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Honkai Star Rail: The Adventurous Moles Guide and Tips

Solve the puzzles and claim the treasure!

Honkai Star Rail has been a great hit among the RPG fans and part of it has to do with the level designing and interactive side missions which are added by HoYoverse to keep players engaged apart from the storyline. One such mission is the Adventurous Moles mission which has many rewards and secrets to offer. Here in this, Honkai Star Rail Adventurous Moles guide we will try and help the players to navigate through this quest.

How to unlock the Adventurous Moles in Honkai Star Rail

As mentioned earlier, the Adventurous Moles are available under the tab of Adventure Missions in the game and are available once the players have reached Trailblaze Level 24 or above. The quest is available once players have finished Hook’s 2nd companion quest, Hook’s Treasure, and the 2nd half of the Jarilo-VI main story missions. Once these pre-requisites are completed by the players they can pick up the quest from Julian located in Jarilo-VI, Boulder Town.

Tips on collecting all the rewards present in Adventurous Moles

After completing the quest ourselves, the following are the tips we would like to give for collecting all the possible rewards in the Adventurous Moles.

1. Look for hidden pages in the Great Mine

Once the quest will start the first step for the players to take would be to look for the hidden pages located in the Great Mine. Once at the mines, go to the area marked by a yellow circle to begin your search. The quickest way is to teleport to the Overlook Space Anchor and go up the ramp. Once there players can easily find the hidden page lying at the top of a barrel nearby.

Honkai Star Rail Adventurous Moles, Honkai Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

2. Pickup the Miner’s lamp and place it at the correct spot based on the clues

Once step 1 is complete players will get their hands on the page called the Missing Miner’s Lamp, which would highlight the next based steps in the Great Mine for the player’s mine. Making their way to the marked spot players would find a lamp sitting in the spot. This is the lamp which is misplaced and has to be put in the right spot.

Honkai Star Rail Adventurous Moles, Honkai Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

There will be 3 lamps sitting on a pipeline adjacent to the lamp picked up. Players will find a gap between the lamps, hence would place the lamp in the spot. Once the lamp is fit in the position, the Bountiful Treasure chest would appear on the surface which then the players would be able to claim for themselves.

3. Restore the scene based on clues in the storybook to unlock the Blackwater treasure

Once players have collected the treasure stated in points 1 and 2, they should return to Julian in Boulder Town and discuss their findings. He will ask you to find the last 3 pages of the Adventurous Moles. Now the first of these 3 pages can be found near the Blackwater Pass.

Players can use the teleport to reach blackwater pass and once there can track the hidden page via the hints lying on a bench in the open. This would be the first piece of the puzzle and will lead players toward completion of the quest.

Honkai Star Rail Adventurous Moles, Honkai Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

Once collected the hints would lead players towards some tables and chairs which are placed mismatched in the open. The puzzle would be to re-arrange the chairs which are kept on the table in the correct manner. Players will have to lay the choirs lat on the ground adjacent to the table to complete that part of the quest.

4. Place the crates in the same way on the shelves in Rivet Town

The second last phase of the quest would come the player’s way in the Rivet Town, where they will have to navigate with the help of the clues and re-arrange the boxes on the shelves. Look for the clue and treasure at the Abandoned Market in the northeast corner of the map. The task would be easy and that would be to pick up the box on the first shelf placed in the top and place it on the second shelf on the middle shelf.

Honkai Star Rail Adventurous Moles, Honkai Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

After doing this the puzzle would be completed and the players would be able to get their hands on the Bountiful treasure the quest has to offer.

5. Return the scattered weapon to where they belong in Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone

The last phase of the quest would come with the placement of the scattered weapon in the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone. This might be the easiest one yet, players just have to navigate through all the weapon racks and place back any gun which might be misplaced. The misplaced guns if any from the racks will be found lying just next to them, hence players don’t even have to search for them that long.

Honkai Star Rail Adventurous Moles, Honkai Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

Once every gun misplaced from the racks is placed back the chest would appear for the players to loot. This would mark the end of the quest. Players can go back to Nika in the Administrative District. She will compile and publish the book, completing the adventure mission, the Adventurous Moles.

Final Thoughts

The game, Honkai Star Rail has a lot of diverse missions there to be explored by players, The Adventure Moles is a great addition to the list. It allows the players to not only solve puzzles spread across the map but also get fittingly rewarded for their efforts. We hope that with this Honkai Star Rail Adventurous Moles guide, we were able to ease up the whole process for new players in the game.

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What do you think about our Honkai Star Rail Adventurous Moles Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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