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Heir of Darkness Mounts Tier List for January 2023

Make sure to select the right companion on your journey!

Heir of Darkness is an action-packed RPG game developed and brought to you by the developer, Starlight game, the game offers a Journey to a land of light where darkness is trying to overwhelm the inhabitants, and a player has been given the responsibility to repel and drive away the evil forces from the lands, the game is an RPG offers many options in terms of customization, combat system, and even mounts. Mounts should not be ignored as they can improve the combat power of the characters. In this Heir of Darkness mounts tier list we will list the best Mounts available for players.

Heir of Darkness Mounts Tier List for January 2023

After investing multiple hours in the game, Heir of Darkness, we have come up with a very specific ranking for our tier list. The game offers many options for the mounts and rightly so, Mounts can offer a devastating level of damage in the game and can easily increase the chances of success in defeating the in-game final bosses. For this Tier, we will divide the characters into three different tiers namely Strong (S)Good (A), and Average (B)

Strong (S)Couple Chimera,
Paper Crane,
Future Aircraft,
Couple Red Comet,
Lord of Demon,
Duet Sacred Dragon
Good (A)Alien Dragon,
Yellow Chicken,
Couple Glacier Sled,
Floral Moon,
Snow Yak,
Ice Tiger,
Sky Lion,
Earth Tyrant,
Ashen Firehawk,
Demonic Chimera,
Forest Elf,
Abyss Fire Spirit
Average (B)Flying Carpet,
Demonic Shark,
Golden Griffen,
Ghost Steed,
Ship of the Desert,
Demonic Pig,
Golden Horn King,
Magic Rabit,
Leafy Rat,
Magic Broom,
Desert Ghost,
Wild Automobile,
Couple Moon Fairy
Heir of Darkness Mounts Tier List for January 2023

Best meta Mounts in Heir of Darkness for January 2023

The game, Heir of darkness offers an ample amount of Mounts to be selected as a companion in the game, each of the Mounts in the game offers different perks and benefits thus it becomes hard for players to select the best possible option in the game. It is always better to know the features and background of the Mounts before selecting them as playable characters in the game.

S-Tier Mounts – Couple Chimera

Heir of Darkness mounts tier list, Heir of Darkness
Image via Starlight game

The S-Tier category has to go to the strongest and the most deadly-looking pet in the game with the most devastating stats, Couple Chimera. The Mount is more of a weapon than it is a ride, also termed as the twin dragon in the game, the Couple Chimera offers the power of two dragons in just one, the so-termed Mount has the most damage per strike available in the game and can be used for devastating effect.

A-Tier Mount – Alien Dragon

Heir of Darkness mounts tier list, Heir of Darkness
Image via Starlight game

The A-Tier category will be given to Alien Dragon, because of how perfectly balanced the Mount is. The dragon offers both attacking and defensive options depending on the gameplay of the players and can be used in a very diversified way. The attack and defense both are definitely not according to the standards of S-tier Mounts but compared to the A-Tier Mounts it is definitely the most well-balanced and hence the best.

B-Tier Mount – Flying Carpet

Heir of Darkness mounts tier list, Heir of Darkness
Image via Starlight game

The B-Tier mounts are not necessarily useless in the game but are definitely not as good as the ones listed in the other tiers. For this tier, our pick would be Flying Carpet. Very interesting Mount as it is basically a Ride that boosts the attack of the character mounted on the ride, however, it does not help in defense in any way possible, thus the ride is basically just helpful in the early stages of the game, in the later stages it is no way effective and offers nothing.

Final Thoughts

The game as stated before offers way too many Mounts to choose from with each offering many advantages of their own, players are bound to get confused after a point when there are 33 Mounts to choose from, however with the help of this Heir of Darkness mounts tier list we hope that players will find it easier than before when selecting their Mount in the game.

Did you find this Hier of Darkness Mount tier list Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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