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Honkai Star Rail: Follow-Up Attack Explained

Follow-up attacks are strong in this game!

Honkai Star Rail introduces a few new mechanics in the HoYoverse‘s game. Being a turn-based game, there are rooms for different turn-based systems to implement, and Honkai Star Rail has a fair few of them. Previously we have discussed the Effect of Hit Rate in the game. There are also weaknesses, guard breaks, and different effects and damage over time debuffs in this game features.

Follow-up attack is not as important as the other effects in the game as not all character is able to do this. But if built properly, a follow-up attack can actually turn the tide of a battle pretty easily. Right now, some of the main follow-up attack characters are Himeko, Clara, Herta, and March 7th. But more characters with follow-up capabilities will soon be released.

What is a Follow-Up Attack In Honkai Star Rail

A follow-up attack is a powerful additional attack that some characters in Honkai Star Rail can do. Each of these characters has its own condition for triggering a follow-up attack. For example, if your team has Himeko, she will trigger an attack automatically when you do three guard breaks.

Honkai Star Rail Himeko ultimate
Image via HoYoverse

This is the follow-up attack. Follow-up attacks cannot be stopped and don’t count as a turn. It can also happen at times in a battle as long as the character is not dead or locked by enemy ability.

Follow-Up Attacks Depend on the Condition

Some other characters for follow-up attacks are Herta and March 7th. When using Herta in your team, if an enemy HP falls to 50% or less, it triggers the character to launch a follow-up attack. Then in the case of March 7th, when an ally with a shield is hit then, March launches a counterattack which can be considered a follow-up attack. Then there is also Clara, whose main damage is from the counterattacks.

Image via HoYoverse

So we can see each character has a unique way to trigger a follow-up attack. So You need to keep in mind what kind of team composition you are using. Having a proper team comp is important to activate the follow-up attack condition.

Counterattacks Versus Follow-Up Attack

In Honkai Star Rail, counterattacks are also considered follow-up attacks. However, it is possible to distinguish them. Counterattacks happen after an enemy attack, but a follow-up attack can happen both after an enemy or an ally’s attack. So in a sense, you can call all the counterattacks a follow-up attack. But not all follow-up attacks are a counterattack.

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Were you able to use follow-up attacks? Which character was your pick? Let us know in the comments below!

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