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Honkai Star Rail: Simulated Universe Location, Blessings, Curio, and more

Uncover the existence of the Simulated Universe!

There are some important things you should be aware of beforehand if you’re interested in taking on the challenge in the Honkai Star Rail: Simulated Universe. While the challenge can be accessed soon after completing the tutorial, it’s not an easy journey along the way. It’s important to prepare rather than rush into it. Understanding how Blessings, Curios, World Levels, Character Downloads, and Cosmic Fragments function is essential to succeed in the Simulated Universe. Although this may seem like a lot of information, don’t worry, as we’ll explain everything that players need to know in detail. In this Simulated Universe guide, HSR players will know the most important information when challenging the Simulated Universe.

What is the Simulated Universe

The Simulated Universe is a challenging combat mode. It features a randomized maze that lets the players choose the type of domain they want to enter. This means that the layout, enemies, and rewards will change each time a player enters it. The Simulated Universe has six primary levels, known as Worlds, and each World contains numerous floors or stages. Each world will also feature an exclusive World Boss. The difficulty progressively increases as players clear more Worlds.

Lore-wise, Players will uncover the existence of the Simulated Universe. It is a massive device that was invented by Herta, the leader of the Herta Space Station. This machine can create virtual universes by collecting and processing data.

Honkai Star Rail: Simulated Universe Location

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe Location game image scaled
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The Simulated Universe is found in the first area of the game. The Herta Space Station, under the Master Control Zone inside Herta’s Office. The Simulated Universe can be unlocked after players complete the ‘Universe in a Nutshell’ quest.

Honkai Star Rail: Challenge the Simulated Universe

After entering a Simulated Universe World, players can select up to 4 members of the party via the ‘Download Character’. Players should keep in mind that the enemies will have various elements and elemental resistances so they should always use the characters that will be strong for that specific world. It is always recommended to bring a defensive character that can deal with the damage and can heal the whole party during the battle.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe Challenge
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During the first stage, players will get to choose about a random blessing, a curio, and cosmic fragments along the way. Make sure to always read the description of each buff and choose the best option for your party members. While inside the Simulated Universe, you’ll need to defeat all enemies in your path. It’s essential to interact with any special objects or characters as they can give players additional buffs.

Once players have defeated all enemies in the area, players can access a portal that leads to the Resting Area. In this location, players have the opportunity to purchase Curios using the Cosmic Fragments that players have collected. After that, players be transported to the next floor. Keep in mind that players may encounter a Random Event instead of a typical combat challenge, such as an item shop opening or gaining extra buffs. We have detailed guides on how to beat World 4, World 5, and World 6 if you need a little help!

Simulated Universe: Blessings, Cosmic Fragments, and Curio

Along the way, players will gain random rewards and buff when progressing to a certain Simulated Universe World. These are known as the following:

Honkai Star Rail blessings
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After each successful combat, players will get to choose a blessing based on the strength of the defeated enemies. This is random and mostly specific for each Path chosen. The blessing will give the whole party a huge buff and may vary from 1-star to 3-star rarity. After obtaining a certain amount of a specific Path blessing, players may gain a skill called Path Resonance. This can greatly help the party during the challenge in the Simulated Universe World.

Cosmic Fragments

The Cosmic Fragments is the currency type for the Simulated Universe World. These fragments can be used to obtain blessings as well as upgrade them to a greater rarity. It can also be used to reset the choices of blessing during each battle once. This fragment is also needed for the reviver to bring back a defeated party member. A special Curio that will base on this currency can also give buffs to the party based on how many Cosmic Fragments a player has.


Curio is a special type of buff that can be only obtained through greater challenges. This can also be bought with Cosmic Fragments during random instances. This can also be granted during other domains that will give random conditions and challenges.

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