Heroes of Valhalla Beginners Guide and Tips

Get ready to summon at Valhalla's call!

Heroes of Valhalla a base building and tower defense game by Games Station Studio offers a lot of strategic gameplay. The game is a single-player base defense game that makes you fight off the enemies wave after wave. With each wave successfully defended you get game points which are favors from the Norse gods themselves. Favors from Gods can be used to purchase in-game money and chests. In this Heroes of Valhalla Beginners Guide, we tend to focus on bonus tips to help you become a Nordic legend.

The game inducts a very strong Norse culture, from the very beginning you are given the title of Jarl, which means The king. You are given the responsibility of raising the whole Viking village to glory. Along your journey, you get the opportunity to recruit skillful new Vikings to help defend the city walls and help you be successful in your quest to establish a healthy Civilization.

Gameplay Overview

The game has a very simple mechanism, you have to build a strong Viking army and defend the main entrance wall, which you can upgrade and make the wall as formidable as possible. The goal is to maintain shape and survive the onslaught wave after wave. You can also summon warriors from the shrine of Odin to fight alongside you in the bid to protect your village.

Introducing the Basics of Heroes of Valhalla

The game as mentioned before follows a true Norse culture and no Norse culture would be complete without invasion of foreign lands, hence this game does not disappoints and has an invading side to it as well, where you can select the city and invade the kingdoms in a bid to gather loot and plunder.

Heroes of Valhalla Beginners Guide, Heroes of Valhalla
Image via Games Station Studio

There are around 100 plus cities and kingdoms on the map where you can send your heroes to plunder and destroy the kingdoms. Once you successfully defeat an empire they will start flying your colors and will side with you. You can get various different chests and coins once you conquer the empires. The chests contain horns and other favor tokens from the gods.

Mastering your Heroes

There is a big roster of 30+ heroes to find or collect and improve. This is further divided into two different types, basic and advanced. Basic heroes have lesser stats when compared to advanced characters.

Heroes of Valhalla Beginners Guide, Heroes of Valhalla
Image via Games Station Studio

You can summon new heroes straight from the glorious halls of Valhalla by using the horns collected via quests and invading different kingdoms. There are 30 characters in the game which gives the players a good amount of variety to select their heroes from.

Surviving the deadly onslaughts is the key

The game is based on a tower defense system, hence there are 300 plus AI-controlled enemy waves which vary in the attacking pattern and number of enemies involved in each wave. Thus this makes each wave something different from the last.

Heroes of Valhalla Beginners Guide, Heroes of Valhalla
Image via Games Station Studio

To spice things up, even more, a bit in the mix, there are random bosses added to milestone waves such as at level 30 which marks 1% completion in the wave list sees Ragnar join the attack who is a basic Viking boss. In a similar fashion, many new bosses join the waves.

Heroes of Valhalla Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Heroes of Valhalla offers a lot of Viking experience on mobile even though the game is a simple tower defense and city building one, but still, there are some shortcuts to make your way straight to the halls of Valhalla. Following are the points one should keep in mind when playing Heroes of Valhalla.

1. Collect Horns to summon Heroes

In the game, Heroes of Valhalla, you get horns by completing invasion quests and getting favor points from the gods. Horns can be of two types basic and advanced.

Heroes of Valhalla Beginners Guide, Heroes of Valhalla
Image via Games Station Studio

A basic horn lets you recruit a basic Viking hero from the halls of Valhalla and an advanced horn lets you recruit a legendary Viking from the halls of Valhalla. Horns are extremely important in the game, you either get them from questlines or can be purchased from in-game stores, they allow you to keep adding new heroes to your roster.

2. Watch ads to get more rewards

Whenever you survive a wave attack, you are rewarded with a few coins and some favor points from the gods. The game, however, also gives the players an opportunity to watch videos to get 3x or 2x rewards gained from the attack. You can do this every time it appears and double or triple your rewards which would come in very handy in the later stages of the game. The points gained can be used to get favors from the gods through the declaration of war.

3. Level Up to unlock new Buildings

Heroes of Valhalla Beginners Guide, Heroes of Valhalla
Image via Games Station Studio

You can unlock new buildings for your settlement as you level up. When you will start the game you will just have three or four basic huts for settlers to live but as you will keep on increasing your level, you will get new buildings as n option to build all across the settlement, such as armory, barracks, and farm. Hence it is advisable to conserve the coins and gems for later stages of the game as they are hard to earn later.

4. Plan the outer city defenses strategically

Heroes of Valhalla Beginners Guide, Heroes of Valhalla
Image via Games Station Studio

It does not matter much when you plan your development inside the city walls, but outside the city walls, every wall and every archer outpost you construct would either pay huge dividends or endanger your settlement. Hence it is extremely important to plan your defenses right because, with each and every wave of enemies, the difficulty only keeps growing more and more.

5. Defeat enemies to get more favors from Viking Gods

Heroes of Valhalla Beginners Guide, Heroes of Valhalla
Image via Games Station Studio

Every time you survive a wave attack or kill enemies while invading foreign lands, you get favor points based on your performance. These Favor points can be used to get war chests, coins, and horns from the gods through the declaration of war tab in the game menu. The declaration refreshes every 24 hours meaning new rewards are always there to be collected every day,

Final Thoughts

The game Heroes of Valhalla even though having only two game modes offers a great Nordic experience. You can form your Viking army and take the war to your enemies on their lands or you can strengthen your defenses and protect your settlement from enemy invasions which would see you become a Viking legend. The game, however, does have some inside terms in the game which would be hard to understand for newcomers, however, we hope with this Heroes of Valhalla Beginners Guide we were able to help everyone out.

Did you find this Heroes of Valhalla beginners guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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