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Honkai: Star Rail Herta Build Guide: Best Relics, Light Cone, Team Comps, and more

Build Herta to the max potential!

One of the original characters in Honkai Star Rail, Herta is featured as a 4-star Erudition Path Ice-type element character. She plays a crucial role as the overseer of the Simulated Universe and serves as the Master of the Space Station. Her responsibilities include managing various Worlds within the Simulated Universe and being a member of the Genius Society. This Honkai Star Rail Herta Build Guide aims to provide players with a comprehensive understanding of Herta’s skill set and how to optimize his build.

Herta’s Playstyle

Herta excels in the combat system of the game due to her unique playstyle that focuses on the follow-up attack mechanic. Her strength lies in her ability to freeze and shatter enemy shields, particularly effective against foes vulnerable to the Ice element. Although many players may underestimate her, she proves to be a formidable unit in AoE (Area of Effect) battles and shines when optimized with the Remembrance Path in the Simulated Universe.

Additionally, Herta makes for an excellent pairing with certain AoE characters, enhancing the overall synergy and damage output of the team. Her versatility in breaking enemy defenses and dealing damage in group battles makes her a valuable asset when used strategically.

HSR Herta Character Level-up Material

Herta needs a substantial amount of Extinguished Cores and Horns of Snow materials for leveling up. These materials are crucial for improving her stats and unlocking additional Traces in her abilities. Here’s the complete list of materials required for Herta’s character Ascension and Traces in Honkai Star Rail:

In total, here are all the Ascension Materials for Herta in Honkai: Star Rail:

  • Extinguished Core x4
  • Glimmering Core x13
  • Squirming Core x12
  • Horn of Snow x50

Herta Trace Level-up Material

In total, to upgrade all of her abilities, here are all of the Herta Trace Materials you need:

Honkai Star Rail Herta Face
Herta Honkai: Star Rail (Image via HoYoverse)
  • Destroyer’s Final Road x12
  • x12 Key of Inspiration
  • x54 Key of Knowledge
  • x105 Key of Wisdom
  • Extinguished Core x4
  • Glimmering Core x13
  • Squirming Core x12
  • 2,400,000 Credits
  • x4 Tracks of Destiny

Honkai Star Rail Herta Best Relics and Planar Ornaments

As an Ice-type character aligned with the Path of Erudition, Herta’s ideal Relic and Planar choices are quite straightforward. She benefits greatly from relics that boost her CRIT stats and Ice damage, similar to other DPS characters in the game. Her specialty lies in dealing with amplified damage to groups of enemies, as her AoE damage isn’t limited in terms of how many enemies it can hit. This makes the Hunter of Glacial Forest relic her best choice, thanks to its significant CRIT boost.

When building Herta’s character, selecting the right Main stats is crucial. Players should focus on enhancing their CRIT stats, Speed (SPD), Attack (ATK), and Energy Regeneration through relics. The goal is to maximize her effectiveness in battles by breaking enemy weaknesses and triggering Follow-up attacks multiple times. This can create synergies with other characters and maintain momentum. This Honkai Star Rail Herta Build Guide will help players find the most suitable relic sets for Herta.

Hunter of Glacial Forest

  • 2-Piece Bonus
    Increases Ice DMG by 10%.
  • 4-Set Bonus
    After the wearer unleashes their Ultimate, their CRIT DMG increases by 25% for 2 turn(s).

Musketeer of Wild Wheat

  • 2-Piece Bonus
    ATK increases by 10%.
  • 4-Piece Bonus
    The wearer’s SPD increases by 6% and Basic ATK DMG increases by 10%.

For Herta, the ideal Planar Ornament should boost her Follow-up attack damage and overall ATK stat. This is because Herta relies on her CRIT DMG from her skills and can handle that aspect well with her skillset.

Inert Salsotto

  • 2-Piece Bonus
    Increases the wearer’s CRIT Rate by 8%. When the wearer’s current CRIT Rate reaches 50% or higher, the wearer’s Ultimate and follow-up attack DMG increases by 15%.

Space Sealing Station

  • 2-Piece Bonus
    Increases the wearer’s ATK by 12%. When the wearer’s SPD reaches 120 or higher, the wearer’s ATK increases by another 12%.

Honkai Star Rail Herta Best Light Cone

When it comes to Erudition Light Cones for Herta, there are some excellent options to consider:

Honkai Star Rail The Birth of Self
Herta Honkai: Star Rail (Image via HoYoverse)

Before Dawn (Optimal 5-star Light Cone)

Jing Yuan’s signature Light Cone delivers a significant boost to Herta’s CRIT DMG, enhancing the damage of her Skills and Ultimate. Moreover, it greatly amplifies her Follow-up attack damage when the Light Cone’s passive activates. This Light Cone stands out as the best choice for Herta and other Erudition Characters due to its independent buff and straightforward damage increases.

The Birth of Self (Alternative 4-star Light Cone)

This Light Cone primarily focuses on enhancing Follow-up attack damage, offering substantial buffs based on straightforward conditions through its passive. This is particularly a strong choice for Herta, as she frequently executes Follow-up attacks, significantly boosting her overall DPS output.

Best Team Comps for Herta in Honkai Star Rail

She specializes in triggering follow-up attacks and excels at freezing and breaking enemy shields, particularly against foes weak to the Ice element. Herta’s presence in a team is essential for maintaining a continuous chain of follow-up attacks, providing sustained damage output. Her synergy with other characters who can exploit these follow-up attacks makes her a valuable asset in various combat scenarios.

Honkai Star Rail Herta
Herta Honkai: Star Rail (Image via HoYoverse)

1. Herta, Himeko, Tingyun, Luocha

This team excels against various enemies because Herta and Himeko complement each other’s abilities, triggering continuous follow-up attacks without needing a turn. Consistently breaking enemy weaknesses is crucial. Tingyun provides strong support with low SP cost while significantly boosting damage output.

2. Herta, Serval, March 7th, Asta

Herta alone may not deal substantial damage, especially for free-to-play (F2P) players. Serval serves as the main DPS to provide enough damage for follow-up attacks. March 7th pairs effectively with Herta to execute consecutive follow-up attacks. This team is particularly useful in the Simulated Universe with Remembrance or Elation buffs. Asta is here to keep the high speed of the team and provide some ATK buffs.

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