Clash Royale tips and tricks: How to use Elixir Golem effectively

The new Clash Royale‘s card, the Elixir Golem, is finally unlockable into a special draft challenge! While people are experimenting with the card, today we’re going to talk about how it works and how to use it at its best! Let’s jump into it!

elixir golem, clash royale new card
The new beast in Clash Royale

What is the Elixir Golem?

The Elixir Golem is a 3 elixir tank who splits into two Elixir Golomites when destroyed, who split in two Elixir Blobs when defeated. The interesting thing is that, when these four Blobs get killed, they give the opponent 1 elixir each! Which means that using the Elixir Golem makes you spend 7 elixirs in total. The only thing is that you use 3 at the start while giving the other 4 at death.

Does that mean that using the Elixir Golem is always a negative elixir trade? The answer is: absolutely not! The Elixir Golem has stats worth the whole 7 elixirs that you spend in total. Let’s take a look at them:

elixir golem stats
Every stat is at Tournament Level Standard.

When do I use the Elixir Golem?

So, considering this new mechanic, you can already understand that this is not a card you can use as every other tank. You probably don’t want to start it from the back, and you don’t really want to use it in single elixir. In both of these cases, you’ll end up making very bad elixir trades! That’s because every time you attack the opponent will have a really big counter-push. They can defend with a few troops, use them in a counter-attack and then use the extra 4 elixirs to support them! Or to even put a tank in front.

elixir golem gameplay

So, when is the best moment to use him? Well, it’s usually pretty situational. There isn’t any big successful deck who runs him yet, but it usually depends on the archetype you’re using. Knowing how much elixir your opponent has, also helps in finding the right moment. When using this card is really important to recognise if the opponent has over-committed or not. Remember that you’re using a 7 elixir card who can be deployed for just 3 elixirs!

What are the best archetypes for this new beast?

A card like this won’t work in every single archetype of the game, even if it was over-buffed. To use him effectively, we have to recognise in which decks he would shine the most. Let’s take a look at the one are most likely going to include him the most:

1. Balloon Cycle

these decks usually work very well in a tank in front of the Balloon. Ice Golem is usually used to serve this purpose, but recently we also find a lot of Valkyries as well. On the reasons why Giant + Balloon or Golem + Balloon aren’t so prevalent, it’s because of their really high elixir cost. With the Elixir Golem, you can have a full Golem tanking for the Balloon with a very cheap elixir investment!

2. Graveyard Control

The graveyard is also a win condition which relies on having a card tanking for it. This makes the Elixir Golem a really good option as well! Again, if you learn when to use him, you’ll never make bad trades. If the opponent is able to get a huge counter-push and end up taking your tower, then you’ll have a really hard time trying to get the second tower with the Graveyard!

3. Three Musketeers

Many people think that the Three Musketeers are going to have a return with the introduction of this new card! The Elixir Golem is really good in split lane pushes, especially in the end-game. Putting this very cheap tank in front can make you win games so easily!

This is it for this first Elixir Golem guide! This card is going to be really interesting and we can’t wait for it actually see it in action after everyone unlocks it!

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