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Honkai: Star Rail Cocolia Boss Guide: Location, How to beat, rewards, and more

Can you beat this weekly boss?

Honkai: Star Rail just introduced Cocolia as one of its weekly bosses and she’s extremely powerful. Defeating Cocolia for the first time in the Trailblazer Quest will also enable the Main Character to Unlock the Fire element along the Preservation path. In this Honkai: Star Rail Cocolia boss guide, you will find the best combinations and strategies to defeat this chilling opponent.

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Requirements to unlock Cocolia, Mother of Deception

Players must battle the “Doomsday Beast” and “Cocolia, the Mother of Deception” bosses during the “Stars Are Cold” quest. You must also achieve Trailblaze level 25-27, you will be able to enter the Echo of War after spending 30 Trailblaze power. You can unlock the Echo of War by defeating these two bosses.

Cocolia, the Guardian of the indisputable ruler of the Towering Citadel, Belobog. She is the mother of Bronya, a 5-star playable character. Players can challenge Cocolia again up to 3 times weekly and gain rewards that are needed by various characters in the game. She is a formidable opponent with various phases with different killing blows.

Cocolia stats, damage, and debuff RES

Before diving into the combat mechanics and strategies, let us know which part the boss is extremely strong against, her overall resistance, elements, and damage mitigation.

Honkai star rail cocolia damage res, honkai star rail damage res
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Cocolia has a 60% Ice-element Resistance, along with 40% Wind-element Resistance and 20% Imaginary-element Resistance. She also has a 40% Physical-element resistance. It is not surprising for Cocolia to have such high resistance to the Ice-element because this is her main element, most of her attacks will be embodied with the Ice-element and she also summons massive Ice blocks that will explode over time. The latter elements are her secondary elements and also part of her skill set.

Honkai Star Rail Debuff RES
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Cocolia will have 100% Frozen Resistance. This means that there is no chance for you to apply freeze to the boss. Additionally, she also has a 50% Control Effect Resistance. This will reduce the chance of her getting crowd controlled by your characters. This also lessens her stun duration and she can easily come back to the battle in faster times than normal.

Honkai: Star Rail Cocolia boss location

The location of this weekly boss is found on the Jarilo-VI planet. It is under the region of Everwinter Hill, when you enter the Corridor of Fading Echo you will be led to a linear path to the edge of the map. In this area, you will find the Echo of War: End of Eternal Freeze where you can challenge the weekly boss.

Honkai Star Rail Cocolia boss location, Honkai Star Rail Cocolia boss map
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Honkai Star Rail: How to beat Cocolia

Cocolia First Phase

Destroy the Lance of Eternal Freeze, Cocolia will most likely summon Ice lances during the first phase of the battle. These lances will deal massive damage to your characters if not destroyed quickly. The best way to avoid this is to prioritize destroying the Ice lances first after focusing on the boss.

Honkai Star Rail Cocolia first phase, Honkai Star Rail boss
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These lances should be easily defeated by Quantum, Fire, and Lightning elements as they are vulnerable to these elements. The Engine of creation will also lend a helping hand in the battle. When these lances spawn, the Engine of Creation can easily destroy these lances if charged fully.

Cocolia Final Phase

Cocolia’s ultimate form will feature a powerful AoE attack. By inducing Weakness Break and removing her shield, this danger can be avoided. If not properly upgraded, characters who are attacked by this will take a lot of damage and possibly even die in the battle. This means that you should always time the Engine of Creation in the best possible scenario.

Honkai Star Rail Cocolia second phase, Honkai Star Rail Cocolia boss
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If Cocolia has summoned the Lance of Eternal Freeze or has The Creation’s Prelude attack charged, you should quickly use the Engine of Creation. This is because, if left unattended, your characters might be unable to deal with them effectively. This could also result in further casualties. If these are followed and executed properly, players will easily defeat the boss.

Cocolia Drops and Rewards

Honkai Star Rail Echoes of War, Honkai Star Rail Cocolia Boss
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As difficulty progresses toward the last level, you will earn greater rewards. This gives you a chance to obtain random relics, Lucent afterglow, 4-star light cones, credits, and the most important reward, the Guardian’s lament. Obtaining Guardian’s lament enables you to unlock the traces of your characters, this will make their passives and other abilities stronger.

Honkai Star Rail Guardian's lament
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Challenging a boss may be a tough thing to do, but the rewards you obtain will be worth it once you finish the task. This also encourages players to upgrade their character to be stronger. Cocolia is an amazing boss overall, she is a decent opponent for new players to know basic knowledge about the game’s elements and elemental resistances.

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