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METRIA Beginners Guide and Tips

Have the best start as a beginner in METRIA!

METRIA marks a refreshing addition to the action role-playing game genre, developed by the experienced and esteemed Asobimo. The game’s promise is illuminated by Asobimo’s creative brilliance, offering a guide for optimal early-stage gameplay. In METRIA, players enter an RPG world where hope and sin entwine, inspired by the success of Genshin Impact.

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METRIA Gameplay Basics

Enter the exciting world of METRIA, where every step brings new adventures and battles. Dive into the vast open world, face challenges that test your skills, and strategize your moves. Fight tough enemies, beat evil, and build a strong team of characters using the gacha system.

METRIA gameplay
Image via Asobimo Games

Each character has special abilities, and switching between them in battles makes your tactics more interesting. Pick the best characters wisely, use their skills smartly, and win different challenges.

Understanding the Tarot System in METRIA

METRIA introduces a unique tarot system, allowing each character to be equipped with up to four tarots. These tarots serve as potent boosters, endowing your characters with new and impressive skills during battles. Effectively utilizing the tarot system becomes a key strategy to empower your characters in the game. It’s crucial to equip the tarots, considering that each tarot carries a specific effect.

METRIA tarot
Image via Asobimo Games

Before assigning a tarot to a character, take the time to assess whether the tarot aligns seamlessly with the character’s attributes. By ensuring a match between tarots and character attributes, you create an exceptional combination of skills, maximizing the potential for success in various encounters.

Understanding Character Attributes in METRIA

Every character possesses a distinct specialization in a specific attribute in Metria. Some characters excel in attacking, while others thrive in supporting roles, and some are adept at debuffing. To harness the full potential of your characters during battles, it’s essential to comprehend each character’s specialized attribute. Once you’ve identified these attributes, you can strategically deploy your characters to optimize their effectiveness in different situations.

Image via Asobimo Games

For instance, if a character specializes in attacking, deploying them against enemies is the optimal choice. Conversely, if a character excels in supporting roles, it’s advisable to refrain from using them during direct combat. This understanding of character attributes forms the foundation for optimizing the performance of each team member, ensuring a well-balanced and effective approach in the dynamic world of METRIA.

METRIA Gacha System Explained

Metria introduces a gacha system as a means for players to acquire characters to strengthen their teams. As mentioned earlier, having top-notch characters is crucial for winning battles against formidable opponents. To obtain these coveted characters, players must navigate the gacha system. The randomness is further influenced by the rarity of characters, with different drop rates assigned to each rarity tier. These are the key details about each rarity and drop rates:

METRIA gacha
Image via Asobimo
  • SSR – 3%
  • SR – 47%
  • R – 50%

Notably, higher rarity characters tend to have lower drop rates, while lower rarity characters boast higher chances of being obtained. This inherent nature of the gacha system is a challenge to acquiring top-tier characters in METRIA. However, it’s essential to note that the gacha system operates on a random basis, providing characters without any predetermined selection.

METRIA Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Level up your characters

Elevate your heroes’ prowess in METRIA by making leveling up a priority. Navigate to the Edit Character tab in the main menu, select your character from the hero roster, and employ the Traveler’s Diary item to heighten their level. This results in significant enhancements across crucial attributes such as HP, attack, defense, critical hits, and elemental damage.

METRIA characters
Image via Asobimo Games

Be discerning in allocating resources, focusing on leveling up the most formidable characters to instill confidence in conquering adversaries. With a team of powerful characters, facing enemies becomes a smoother and more assured experience.

2. Complete Quests

Accelerate your progress in METRIA by immersing yourself in quests, the lifeblood of the game. Main quests steer the overarching narrative, while side quests provide additional layers of engagement alongside the main storyline. Joining a guild introduces guild quests, adding another dimension to your questing endeavors.

METRIA quest
Image via Asobimo Games

Swiftly completing quests becomes a catalyst for unlocking new features within the game. There are three quest types to keep track of main, side, and guild, all conveniently displayed on the left side of your screen. Embrace the flexibility of quest completion without time constraints, allowing for a personalized and unhurried journey through METRIA.

3. Familiarize Map and Grinding Spots

Empower your journey in METRIA by developing a keen understanding of the game map. Uncover the strategic grinding spots scattered across the terrain to optimize your character’s growth and resource acquisition.

Image via Asobimo Games

Familiarity with the landscape not only streamlines your questing experience but also positions you strategically for efficient character development.

4. Equip Tarots

Unleash the full potential of your characters in METRIA by delving into the unique tarot system. Equip your characters with up to four tarots to infuse additional skills during battles, turning the tide in your favor.

METRIA tarot equip
Image via Asobimo Games

The key lies in selecting tarots that align with your character’s attributes, creating potent and dynamic skill combinations. Wise tarot selection enhances your characters’ capabilities, ensuring they stand as formidable forces in every encounter.

5. Time your Skill Bar

Seize control of battles in METRIA by mastering the art of timing within your skill bar. Acquaint yourself with the cooldown periods of your characters’ skills and strategically activate them to unleash maximum impact.

METRIA skill bar
Image via Asobimo Games

Precise timing not only maximizes damage output but also allows you to orchestrate a well-coordinated approach, ensuring victory in the face of challenging opponents. Sharpen your skills and conquer METRIA with finesse.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, METRIA emerges as a standout gem in the action role-playing genre, skillfully crafted by Asobimo. The game’s dynamic storyline, inspired by successful predecessors like Genshin Impact, coupled with the intricacies of quests, character optimization, and the Gacha system, makes METRIA a compelling and enjoyable adventure. As players navigate its vibrant world where hope and sin intertwine, METRIA proves to be more than just a game as it’s an immersive journey with a perfect blend of creativity, accessibility, and strategic depth.

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