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Honkai: Star Rail Planar Fissure Event Guide and Tips

Farm double the amount of these important equipments!

Honkai: Star Rail has introduced an exciting new event for players to engage with while they continue their journey in the game, focusing on character progression, equipment enhancement, and exploration. Version 1.1 has unveiled the highly anticipated Honkai: Star Rail Planar Fissure event, offering players the opportunity to collect double the amount of Planar Ornaments when claiming Immersion rewards. Planar Ornaments hold significant importance as they provide essential parts and sets for all characters in the game.

With this event, equipping characters with the right stats and effects from these ornaments can greatly enhance their abilities and performance in battles. The element damage bonus main stat can only be found in the Rope part of the Planar Ornaments, this is a crucial stat for most characters in the game. With this Honkai: Star Rail Planar Fissure Event Guide and Tips, players will know how to do the Planar Fissure Event and have a brief knowledge of the overall content of the event.

Honkai Star Rail Planar Fissure event
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Honkai Star Rail Planar Fissure Event requirements, location, and dates

The event can be accessed through the Herta Space Station under the Master Control Zone inside Herta’s Office. It is directly connected to the Simulated Universe, players can access the Planar Fissure event by unlocking World 3. Once unlocked, players can start collecting double rewards from the Planar Fissure.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe Location game image scaled
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During the Honkai Star Rail Planar Fissure Event, players will have the opportunity to participate in daily challenges to claim a limited amount of Planar Ornaments for double the rewards. Players can earn rewards from 2023/09/15 04:00 – 2023/09/22 03:59(server time). With a duration of 5 days, players should maximize their Trailblaze Power and spend most of it by claiming all the available rewards to be obtained in the event.

How to do the Planar Fissure Event in Honkai: Star Rail

During the Planar Fissure event in the Simulated Universe, players can collect double the Planar Ornaments obtained from Immersion Rewards by utilizing Trailblaze Power or Immersifiers. They must progress through each level, defeat Bosses and Elite opponents, and claim double rewards for each victory.

The gameplay mechanics remain unchanged, requiring players to challenge Elite Bosses to qualify for rewards. By successfully defeating these enemies, players can earn double the Planar Ornaments throughout the event. It is important to note that there is a daily limit for claiming bonus rewards from the Planar Fissure event.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe: Complete list of Rewards from World 1 to World 6
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The event tab will display the number of times you have already claimed these bonus rewards. If your Equilibrium Level is high and your characters’ levels and Traces are already maxed out, it is recommended to join the Planar Fissure event.

Planar Ornaments for Every World in Simulated Universe

The Simulated Universe offers different types of Planar Ornaments that vary for every character to equip. It also offers different types of stats and it is important for players to know the best sets and World Level to farm during the Planar Fissure event.

WorldPlanar OrnamentPlanar Ornament
World 3Space Sealing StationFleet of the Ageless
World 4Talia: Kingdom of BanditrySprightly Vonwacq
World 5Pan-Galactic Commercial EnterpriseCelestial Differentiator
World 6Belobog of the ArchitectsInert Salsotto
World 7Rutilant ArenaBroken Keel

Which world provides the most value to farm during the Planar Fissure event

The answer to this question varies between players, whether they need to build a specific comp or character and make it shine to its utmost limits by completing its overall set effect and stats. However, there are worlds that will provide the most value compared to others that players should consider when doing the Planar Fissure Event.

World 3 and World 6 seem to offer the most value since both Planar Ornament sets can be used by a lot of characters and would lessen the waste when farming these Worlds. World 3 offers some of the most universal set effects that multiple characters can use. The World 4 offers niche set effects but will provide very good enhancement for characters that can easily maximize these sets.

The World 5 offers a set for a debuffer and a DPS which can also be a decent world to farm. The World 6 offers a defensive set that is highly universal for most Preservation Path characters and the other set is a very good choice for most AoE type and follow-up attack characters. These worlds also feature different formidable bosses and our articles about World 4, World 5, World 6 will greatly help you in challenging these worlds and doing the event flawlessly.

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