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GreatKnights Beginners Guide and Tips

Your guide to become a Great Knight!

Enter the captivating realm of GreatKnights, an idle RPG crafted by PEOPLUG INC., where bravery and strategy merge. Discover diverse characters, epic missions, and the thrill of conquering castles. If you’re new to this adventure, this GreatKnights Beginners Guide is your starting point to a world brimming with excitement and possibilities.

GreatKnights Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Battle Basics

Armis takes the lead as the hero on a mission to rescue the imperiled continent. During battles, it’s vital to protect Armis keeping her safe is key. Forming your battle squad is easy; choose your preferred captains to accompany Armis. Each captain brings essential skills crucial for combat, ensuring a strong team to support Armis in the fight. The number of captains you can accompany with Armis may vary depending on the mission.

GreatKnights Battle Basics

For added convenience, there’s an auto-attack feature, ensuring battles flow smoothly even when you’re not actively engaged. The game’s idle mechanic allows progression even while you’re away. During battles, you have the flexibility to reposition your captains by dragging them across the battlefield or by using the whistle command to gather them in one place for coordinated attacks.


In the game, captains are your main heroes for battles. Each captain comes with an active skill and four passive skills that unlock as they level up. Additionally, captains can be assigned with knights, offering a boost to their abilities. There are three types of knights; tank, archer, and sorcerer each providing unique enhancements to your captains during combat.

GreatKnights Captains

In the shop, you’ll find ways to summon more knights and captains to join your team. To perform these summons, you’ll need something called a Knight Summoning Ticket. These tickets are like keys that unlock new characters, helping you strengthen your squad and add variety to your team for battles and challenges ahead.

Leveling up your Captains

In the Captain section, you can level up your Captains using Captain experience and gold. This process boosts their base attributes, making them stronger. Additionally, as they level up, you can deploy more Knights alongside them in your team. Plus, leveling up unlocks new skills for your Captains, adding more tactics to use in battles. It’s a crucial part of progressing strategically in GreatKnights.

GreatKnights Captain Level up

You can gain Captain experience and Gold by participating in siege wards, castle wars, looting, and defeating giant scarecrows and thieving scarecrows. These resources are essential for leveling up your Captains in GreatKnights.

Complete Quests

In GreatKnights, completing quests holds the key to progress. These missions not only provide distinct tasks but also offer rewarding incentives. By accomplishing these objectives, you ensure consistent advancement and gather valuable rewards crucial for your journey.

GreatKnights Quest

Additionally, Subquests offer immersive experiences where you relive each captain’s memories. These experiences deepen your connection to the characters, providing valuable insights that help you progress and grow in the game.

Participate in Events for valuable Rewards

Joining time-limited events, coupled with redeeming game codes, stands as a top way to score freebies. These events run for a set duration, providing opportunities to partake and accomplish tasks, ultimately enriching your gameplay.

GreatKnights Events

During these time-limited events, you’ll typically secure freebies by actively participating. It’s crucial to stay involved and finish tasks before the events conclude to maximize rewards. Doing so fills your in-game inventory with plentiful presents, enhancing your progress and providing valuable resources for your journey in GreatKnights.

GreatKnights Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Utilize the Knight’s Blessing

Activate Knight’s Blessing to gain extra attributes such as attack, defense, speed, and loot buffs. Strengthen this blessing daily, watching ads to enhance its effects. The buffs obtained persist and can significantly aid your progress.

2. Claim your Loot Regularly

Remember to regularly claim your loot. This loot consists of Captain EXP, Gold, Upgrading Stone, and chests that are crucial for your advancement in the game. Keep an eye on your inventory and ensure you don’t miss out on any valuable items or resources.

3. Login every day

Ensure to claim your daily log-in rewards regularly. These bonuses often provide Crystal a premium resources that can aid your progression in GreatKnights. Don’t miss out on these daily bonuses, as they can significantly boost your gameplay.

4. Level up your Captains Strategically

Leveling up Captains enhances their attributes and unlocks crucial skills, making them more powerful in battles. As Captains advance, you can deploy more Knights in your team, enriching tactical possibilities during missions and battles. Prioritizing Captain leveling is key to staying ahead in GreatKnights, ensuring dominance in combat encounters.

5. Strategic Team Composition

Create a well-balanced team by considering the synergy between Captains and Knights. Experiment with various combinations to discover powerful synergies that suit your playstyle. Whether pairing defensive Captains with sturdy Knights or offensive Captains with high-damage-dealing Knights, understanding these combinations ensures a harmonious and effective team dynamic.

Final Thoughts

In GreatKnights, your adventure awaits in a world full of strategy and excitement. As you begin, remember: missions bring rewards, events offer freebies, and leveling up heroes is key. Experiment with different hero combinations, find what works best for you, and conquer battles. Embrace the challenges, learn the ropes, and become the hero of GreatKnights’ thrilling journey!

That’s all from us for the GreatKnights Beginners Guide! Did you find our GreatKnights Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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