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Hero of Taslinia Beginners Guide and Tips

Craft and collect powerful weapons and armors to show the world!

The story of Hero of Taslinia revolves around the story of humanity and the creatures known as the Lusus Hellions. Mankind was defeated by the Lusus Hellions once but a united force of humans, dryads, and elves retaliated and defeated those creatures. The kingdom has achieved peace with the Hellions sealed away but that was not eternal. The Hellions found a way to claw themselves back and want to take over Taslinia. If you’re new to this game, here is our Hero of Taslinia beginners guide and tips that will come in handy as you progress through the game.

The gameplay of Hero of Taslinia is very similar to a plethora of games. Its home base system is similar to Clash of clans but it does not contain defensive buildings and it has a turn-based combat system.

Gameplay Overview

Hero of Taslinia has a turn-based combat system with position slots to place your hero. Remember to place your heroes based on what their skill is. If they are direct attackers, place them in such a way that no other hero is in front of them. 

Hero of Taslinia gameplay
Hero of Taslinia Beginners Guide: Gameplay Overview

The turns of attack are displayed on the left pane of the screen, with the bottom-most character being the active hero while the other characters in the queue are on top of one another. Each hero has 4 move sets. These movements vary from hero to hero based on their skills. Other than their basic move, there are usually charged moves that can be used once and then require a cooldown and there are also ranged moves that affect characters on multiple slots. 

When you select a move, you have the option to select which enemy character you want to target. Such selections are important because you need to defeat the most troublesome enemy first, so choose wisely.

Developing your Home Base

The Home Base consists of several key structures, each for a different function. In our Hero of Taslinia Beginners Guide, we will cover each of the infrastructures in the home base in detail:

1. Castle

The Castle is the central piece of your home base, ironically it is not placed in the center. There are four options accessible from the Castle:


Hero of Taslinia heroes
Hero of Taslinia heroes

This displays the heroes you possess in your arsenal, it also shows you what allies you have as well. You can tap on a hero to see their Attributes and Equipment. There you can also change the occupation, which is the variation of attack set each hero possesses, of a hero or change their weapon type. You can also manually level up your heroes by spending Experience scrolls.


Hero of Taslinia Recruit

This option allows you to recruit new heroes to make your party larger until the maximum of 6 slots is filled. Hero of Taslinia offers a great deal of customization since you can not only select your character’s weapon class but also change their appearance individually.

Skill Tree

Each hero has a set of 4 moves, but to what extent are their powers limited? To answer that question, you might want to check out their skill tree. In this option, you will be confronted with the hero’s moveset, and upon tapping on each of the moves you will see an upside-down tree-like structure displaying the Attribute upgrades of that move.

To polish that move, however, will require you to spend gold and upgrade material which can be bought from the in-game store. Polishing each move will make a massive change in the gameplay since your heroes will be more efficient at wrapping up a battle.


The Castle level governs the building and hero level capacity and the number of buildings and heroes you can have. Therefore it is very crucial that you upgrade your castle unless you want to remain stuck with lower-level heroes.

2. Town Hall

The Town Hall allows you to gain allies in exchange for completing commissions requested by the ally heroes. Upon opening the Town Hall, you will see icons of different heroes show up with a tiny description of them as well as their moveset.


Tapping on those heroes will take you to their attribute profile page and have a bar of hearts below containing a commission.  Completing those commissions will allow you to get Ally Hearts and collect. Once you have acquired all of the hearts, the ally hero will immediately join you to battle permanently.

3. Portal

Portal is the first thing a player will come across in Hero of Taslinia as it is the main story quest. In the portal, you can visit the world map which will guide you through the story of Taslinia. As you progress through the 8 locations of the world in Taslinia, you will face off against Hellions and other creatures in the world.

It is strongly suggested that you finish the world map before delving into the post-game content to ensure your heroes are well versed in battling. You can redo each location in Easy, Hard, and Hell difficulty and gain stars to unlock item chests.


In the portal, there is another mode called Casca Dungeon that allows you to challenge monsters in different dungeons that reward you with different equipment upgrade material upon victory. Not all the dungeons are available every day though, some are available on specific days, so keep an eye out for which dungeon has the item of your desire.

4. Altar

The main purpose of the Altar is to get equipment in Lucky Draws. This mechanic has been seen across several other games, often referred to as the Gacha System. You have a fixed probability of getting an item of varying rarity. There are:

  • Premium Draws : You need to have Premium Draw Tickets to pull your luck in this. You can have 1 free day each day but other than that each draw costs one ticket and can also draw 10 times together to get one free bonus equipment. You can get items of several rarities: Epic, Rare, Unique and Common.
  • Coin Draws : Coin Draw is similar to Premium Draw but you spend coins to pull instead. Coins are gained for free from Goldmine after a certain amount of time. But in this draw, you can only get items of rarity: Unique and Common.
  • Ticket Draws : You can draw these to guarantee a Rare or Epic item. There are 2 types of tickets for this: Rare Equipment Ticket and Epic Equipment Ticket. You can pull either 1 or 5 items accordingly.

5. Blacksmith


You can Polish your equipment at the Blacksmith, although the same thing can be done at the Hero section in the Castle. Polishing at the Blacksmith gives you a broad list of all the equipment you possess along with the Upgrade Tree of each piece of equipment. You can view what upgrade materials are needed and as well as the equipment attributes.

6. Goldmine


This resource building is very self-explanatory. This building generates coins in a certain amount of time with a maximum output limit. It will generate and store coins until they reach the storage capacity and then they will stop producing more. You need to tap on the coins and collect them to allow them to start generating again.

7. Rotisserie


Very similar to the Gold mine but instead, this building generates meat. Meat is an essential commodity for PvE mode, your heroes consume meat upon each battle. But you need to take notice that your meat storage capacity is limited unlike Coins and Gems, so you need to spend them fast before you can collect more.

8. Mine

To upgrade your resource buildings such as the Goldmine and the Rotisserie, you will discover that you need some raw materials that you have not seen elsewhere. Upgrading buildings require separate raw materials apart from coins. Wood, Iron, Stone, and Coins are necessary to upgrade your resource buildings, and to harvest these resources, Mine plays a key role.


You will have a fixed number of the workforce which you can distribute as you wish to collect Wood, Iron, and Stone. The more workers you assign to a particular raw material, the more of that item will be harvested. The Mine works similar to Goldmine and Rotisserie when it comes to the resource collection. Just tap on the floating icon to collect Wood, Iron, and Stones.

9. Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar is an in-game shop that does not involve real money. You can buy items from Adil’s Shop or the Arena Shop too. Adil’s refresh items every day and present you with items that can be bought in exchange for gems and coins. The best thing about this store is that you can get Premium Tickets and Coins as well as other raw materials from this store which takes a lot of time to generate.

 Adil's shop
Adil’s shop

Whereas, Arena Shops sell you Enhancement items as well as Premium Tickets as well. Arena Shop accepts Arena Coins which can be earned by winning Arena Battles.

10. Warehouse

The warehouse allows you to see what items and equipment you have in your inventory. It does not serve any more further functions other than showing you all the items you have. The items are displayed according to their rarity, the rarest ones are displayed at the top with the common ones following them below. In the Equipment section of the Warehouse, you can view all the equipment you have and assign them directly to your heroes without rushing back to the Castle.

11. Workshop

The workshop provides a fantastic opportunity to get equipment upgrade materials from surplus items you have in the warehouse. You can check your Warehouse what additional items you can exchange away. In the workshop, you can either Salvage or Combine items to get different outcomes.


To get the best outcome, you need to utilize the Salvage and Combine function simultaneously. In the Salvage option, you can generate Common, Unique, or Rare Arcane dust and scrolls as well. And in the Combine option, you can convert the salvaged dust and items to form even powerful upgrade items.

12. Clan


Although the Clan feature is seen everywhere in multiplayer online games, Hero of Taslinia did an amazing job at making its Clan feature stand out among all. The Clan homes 6 different options along with the chat feature: Clan Info, Sanctuary, Clan Quest, Raids, Vault, Clan Shop. In this Hero of Taslinia Beginners Guide, we will explain all the details you need to know before joining or forming a clan.

Clan Info

Clan Info shows you detailed info about your clans such as Clan ID for your friends to join your clan easily, Clan members, and Clan Energy. In a clan, you can partake in several activities to contribute to your clan, and doing so will gain your Honor Points. When you gain enough Honor Points, you can use Clan Energy to level up your clan. Now you may wonder how you can earn Honor Points? The answer is simple! You gain Honor Points as you do Clan Quests, Raids, and make donations to the Vault. Each clan member’s Honor points will contribute towards the Clan’s Honor Points.

All these sounds thrilling however there are some general rules to follow. In a Clan, the Clan Master has the right to upgrade Clan functions, promote/ demote officers, kick members, edit announcements and motto, start clan raids and quests and even upgrade perks in the sanctuary.

But if the Clan master themselves is not active for 15 days or leaves the clan, the ownership of the clan will be transferred to the officer with the highest weekly Honor Points and if that is not possible then the title will be transferred to the member with the highest total honor points.


It is similar to the skill tree but it affects all the members of a clan. The clan members can research and contribute on a perk to improve the skills of all the members in the clan. Not only that, but the members can also research perks on the Resources and Battle section to get higher reward returns from quests and get an edge in battles. The perk progression is dependent on each clan member’s contribution to research. Once the research is completed per perk, only the clan master can finish the upgrade.

For Heroes: It increases the status of all clan member’s heroes and allies, for Resources: It increases all clan member’s resource-building outputs. For Battle: All members get an additional bonus during battles.

Completing your Clan Quests

It is a mission that you can take part in to gain coins and clan coins which you can later use in the clan shop. Doing clan quests lets you contribute to your clan and upon finishing all the quests. You and your clanmates will receive additional prizes. The clan quest refreshes every 8 hours, so hurry and complete them all.

Participate in Raids

Raids allow you to gain clan energy which is necessary for leveling up your clan. There are Clan Raids and Solo Raids. In Clan Raids only the clan master and officers can initiate a raid and the clan has a cooldown period of 48 hours before it can activate a raid again. Once the raid is active, it will be available for 1 hour and in the meantime, the members can attack as much as they wish.

Before the clan raid, the members can give offerings to the boss which will give out a bigger reward upon defeating the boss. Solo Raids, however, can be initiated by the player, and the challenge time is not limited to 1 hour. You can do a solo raid twice daily.


It is where you donate Wood, Iron, and Stone in exchange for Honor points. Donating is necessary if you want to level up the clan’s functions so it’s wise to donate your spares.

Clan Shop

It provides you with chests filled with items that can be bought using the clan coins you earned from doing quests.

13. Arena


If you enjoy PvP battles, then Arena has some good news for you! In Arena, you can battle other players to climb up the ranks to the upper tiers. In the Arena, you can earn Arena coins and many other rewards by beating other players from around the world. The higher tier you reach, the better rewards you get. Give it a try and if you are finding trouble, you can refer to this Hero of Taslinia beginners guide at any time to learn the basics and progress much faster in the game.

That’s all for today’s Hero of Taslinia beginners guide. Did you find our Hero of Taslinia beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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