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Honkai Star Rail: How to Increase Equilibrium Level

Defy the limits and keep on unlocking new equilibrium levels!

Honkai Star Rail has been topping the charts since the release and part of it has to do with the in-depth features that the game offers. There are many interactive features in the game that players can make use of in a bid to increase the rewards they get. One such feature is the Equilibrium level, which basically defines what is the level of the immediate environment in the game. Enemies and other challenges get leveled up according to the Equilibrium level in the game. In this Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium guide, we will try and state the importance and details of these levels.

The Equilibrium Level is simply your World Level. When players upgrade Equilibrium the level of general difficulty increases but with that the level of rewards also goes up. There are 6 equilibrium levels in the game for players to explore and level up. Each requires a specific trailblaze level and an equilibrium-specific trial mission to be completed. With each level up the general difficulty of the game increases but also does the rewards, so in the end, it is worth the hustle.

How to achieve Level 1 Equilibrium level in Honkai Star Rail

As explained above there are 6 Equilibrium levels in the game. Level 1 is the easiest one of them as the difficulty keeps on increasing as the players progress further. To get Level 1 Equilibrium level players have to make sure that they are doing the following steps-

1. Upgrade to level 20 in the game

Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium, Honkai Star Rail
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There are certain levels after which the further equilibrium levels can be unlocked. For level 1 it is level 20 hence players should make sure that they are at level 20 to complete the equilibrium mission in the game. As soon as they will be at the required level, the trial of the equilibrium level will be unlocked for players to upgrade their character to further levels.

2. Complete Trial missions to unlock ascension materials

Trial missions are pretty similar as well with certain additions to each level in terms of difficulty and new types of enemies. With each trial mission completed, players will unlock new ascension materials required for progressing to further levels. Players will be required to collect these ascension materials as they are essential to upgrading the character and entering further equilibrium levels.

How to achieve Level 2 equilibrium level in Honkai Star Rail

The steps for achieving level 2 equilibrium are very similar to level 1 as well. Players can achieve level 2 in Honkai Star Rail by following the below-stated steps-

1. Upgrade to level 30 in the game

To make sure that the equilibrium mission is available players should level up their character to trailblaze level 20. Once the level is reached, the mission would be accessible via the adventure section of the missions list. The mission would be similar to the trial of equilibrium for level 1 with additions in terms of difficulty and new enemies.

Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium, Honkai Star Rail
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2. Complete Trial missions to unlock ascension materials

The overall format is similar to the level 1 equilibrium level however, with level 2 Stagnant Shadow events would be introduced in the game for players to complete in a bid to get their hands on the ascension materials. Once the trial of equilibrium for level 2 would be done, these quest lines will be available for players to complete and get their hands on the upgrading materials.

As part of level 2 equilibrium players will also unlock the material synthesis tab, where they will be able to forge equipment and materials of even higher quality through the synthesis of materials. As players will progress further in the equilibrium level more new features of the game will keep on getting unlocked.

How to increase above Equilibrium level 3 in Honkai Star Rail

There are Six Equilibrium levels in the game, Honkai Star Rail which players can target and progress further with their character in the game. Each Equilibrium level in the game helps the players to raise not only the difficulty level in the game but also affects the upscaling of the enemy.

Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium, Honkai Star Rail
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With a higher equilibrium level in the game, players are bound to come across higher-tier enemies in the game. Following are the steps one should follow to increase the equilibrium levels in the game.

1. Upgrade your equilibrium level to unlock the trial of equilibrium missions

Increasing the equilibrium levels in Honkai Star Rail is a fairly easy process, However, players should make sure that they qualify for the Equilibrium level quests. In Honkai Star Rail, there are certain trailblaze levels for which players should be qualified to increase the equilibrium level.

Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium, Honkai Star Rail
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Once they reach the minimum trailblaze level, they can compete for the final trial of the equilibrium quest in a bid to increase the equilibrium level. Following are the trailblaze level needed for each trial of equilibrium missions-

  • Trial of the Equilibrium 1: Trailblazer level 20
  • Trial of the Equilibrium 2: Trailblazer level 30
  • Trial of the Equilibrium 3: Trailblazer level 40
  • Trial of the Equilibrium 4: Trailblazer level 50
  • Trial of the Equilibrium 5: Trailblazer level 60
  • Trial of the Equilibrium 6: Trailblazer level 65

2. Complete the trials of equilibrium to unlock a higher equilibrium level

Once the trailblaze levels in the game have been reached, be sure to access the trial of equilibrium missions for those respective levels in the game. Trial missions generally reflect under the adventure missions tab accessible via the phone menu. These missions are basically similar for each level the difference is the difficulty level and types of enemies. To complete each trail mission players are required to defeat all the enemies in that specific level.

Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium, Honkai Star Rail
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The enemies you will face in these levels will test the strength of your character to the core, hence it will be advised to prepare yourself well before undertaking these missions. If not able to complete it on the first try, no reason to worry the missions will still be available. Players can upgrade their character to a further level and then try again to complete the mission.

3. Upgrade the character to further levels once the trial of the equilibrium mission is done

Equilibrium limits are the caps that prevent players from progressing on to the further levels once the trial for that level is done, now that cap is removed. After you beat a Trial of Equilibrium, the level cap will increase by ten. You can then Ascend your characters to the matching level cap if you have the appropriate Ascension materials. The steps are pretty standard for other equilibrium levels as well, hence the same steps should be repeated for progressing to higher levels.

Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium, Honkai Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

Ascension materials are required to ascend the character once the equilibrium level has been unlocked. There are several ways through which players in the game can farm for these resources and make use of the equilibrium level. Players should also keep in mind that after unlocking the equilibrium level the general difficulty increases in the game, meaning harder enemies to face in the game. Hence sometimes collecting these materials before unlocking equilibrium could be a smart move for some.

Final Thoughts

That was everything from our side in our Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium guide. The game has a very detailed yet similar progression pattern for each level of equilibrium level. Players can make their Honkai world more challenging by leveling up with the ascension materials. We hope that with this article being concluded we were able to help out fellow fans of the game in understanding how the progression system works of equilibrium level works in Honkai Star Rail.

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What do you think about our Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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