row.

Gran Saga Idle Karlitch
Image via Kakao Games

Karlitch Power Attack deals damage equal to 500% of Final Attack to enemies within the area. It also applies Shock for 8 secs. Additionally, his skills apply Receiving Critical Damage Reduction by 25% to Self for 4 sec. Intimidating Taunt lets him apply Taunt to enemies within the area for 6 secs thus the enemies facing his wrath. 

3. Best Melee Class Hero – Dark Karcion

Dark Karcion is the best legendary hero in the Melee class. As his name suggests he’s from the Dark Faction. He has Attack, Defense, and HP scores of 360, 90, and 18k. His powers allow him to quickly attack the enemy relentlessly.

Gran Saga Idle Dark Karcion
Image via Kakao Games

The Guillotine Strike deals damage equal to 450% of Final Attack to enemies within the area. Lastly, the Fatal Strike gives him a 50% chance to deal extra damage equal to 50% of the Final Attack. This is most effective when the enemy is afflicted with Pain. Additionally, the power applies drain to self for 2 secs

4. Best Support Class Hero – Christina

Christina is the last-standing legendary hero in our best list and a great choice for support class. She belongs to the Water Faction and her Attack, Defense, and HP scores are 342, 70, and 17.1k. Her powers let her fire magic bullets at the enemy 3 times in a row.

Gran Saga Idle Christina
Image via Kakao Games

Water Heal removes 4 debuffs from 2 allies and heals HP for 150% of the Final Attack for 4 seconds. The Rapid Heal heals the HP of one Ally for 300% of the Final Attack. Normal Attacks of Christina have a 25% chance to apply Feeble and Critical Chance Reduction by 15% to enemies. 

Final Thoughts

Gran Saga Idle is a light-hearted adventure game that sends you back in time to save your continent. You’ll witness Las, the knight, and other heroes fighting to get their peace back. The gameplay comprises quests running where you kill evil creatures under the black dragon.

The main playstyle also includes other activities like summoning, upgrading, and resource utilization as its activities. So, you’ll find yourself continuously grinding to level up and unlock more new heroes and features. I’d recommend you keep up with this article to summon legendary heroes and defeat the ultimate black dragon.

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