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Honkai: Star Rail Effect Hit Rate Explained

It’s debuff time!

In Honkai Star Rail, a unique stat known as Effect Hit Rate is used by both characters and enemies in their combat. It is an important stat, especially for characters who rely on establishing status effects. In this game, you need to pay attention to your character’s stats and strategize accordingly in combat. Effect Hit Rate increases the probability of an attack to establish a status effect on a target. However, it is no simple matter. This guide covers every detail a player needs to know about Honkai Star Rail Effect Hit Rate.

What’s the Difference between CRIT Rate and Effect Hit Rate

Crit Rate is completely different than Effect Hit Rate. As discussed earlier, Effect Hit Rate is the chance of debuffing the enemies. Meanwhile, CRIT Rate increases the characters’ chances of landing a critical hit. Crit Rate is the stat every damage dealer in Honkai Star Rail needs.

Honkai Star Rail Seele
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But Effect Hit Rate is not something everyone will need. Having some hit rate is good, but focusing on the hit rate on every character will result in a loss of significant damage. Path of Nihility characters is the one usually needs effect hit rate the most as they are made for rebuffing enemies.

How Does Effect Hit Rate Work in Honkai Star Rail

The Effect Hit Rate is a stat that increases the character’s chance to debuff the enemy. Opposite to this stat is the Effect Resistance. The more effect resistance an enemy has, the harder it is to land a debuff. Having more effect hit rate than the enemy’s effect resistance will improve your chance of debuffing the enemy with an attack.

In a battle, you will have to hit an enemy with the indicated elements to break its guard. While breaking the guard, each element has a different debuff that can happen. This is true for all elements. However, there are skills that only apply debuffs to the enemy while attacking. These are done mainly by Nihility characters and are not related to the elemental debuffs. Improving these caster’s Effect Hit Rate makes their abilities more reliable against all targets.

Honkai Star Rail Himeko ultimate
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Another thing you have to keep in mind is 100% Effect Hit Rate doesn’t necessarily mean these characters will always apply a debuff to the enemy. Each and every enemy has a 20% effect RES against an element they are not weak to. For example, If your Ice character with a 100% Effect Hit rate applies debuffs to the enemies that are strong against Ice, then their debuff will not activate or work.

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Did this article help you understand the effect hit rate a bit better? Are you building any Nihility character? Let us know in the comments below!

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