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Heroes Never Die! Beginners Guide and tips

Step by Step guide to resurrect your way to victory!

Heroes Never Die! is an Idle RPG game developed and brought to you by GameDuo. The game revolves around a constant dark theme of death and resurrection. Players are given control of a prince whose whole army has been defeated by the hands of the dark forces and he himself has been defeated. However, the court wizard of his army somehow managed to capture his soul and take it away while he was dying and now it is the prince’s soul which seeks revenge. This Heroes Never Die Beginners Guide will aim at providing valuable insights for players in a bid to help them out.

The game features a medieval fantasy world, where players can assemble their army back from the dead. Your actual army in real life has already been defeated by the dark forces and your kingdom has been defeated. Now the task in hand is to resurrect the fallen and take back the kingdom one piece at a time because heroes never die.

Introducing the Basics of Heroes Never Die!

The game, Heroes Never Die! allows players to revive the characters players will come across in their ventures in the game. You will be needing revival potions in order for your player to revive the characters you come across. You get more revival potions when you level up or when you kill monsters in your wild hunt.

Heroes Never Die Beginners Guide, Heroes Never Die
Image via GameDuo

These revival potions can also be used to craft soul stones in the game which are specific for each character and can be used to upgrade the skills and abilities of the character not to mention the use of such stones in upgrading the overall level of the character.

You will unlock new characters as you will progress further into the story, in the beginning, stages of the game you will be a party of 3 characters, with the players having the liberty of choosing who should be the main character in the game. You can choose your main character from a choice of 3, namely Pyromancer, Cleric, and Paladin.

Be fluent with your commands while fighting the enemies

While playing the game it is necessary for the players to stay on their toes all the time, because the enemies keep spawning until the specific combat points are achieved in the round enough to summon the final boss. On the sides of the screen, there are health potions available for players to use in case they are found surrounded by ever-spawning enemies.

Heroes Never Die Beginners Guide, Heroes Never Die
Image via GameDuo

It is necessary to stay updated on the surroundings in the game, players could in seconds find themselves surrounded by enemies and it is necessary for the game to be on the move and don’t stop and make a final stand in the game. Mobility is necessary for players to keep the horde of enemies out of their way.

Additionally, players will have to keep an eye out for the level they are at, because training in the game is taken very seriously, and there are some levels that simply can’t be completed unless and until you are equipped with a certain skillset from the skill tree, for every character players can find different skills well suited to their gameplay.

Heroes Never Die Beginners Guide, Heroes Never Die
Image via GameDuo

The game also offers the option to retreat back to the safe village, which is basically your camp where you have a mobile infirmary useful for players to retain their full health in the game. Use it carefully when you feel as if the enemies are big in number and might overwhelm your troops, retreating is a part of the war and should be timed to perfection in a bid for survival. Use the portal option on the bottom left side of the screen to fall back to the camp whenever you feel like it.

Heroes Never Die! Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing multiple hours in the game we have come up with the following tips and tricks in our Heroes Never Die Beginners Guide for new players venturing into the game to have a better experience.

1. Characters with Prince Soul acquire double XP points

The whole game revolves around the soul of the prince which was preserved by the court wizard, all along the game as you will progress further in the game, you will come across different characters in the game, the game has a separate character progressive system for each character hence you will have to play the game with a specific character to unlock better abilities for that specific player.

Heroes Never Die Beginners Guide, Heroes Never Die
Image via GameDuo

When you play the character with the prince’s soul equipped with it, the character becomes the main character in the game and will get a 2x points bonus, making it easier to progress in the game.

2. Use different Equipment from the inventory for increased damage points

As you keep on killing and defeating the enemies in the game you will keep on coming across different equipment and weapons in the game, these can be accessed via the in-game inventory. The game doesn’t equip the best weapon available or the best armor available for you in the game.

Heroes Never Die Beginners Guide, Heroes Never Die
Image via GameDuo

You have to manually equip it from the inventory or you can also tap on the auto-select feature in the inventory that will also select the best equipment available in the inventory. Be sure to select the best weapon available in the inventory to have a better shot at defeating the bosses in the game after each level.

3. Prince Soul is transferred to the latest character summoned

Whenever in the game you resurrect a new character the prime soul of the prince is transferred to the new character by default, having the prince’s soul in the character has many advantages in itself as stated in point number 1.

Heroes Never Die Beginners Guide, Heroes Never Die
Image via GameDuo

If your goal is to have a specific character as the main lead and progress that character to higher levels then make sure to re-select that character once a new character is resurrected, else all the points earned from that point on, will be reflected in the development of that character and you will definitely lose points for your favorite character in the game.

4. Train Heroes to succeed against higher-level enemies

Training in the game is an essential part of the game, without training players will be bound to miss out on opportunities that the game has to offer in the earlier phases. Upgrades in the training section can be purchased through in-game resources such as coins and gems.

Heroes Never Die Beginners Guide, Heroes Never Die
Image via GameDuo

Upgrades in the training section are divided into two categories, the elite, and All heroes sections. All heroes sections are upgrades that are meant to be applied to all the characters in the game, they are general upgrades whereas the elite upgrades are critical skills that are upgraded from only the character which is in use.

5. Use the character Soulstones to upgrade the existing Abilities

Character Soulstones are an essential part of the game and should be used when have been acquired in the amounts required. The hardest part of having Soul Stones is the fact that they are very hard to get, they are received when certain character-specific milestones have been achieved or when the characters level up.

Heroes Never Die Beginners Guide, Heroes Never Die
Image via GameDuo

These soul stones can be used when new upgrades are to be unlocked for the character or when the existing skills are to be upgraded. Improving skills can go a long way for the players as they help a lot in case the character gets surrounded by a mob of dark forces in the game.

Final Thoughts

The game, Heroes Never Die offers interesting gameplay for RPG fans where players come back from the grave and resurrect their already defeated army in a bid to avenge the fallen and take back the kingdom from the grip of the dark forces that have taken hold at the moment.

The game offers many features and options for players to scroll through making the game a bit hard to understand for new timers. We hope that with this Heroes Never Die Beginners Guide, we were able to simplify things well enough for players in understanding the game.

Did you find this Heroes Never Die Beginners’ Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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