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Heroes of Awakened Magic Hero Tier List for December 2023

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Heroes of Awakened Magic is a thrilling RPG adventure created by Egame Limited. Become a commander striving to restore order in a kingdom disrupted by a looming shadow. In this game, players gather heroes, engage in tactical battles, and explore diverse landscapes, encountering challenges. Understanding each hero’s strengths is key to triumph, and this Heroes of Awakened Magic Hero Tier List aims to rank and help you build a powerful team for your adventure.

Heroes of Awakened Magic Character Tier List for December 2023: Best Heroes Ranked

To make things simpler, we’ve organized the SS heroes into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This helps players easily see how powerful each SS hero is compared to others. It’s a handy way to plan strategies and choose the best characters for battles. With this guide, building a strong team becomes a breeze.

Strong (S)Ogg,
Dragon Hunter,
Allie Lou,
Good (A)Mancala,
Temler XVI,
Body collector,
Average (B)MaierDiana,
Gold Wing

Remember, this tier list is just a guide. Strategies and team compositions can vary, leading to different outcomes for players. Use this list as a reference when picking your initial class before adding your second one.

Best Heroes for Heroes of Awakened Magic in December 2023

1. Ogg (Cyclops)

Heroes of Awakened Magic Ogg Cyclops
Image via Egame Limited

Ogg stands out as one of the game’s top defense heroes. His standout ability lies in his exceptional shielding power, creating a robust defense for the team. Not only can he shield teammates effectively, but he can also distribute damage received among the team. Moreover, upon teammates falling in battle, Ogg boosts his attack power, proving his resilience in tough situations.

2. Allie Lou (Battle Angel)

Heroes of Awakened Magic Allie Lou Battle Angel
Image via Egame Limited

Allie Lou shines as a premier attack hero in the game. Her prowess becomes evident when facing opponents like Asphia. She counters their attacks endlessly, maintaining a relentless offensive. Her ability to continuously assault opponents sets her apart in battles, making her a force to be reckoned with.

3. Asphia (Gorgon)

Heroes of Awakened Magic Asphia Gorgon
Image via Egame Limited

Asphia emerges as one of the finest technical heroes, excelling in control tactics. She possesses exceptional control abilities, capable of petrifying and slowing down the enemy lineup. Her strategic control over the battlefield provides a significant advantage in manipulating enemy movements.

4. Sudan (Genie)

Heroes of Awakened Magic Sudan Genie
Image via Egame Limited

Sudan, another technical hero, earns acclaim for his frequent rage manipulation skills. He consistently boosts the rage of your strongest attacker while dampening opponents’ rage. This unique skill set empowers the team by strategically managing the anger levels during battles, providing a tactical edge in combat scenarios.

Final Thoughts

In Heroes of Awakened Magic, understanding your heroes’ strengths is key to mastering the game’s challenges. While tier lists offer valuable insights, remember that diverse strategies and team compositions can yield unique results.

Embrace the tier list as a starting point, aiding in your initial hero choices, but don’t hesitate to experiment and adapt based on your gameplay style. With evolving tactics and the dynamic nature of battles, your hero combinations might just uncover hidden potentials. Explore, strategize, and forge your path to victory in this mystical realm.

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