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How to unlock Falcon in PUBG Mobile Lite

After the arrival in PUBG Mobile, Flacon companion has finally arrived in PUBG Mobile lite. But just like the PUBG Mobile, Falcon can only be unlocked by an event only. And it may come with a high price unless you are lucky. So today in this article we’ll discuss how you can get Falcon companion in PUBG Mobile Lite.

The event is the only way to unlock Falcon in PUBG Mobile Lite

The lucky draw comes with various options like Falcon, Soaring Eagle Set, food for Falcon, Silver etc. And in this lucky draw, if you want to try your luck you need to use BC. One draw will cost 30 BC. However, the first draw of the day will cost on 10%

If you are really looking forward to getting Falcon by spending BC, we’ll suggest you to draw 10 times at a time. That may increase the chance a bit. The odds of getting the items are,

  • Legendary item: 0.5%
  • Epic item: 23.5%
  • Rare item: 760%

In this lucky draw, the Soaring Eagle Set is the only Legendary item. Falcon companion is an epic item. So drawing 10 times at a time will almost give you the falcon unless you are having terrible luck. And please note, the event will last until June 10, 2020. After June 10, you will not get any chance to unlock Falcon unless PUBG Mobile Lite brings the event back.

How to unlock Falcon in PUBG Mobile Lite for free

Sadly, there are no ways to unlock Falcon for free at this moment. But who knows, maybe in the future we may see some ways to get Falcon for free. However, at this moment, if you want to get falcon, you have to spend BC.

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