Gran Saga Idle: KNIGHTSxKNIGHTS Reroll Guide and Tips

Summon your wishful character to win against the Black Dragon!

Gran Saga Idle: KNIGHTSxKNIGHTS is a casual adventure game by The Kakao Games Corp. The black dragon and its army of darkness take over the world and Las and his friends are left helpless. Eve and Lilith’s power sends them 10 years back to undo the damage and save world peace. Along with Las, the other heroes tag along and help you fulfill your duty in this adventure. Each of these heroes belongs to a faction and this determines their power types. Hence, choose the legendary ones with our Gran Saga Idle reroll guide to reroll them out swiftly. 

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How to reroll efficiently in Gran Saga Idle

After completing a small tutorial in the game by the devs, you can summon a legendary hero. The Shop section is responsible for summoning the heroes in numbers. You often have to roll the chosen character from the collection to have the strongest heroes on your side. To summon, you must perform this activity from the Hero part of the Shop via the Hero Summon Ticket

Gran Saga Idle codes Main Screen
Image via Kakao Games

In Gran Saga Idle, you can sign in via Apple(for iOS users) and Google. Creating many profiles at once is possible by logging in with different accounts. In this manner, you can keep rerolling heroes in Gran Saga Idle until you get the character you desire. 

Gran Saga Idle Reroll Guide for Android Devices

If you have an Android device, reroll by following these easy steps:

  • Start Gran Saga Idle: KNIGHTSxKNIGHTS on your device.
  • Complete the small but in-detail tutorial the devs have designed for beginners. 
  • After that, the game directs you toward the game’s summon section, i.e., The Shop.
  • Recruit a hero in there from the free roll choice you get. 
  • You can establish additional accounts with different IDs if you don’t get the character you want. 
Gran Saga Idle Summon section
Image via Kakao Games

Continue doing this until you have your favorite character and have taken control of the realm against the black dragon and its minions. 

Gran Saga Idle Reroll Guide for iOS devices

The steps for rerolling over a hero on iOS are the same as those for Android devices. Hence, follow the detailed reroll lesson to obtain the hero you want in Gran Saga Idle. 

How to reroll on an Emulator in Gran Saga Idle

The Emulator is one of the best ways to maximize the performance of your laptop or PC. These emulators give the user lots of space to multitask while playing the game. The most stable emulators for Gran Saga Idle are LD Player and MEmu. You may easily create clone copies of the game and reroll the heroes. To obtain the hero you prefer, simply follow these simple steps. 

  • Install Gran Saga Idle on the 64-bit preference so that the game performs smoothly without any FPS drop or lag.
  • Start the game and install all the system updates or downloads if any. 
  • Then, clone the application as many times as you wish.
  • Now, survey every clone app of the game that you’ve created. 
  • Repeat the process of summoning the heroes until you receive the one you wish.
  • After you acquire them, delete all other clone applications from your system.
  • Finally, proceed with the one that has your desired Gran Saga Idle hero.

How to bind a game account in Gran Saga Idle 

Use the simplest methods in the game to connect your accounts to it. Only a few of the choices the devs allow you to link your account. Take these easy steps to bind your account and secure your progress.

Gran Saga Idle binding account
Image via Kakao Games
  • Launch Gran Saga Idle on your device.
  • Then, open the menu icon on the top right of the game screen. 
  • Open the Settings section from the menu.
  • Click on the Manage Account option.
  • You will witness two options: Sign-in with Google and Sign-in with Apple.
  • If you choose the Google option, you must choose one of your emails to go ahead.
  • For the other option as well, enter the necessary information to bind your account.
  • Thus, you’ve successfully linked your account with the game.

To ensure an ideal experience, make sure to carefully follow every guideline I’ve mentioned in our Gran Saga Idle reroll piece.

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