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Honkai Star Rail introduces an interactive map in HoYoLAB to help players locate anything they want

Maximize your rewards with the new Interactive maps!

The recently launched RPG Honkai: Star Rail has released a new interactive map that the players would be able to access via HoYoLAB to ease their Space journey. The interactive map will help the trailblazers locate points of interest on the game map.

Honkai Star Rail interactive map will allow trailblazers to strategize their approach

Honkai Star Rail was highly anticipated by the fans before the launch of the game, and the reason behind it was the interactive environment the game provided. Players can really roam around and discover the mysteries the game has spread across its maps.

These mysteries and collectibles spread across the maps could sometimes overwhelm the players due to their sheer numbers, hence to ease off this burden HoYoverse has released the interactive map via HoYoLAB to help players discover these points of interest. There are different treasures, readable items, enemies, and Fragmentum locations, located on each map of the game.

Which without guidance is very easy to miss due to the detailed design of the map. Interactive maps will definitely come of great use in these circumstances as they will pinpoint the location of such treasures and enemies on the map. Through which players will be able to better strategize their approach to the game.

Honkai Star Rail Interactive Map, Honkai Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

The interactive map will be divided into different sections to present the elements in a detailed manner. The maps will be present at the disposal of players with each offering blueprints and locations of different sections of the map. All points of interest will be clearly mentioned on the map for the players to make the best use of them. The interactive map for Honkai Star Rail can be accessed by clicking here.

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What do you think about HoYoverse releasing Honkai Star Rail Interactive Map for players? Let us know in the comments below!

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