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Hearthstone Guide: Top 5 Best decks for January 2023

Reach legend easily with these decks!

Since the Hearthstone World Championships 2022, Blizzard has made a variety of changes that have had a drastic effect on the metagame. Cards like Relic of Dimensions and Unleash Fel have been nerfed to weaken the early oppressive power of Demon Hunter, Boon of the Ascended and High Priestess Vashj have both been nerfed as Bless Priest has been a dominant part of pro play for a long time. This guide will provide a list of the top 5 best decks to play and reach legend in Hearthstone in January 2023.

An astonishing four cards have been nerfed for Rogue as Miracle Rogue, Deathrattle Rogue and Thief Rogue have all been way too powerful in both ranked and pro play. At long last Prince, Renathal has been nerfed, with the card increasing the players starting health to 35 instead of 40. ‘Prince Renathal‘ has been one of the most played cards in Hearthstone due to being so easy to obtain and being so powerful in control decks due to having such a great payoff for playing 40 cards.

Top 5 Best Decks in Hearthstone for January 2023

1. Evolve Shaman

Hearthstone 5 best decks
Image via Activision

Evolve Shaman has made a massive comeback into the metagame now that many of the top decks have left. It aims to win games by swarming the field with minions and then evolving them to become more powerful through combos such as Convincing Disguise + Tiny Toys, making them strong enough to win the game. The deck is also considerably cheap, making it a great option for both budget and F2P players!


  • Has a positive win rate against most decks
  • Works especially well in low ranks and has the highest win rate around bronze to gold ranks
  • Fun to play 
  • Cheap to build


  • Weak against decks with lots of early aggressiveness, like Frost Death Knight and Aggro Druid 
  • Difficult deck to master

Deck Code:


2. Big Spell Mage

    Big Spell Mage remains one of the strongest decks in the game. It has received very few nerfs over the past few months, despite its popularity and play rate competitively. Big Spell Mage aims to win by stalling until mid-game. Cards like Drakefire Amulet and Rune of the Archmage can be cheated out and played earlier by using cards like Barbaric Sorceress and Belinda Stonehearth to reduce their cost.

    Big Spell Mage
    Image via Activision

    This results in having a large number of resources that the opponent cannot deal with. Big Spell Mage is a great deck option for players who have cards from less recent sets, as most of the cards in this deck are not from the most recent expansion.


    • Easy to play
    • Very versatile, and can be played from low ranks up to the legend
    • Fun to play
    • Can both remove and create powerful minions quickly 


    • Often loses to other midrange decks like Beast Hunter and Evolve Shaman
    • No spells can be played in the early game

    Deck Code:


    3. Frost Death Knight

    Frost Death Knight is a great option for players who are looking to try out the new Death Knight class. This deck specializes in constantly hitting the opponent with cheap spells by reducing their cost through cards like Glacial Advance and Rimefang Sword.

    Hearthstone 5 best decks
    Image via Activision

    This deck is especially strong after the recent changes now as it often lost to control decks, as the extra five starting health was enough to keep the control decks alive for long enough to win. An almost complete version of the deck can be made by simply purchasing the Path of Arthas mini set, making it a necessary purchase to build this deck. 


    • Can be built off the core + Path of Arthas Death Knight set
    • Best of the three Death Knight rune types
    • Can deal with decks that use lots of minions like Aggro Druid


    • Weak against highly defensive decks, like Ramp Druid
    • Difficult to play

    Deck Code:


    4. Beast Hunter

    Beast Hunter
    Image via Activision

    Despite the constant onslaught of nerfs, Beast Hunter remains in the meta as the king of midrange decks! Beast Hunter is versatile in the ranks it can be played in, but also in its goal, as the deck can either win through early aggressiveness or powerful late-game plays. Like Big Spell Mage, this deck is great to build for players who have cards from past expansions.


    • Extremely versatile in multiple ways, can be played at all ranks, can have varying deck lists, and can have varying playstyles.
    • Counters lots of meta decks like Death Knight decks, Ramp Druid and Thief Rogue.


    • Weak against aggressive decks
    • Can be very expensive to build

    Deck Code:


    5. Pure Paladin 

    Hearthstone 5 best decks
    Image via Activision

    Pure Paladin utilizes the power of the new blood cards mixed with the card The Countess, a card that is now significantly strong than on release. It aims to play aggressively in the early game and then close out the game by using The Countess to find and play powerful legendary minions. The deck is also considerably cheap and can have most of its expensive cards (other than ‘The Countess’) replaced by cheaper alternatives, making it a great option for budget and F2P players.


    • Can win against opponents quickly, making rank climbing a lot faster
    • Strong against slow decks like Ramp Druid
    • Easy to play


    • Weak against decks that counter minions like Frost Death Knight

    Deck Code:


    Honorable Mentions

    Some other great decks that have seen a great amount of play include:

    • Imp Warlock, and its slightly less aggressive counterpart; Curse Imp Warlock.
    • Spell Demon Hunter, which utilizes the same combos as Quest Demon Hunter but without the quest, and instead uses the Souleaters Scythe to make the deck full of spells only.
    Hearthstone 5 best decks
    Image via Activision
    • Aggro Druid for quick wins.
    • Ramp Druid, is still powerful despite the recent nerfs.
    • Blood Death Knight is a strong control deck that can win by slowly out-resourcing the opponent.
    • Thief Rogue, an extremely difficult deck that can be played at high ranks that wins by using and copying cards from other classes.

    Final Thoughts

    Currently, the metagame of Hearthstone is in a stable state. The most problematic cards of the set have been weakened and with no amazing decks to take their place, the metagame has a lot of variety, however, some classes now feel greatly weaker than the rest. The priest no longer has great tools to pull off Bless combos and with Prince Renathal nerfed the control deck lacks enough health to win against aggressive decks.

    Warrior also has no decks that are strong enough to win in the current metagame, with Enrage Warrior barely being above the 50%-win rate in Bronze-Gold ranks, hopefully, Warrior gets enough improvements to be relevant in 2023! Till then, use these top 5 best decks to get to Legend in Hearthstone.

    What are your thoughts on our list of the Top 5 Best decks for January 2023 in Hearthstone? Let us know in the comments!

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