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Honkai: Star Rail Doomsday Beast Boss Guide: How to beat, rewards, and more

Can you stop the beast of the Antimatter Legion?!

The newly-released Gacha game, Honkai: Star Rail is not going easy on its players despite being a new game. The Doomsday Beast is one of the first strong opponents we get to face early on in our journey. It already sounds scary hearing the name of this weekly boss. This Beast is an Echo of War weekly boss part of the Antimatter Legion faction. In this Honkai: Star Rail Doomsday Beast boss guide, players will know the strengths and weaknesses of this boss and learn the best tactics and strategies to defeat it.

Requirements to unlock Doomsday Beast

In order to unlock the Doomsday Beast boss, the quest during the final parts of the “Lingering Shadows” must be completed. Afterward, players must complete the “In the Dangerous Muddy Swamp” quest, the beast will then be accessible as a weekly boss by the Echo of War weekly challenge.

Doomsday Beast stats, damage, and debuff RES

It is important to know the stats and resistance of the boss before going into combat mechanics and strategies. Players will know which part the boss is extremely strong against, overall resistance, elements, and damage mitigation.

Honkai Star Rail Doomsday Beast Damage RES
Image via Honkai: Star Rail Wiki

The Doomsday Beast has no strong Resistance in any of the Elements, but do not be complacent just yet. Despite not having any additional Elemental Resistance, the Doomsday beast has a large amount of HP. This makes the Doomsday Beast more time-consuming compared to other opponents.

Honkai Star Rail Doomsday Beast Debuff RES
Image via Honkai: Star Rail Wiki

Aside from 100% Control Effect Resistance, there is no other debuff that the Doomsday Beast is immune from. Additionally, Doomsday Beast cannot be attacked directly until the Antimatter Engine, Disaster’s Right Hand, and Dawn’s Left Hand have all been destroyed.

Honkai: Star Rail Doomsday Beast boss location

The Doomsday Beast is found on the first map, Herta Space Station. It is under the Supply zone, which is the last part of the station. Using the rightmost part of the railway platform, players can find the boss straight toward the road ahead. The boss is found when players find a passage to the left. In this area, players will find the Echo of War: Destruction’s Beginning where players can challenge the weekly boss.

Honkai Star Rail Doomsday Beast location, Honkai Star Rail Supply zone boss
Image via HoYoverse

Honkai Star Rail: How to beat Doomsday Beast

It is highly recommended to bring a Fire-element to your party when challenging the Doomsday Beast. The boss is most vulnerable to the Fire element, which makes the Fire Trailblazer a strong character against the Doomsday Beast.

Doomsday Beast First Phase

During the first phase of the battle, focus on hitting the Antimatter Engine in the middle of the Doomsday Beast. This will disable the shield regeneration of the arms. The right arm will deal AoE damage to all your characters, and the left arm will deal massive damage to one of your characters.

Honkai Star Rail Doomsday Beast first phase, Honkai Star Rail Doomsday beast
Image via HoYoverse

After destroying the Antimatter Engine in the center, It is recommended to focus on destroying the left arm first. This will reduce the chances of your party losing one member. Destroying all parts will weaken the boss and will enter the Down Phase.

Doomsday Beast Down Phase

Honkai Star Rail Doomsday Beast down phase, Honkai Star Rail Doomsday Beast boss
Image via HoYoverse

During this phase, you must use all your strongest damage-dealing abilities. The Doomsday Beast will be most vulnerable when his weakness is exposed. After reducing the health to 0%, the boss will recover for the Final Phase.

Doomsday Beast Final Phase

Honkai Star Rail Doomsday Beast Final Phase
Image via HoYoverse

The Final Phase is where the attacks of the boss become stronger and deal more damage. You should be careful of the health bars of your party and destroy his parts faster. By doing the same strategy from the first phase, players will easily kill the boss during the last phase.

Honkai: Star Rail Doomsday Beast Drops and Rewards

Honkai Star Rail Doomsday Beast challenge
Image via HoYoverse

By reaching the last difficulty level, players will earn greater rewards. This also gives players a chance to obtain random relics, Lucent afterglow, 4-star light cones, credits, and the most important reward, Destroyer’s Final Road. This material is needed when leveling the higher areas of your character traces.

Honkai Star Rail Destroyer's final road. Honkai Star Rail boss reward
Image via HoYoverse

The Doomsday Beast is an amazing boss that players get to fight early on. This boss will stay in the game for a while, considerably one of the original bosses of Honkai: Star Rail. Players are looking forward to stronger bosses in the future.

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