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How to contact PUBG Mobile Customer Support

PUBG Mobile delivers an intense free-to-play multiplayer action with a battle royale format on mobile. Drop-in, gear up, and compete. Players are dropped into a vast, open area, and that they must fight to the death – all while the battlefield shrinks, adding pressure to all or any in its grip. Use a spread of interesting weapons and vehicles amid the battlegrounds. But while playing any game you might face a ton of problems which may include various bugs and glitches in the game, such as Event Issues, Missing Items, Payment issues, etc. which you would like to report or you may want to seek help from the Support. PUBG Mobile also has Customer Support from where you can report any problem or seek any kind of help regarding the game. In this article, we are going to guide you through ways to contact Customer Support.

Ways to contact Customer Support

There are 3 ways you can contact Customer Support of PUBG Mobile. Let’s look into them one by one.

1. PUBG Corp. Support Website

PUBG Mobile customer support
PUBG Corp. Customer Support page
  • Visit the official PUBG Corp. Support website.
  • Enter your Email Address.
  • Enter your PUBG Mobile Nickname.
  • Select Platform from the drop-down list i.e., Android or iOS.
  • Select Issues from the drop-down list i.e., Account Management, Installing & Launching, Purchases & Refunds, Reports & Banned, Gameplay or Events & etc.
  • Describe your problem in short.
  • Attach files related to your problem i.e. screenshot of your problem. (This is an optional step but always try to put a screenshot if possible as this will help the PUBG Corp. to understand and solve your problem more quickly)
  • Click on Submit. This will successfully submit your issue with the PUBG Mobile Customer Support.

After successful submission, the support team will respond to your concerns and queries at the earliest through the submitted Email Address.

Note: PUBG Mobile Support through Website only handles Customer Service inquiries of players that downloaded their game from stores in South Korea and Japan (available only in Korean and Japanese).

2. In-Game Customer Service

  • Go to the Settings of your PUBG Mobile Account.
  • Under the Basic section, click on the Customer Service, present at the bottom left corner beside the Log out button.
PUBG Mobile customer support in settings
Go to Customer Support from in-game settings
  • Select the topic of your issue from the list.
Choose your issue
  • From the sub topics list, select your particular issue. It will show an article of how to solve your issue.
  • If you unable to find your issue from the provided general problems, then you can click on the chat button present on the top right corner which will redirect you to a live chat with the PUBG Mobile Corp.
You can chat with PUBG Mobile executives directly
  • Elaborately explain your issue and the PUBG Mobile Customer Support executive is there to solve your problem.

3. Official Customer Support Email Address

  • You can Email your query to the PUBG Mobile Customer Support team on The support team will respond to your concerns and queries at the earliest.

Did you find this guide useful? If you are still facing any kind of problem regarding contact with the PUBG Mobile Customer Support then feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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Mr zain

i am purchasing prime plus .but prime plus is not active in my account.
but my amount is remove in my account

Syed Faheem Agha

I messaged to all pubg team they don’t reply to me help me sir plzz

Syed Faheem Agha

sir my id was hijacked plz help me through instagram ad i had 6000+uc its all lost it show that your id has log into newer version and cannot log into older version plz help me sir

AJK baba

Hello Teheeht team My account has been banned forlo year due to violation of rules l did not violation any rule so please unban my account l am PUBG player of SEASON 10 and i am very fairly playing this ganne so please help me and UNBAN My accout 😢😢 Thank you team pubg


Hello helpline i have been facing an issue regarding my account as i mistakenly link two of my accounts to a single gmail account now am unable to open my accounts please link only this acc to my this gmail from which i am reporting my issue Plz link this account 5323978487 name of the game is virus Bravo


i don’t used hacks but my account got banned! Please fix this issue 😟


Is it pubg mobile will bring back babe??


Did someone knows if the mummy outfit will be back on pubg mobile?


hello tencent why could we filipinos couldnt recharge using mobile load?

Dorji Wangchuk

Hi sir my account has been scammed will you help me to get back please i really need my account back


Hello good morning 🙏I really needed help my account has been ban for 3 day, first when I open pubg for almost after 6,7hours Its says I m ban for 1 day so then I wait and when Its time about to unban again I open its says 3 days ban so I facing this kind of problem I do have 2 link on pubg fB and gmail both link I do have I change password every 2,3 days and I am nothing doing any violence against its … please let me know 🙏

Last edited 2 years ago by OMNIFAULT
Tousif Hasan Biswas

Are you sure you dont have any malicious app running in the background?

Muhammad riyan

My account data has migrated to BGMI version how to transfer my data account to PUBG mobile again


Sir I lost my Gmail account and my game account linked with Gmail someone using my account without my permission so plz help me what can I do and how to remove our gmail plz help


Sir my id is not logged

Thinley Yoezer

There is many hacker in pubg mobile lite.

anthony adkins

why is pubg trying to hit my bank account over and over i have never heard of you before and how do i contact customer service ?can any one help me

Mark Official

Every since PUBG company or team, did the new update on PUBG Xbox, my game can not work! It says Error could not connect. PUBG Company or Team Fix up that issue now before I expose you to the whole world of what a bad game and experience too have if anyone buys the game, it’s already bad and glitchy as it is with bad quality picture and now after the update the game doesn’t even work anymore, I have High Speed Internet and I pay monthly for the live Card to be playing online with others, all other games… Read more »


Halllo Sir
I change by mistake my server Europe to meddl East want change meddl East to Europe please


Why did you charge me $82 for $50 uc pack ?


My game crashing problem and tuch problem not Smoothly play in 2.1 update


Hello everyone
i have a problem with pubg lite white screen
i don’t know how to fix this
please show me a way to fix

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