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HAPPY ZONE – Battle Royale Beginners Guide and Tips

Grab the loot and surprise your enemies with bullets!

HAPPY ZONE is a battle royale-based game that includes a collective PvP experience, along with a thrill that takes place in a semi-prison setting. This setting is complicated because of various objects and obstacles in the way. Here is a HAPPY ZONE – Battle Royale beginners guide to tell you the basics and how to master the game.

Gameplay Overview

The last-man-standing element of a survival game is combined with simulation, adventure, and foraging elements in this battle royale game. It falls under the umbrella of online cooperative gaming. In the instruction, a prisoner is seen escaping from custody.

Happy Zone Battle Royale
image via Azur Interactive Games Limited

In order to escape, the prisoner must remove adversaries. The user must move around and defeat opponents as the game is stimulated in an arcade-style environment. The game uses touch-and-drag movement controls that govern both the motor element and the weapon’s usage. 

Introducing the Basics of HAPPY ZONE – Battle Royale

The game begins with a tutorial that explains all the rules of the game starting from moving the character in the game, how to shoot, how to throw grenades, and many more. Happy Zone is a battle royale. A battle royale game combines last-man-standing action with a survival game’s simulation, adventure, and foraging features. It is a type of online multiplayer video game. The tutorial shows a prisoner escaping jail. Here, the prisoner has to eliminate enemies to escape.

image via Azur Interactive Games Limited

The entire game is stimulated in an arcade-like system setting, where the player has to roam around and eliminate opponents. Once the player does so, he or she will receive cash at the place that destroyed their enemies. The player has to stand on the cash prize to collect it. It takes approximately 3 seconds to finish collecting cash. 


There are mainly three types of currencies present in the game that can be used. Bucks, coins, and bolts. Bucks are used to upgrade the player’s avatar skills. Gold coins are used to purchase chests from the store that would provide the player with a chance of acquiring rare items. Lastly, the bolts are used to upgrade and enhance the quality of weapons and other items mentioned above. There are also in-app purchases within the store where people can buy items using real-time money. 

Introducing your Avatar

The avatar in the game has a prisoner-based look. The game begins from inside a jail, where the player’s avatar is present. Once the game starts, the doors of the jail will be unlocked and the players can then roam around. There are many features within the battle royale. The player can close the doors of rooms to stop players from entering any area the player does not want to. It also helps the gamer to be agile and stealthy. There are several objects that are laid around the area of the battle royale.

Avatar Controls and Upgrades
image via Azur Interactive Games Limited

These objects, upon destroying them, will provide a sufficient amount of bucks (cash). Based on the kill count, the player will receive rewards accordingly. The entire game is time-based. Once the game begins, some of the walking platforms of the area begin to turn green. This green area should be avoided as it drains the health or HP of the character of the gamer.

The game’s controls are relatively easy and UI friendly. It adopts a tap-and-drag control system. The player will control their avatar for movements by using their left hand while shooting, crouching, and throwing extra weapons such as grenades will be used for the right hand. 

Upgrading your Weapons

The player can upgrade their avatars in the game. In order to do this, the gamer must click on inventory, and equip and upgrade weapons, skills, side arms, etc. There are a total of six characters in the game so far. The power levels of each character are shown in the top left corner of the screen.

In the avatar skill upgrade, the player can enhance and increase the HP or health, the speed of the avatar, and the cool-down period. For weapons upgrade, the player can upgrade the damage done by the weapon, the accuracy, the recharge, and the ammo size. There are a total of eleven weapons in the form of guns in the game. 

image via Azur Interactive Games Limited

The sidearms include several bombs and other equipment. There are a total of 9 sidearms in the game. Here, the player can enhance the side arm’s damage rate, radius, and cool-down period. As the player upgrades, enhances, and acquires new and stronger weapons and features, that is how the player will achieve a level-up. This level-up is directly correlated to the pass.

This pass provides various rewards for passing a certain level. Apart from this, the player can also upgrade rockets (4 available in the game), Secondary Sidearm (8 available in the game), and robots (4 available in the game). All these items are categorized into 4 main categories. Common (denoted by the grey box), Rare (denoted by the blue box), Epic (denoted by the purple box), and Legendary (denoted by the golden box). 

HAPPY ZONE – Battle Royale Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips for beginners in HAPPY ZONE – Battle Royale:

  1. Make sure to stay out of the green zone as it drains health.
  2. Make sure to be stealthy and hide behind objects in order to shoot the enemies down smoothly.
  3. Keep upgrading the avatar’s skills, weapons, and other items. 
  4. Try to break as many objects as you can. This will provide the gamer with the opportunity to receive bucks/cash. 
  5. Do not rush into the battle/ Calmly assess the situation, then move towards the enemies to shoot them down. 


HAPPY ZONE is a highly strategic battle royale that uses the game’s unique situation portrayal. It has a good UI, and it is easy to manage the controls. The game is tailor-made for those players who want to test their might against other players online. Therefore, don’t hesitate to give it a try, and never forget to refer to this Happy Zone Battle Royale beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

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