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METRIA Character Tier List for May 2024

These are the best characters to play in METRIA!

METRIA brings a new and exciting dimension to the action role-playing game genre, crafted by the seasoned developers at Asobimo. In METRIA, you dive into an RPG universe where hope and sin are intricately woven together. Instead of being a constraint, this dynamic enhances the overall gaming experience. In this METRIA Character Tier List, you will know the best characters to choose and play in terms of strength and overall utility.

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METRIA Character Tier List for May 2024: Best Characters Ranked

To simplify, we’ve categorized the characters into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This classification makes it easy for you to understand each character’s potential and form a robust team for their journey.

Strong (S)Rio Calquinos,
Lunaria Shauzer
Good (A)Begius Shauzer,
Average (B)Dino,
Lucas Nizam

Having invested considerable time in the game, we’ve created a tier list that organizes characters based on their overall strength and prowess. This list is designed to assist new players like you in selecting the best characters for their team as they embark on their journey.

Best Meta Characters in METRIA for May 2024

In our tier list, our goal is to identify the top characters in each tier, as illustrated in the earlier table. With a decent assortment of characters for you to collect and deploy in battles, there are some solid choices available.

Every character comes with distinct qualities, and the game provides a diverse array of options. It introduces different roles that contribute to the selection process, turning this list into a matter of personal preference. Character effectiveness may differ based on individual playstyles, leading different players to find certain characters more useful than others.

S-Tier Character – Aru

Aru claims the top spot in the Metria tier list, showcasing both exceptional stats and intuitiveness. As a demi-human, Aru stands out for her ranged attacks, a unique trait among characters in the game.

Image via Asobimo Games

Accessible early in the game, her abilities play a significant role in elevating her to the S tier, offering ranged attacks with tracking effects and a damage-boosting buff that doubles normal damage.

S-Tier Character – Lunaria Shauzer

Lunaria Shauzer secures her place in the S tier with her formidable inherited magical powers. Capable of unleashing devastating spells on her foes, Lunaria stands as a strong and strategic choice for you seeking a magical powerhouse in your party.

METRIA Lunaria Shauzer
Image via Asobimo Games

Her presence in the S tier is a testament to the impact of her immense magical abilities in the game. The strategic significance of Lunaria lies in her role as a powerhouse of magical abilities, making her an indispensable asset for you aiming to assemble a party with a strong magical inclination.

S-Tier Character – Rio

Rio has a straightforward move set that allows you to easily incorporate him into your gameplay. His ambition and drive to become an Astra Knight form the narrative backbone of the game.

Image via Asobimo Games

Rio Calquinos is also pretty well-balanced in his overall stat which makes him very versatile in terms of build and combat scenarios. He may not stand out purely in terms of stats, but his familiarity as a classic protagonist from Japanese hack ‘n slash makes him an easy-to-learn and intuitive choice.

Final Thoughts

In wrapping up, consider the METRIA tier list as your trusted companion in navigating the vast and thrilling world of this action-packed RPG. With thoughtfully arranged tiers spotlighting characters like Rio Calquinos, Aru, and Lunaria Shauzer, it’s your go-to resource for understanding each character’s strengths and distinctive traits.

Whether you’re drawn to the familiar charm of Rio, the ranged expertise of Aru, or the enchanting magic wielded by Lunaria, this tier list is tailored to suit a variety of playstyles, ensuring a personalized and enriched gaming adventure. So, dive in, explore, and let the tier list be your guide to making strategic choices that enhance your METRIA experience.

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