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Immortal Awakening Beginners Guide and Tips

Slay the boss from Nightmare!

Immortal Awakening is a brand new title from Neocraft Limited that aims to bring a Diablo-like experience to mobile devices compounded with a unique skill set and different character classes. Immortal Awakening offers four different characters each having their own vast customization options and unique powerups. The game offers a lot of options when it comes to the functioning of the game, but fear not, this Immortal Awakening Beginners Guide is here to help you out.

Immortal Awakening offers an MMORPG genre gameplay where you control your character and explore your homeland which is plagued with The Immortal War, between Deities and Demons. The whole story revolves around the player forming an alliance with different players of the game and charging an assault on the enemies to save the world from the Grand Collapse.

Gameplay Overview

The Immortal Awakening Offers a Diablo-like experience because the in-game mechanics are extremely similar to what Diablo offers, the powerups, the attacks, the button arrangement, and even the camera angles are extremely similar to what the classic hit Diablo offers.

Immortal Awakening Beginners Guide, Immortal Awakening Beginners
Image via Neocraft Limited

Hence if there are players who loved Diablo and are looking for a more Diablo-like gaming experience then Immortal Awakening might just be the game they are looking for.

Introducing the in-game Characters

Immortal Awakening offers 4four characters to choose from, namely, The barbarian, Mage, Demon Hunter, and Necromancer. In this Immortal Awakening Beginners Guide, we will aim to provide you with a basic introduction to these characters.

1. Barbarian

Immortal Awakening Beginners Guide, Immortal Awakening Beginners
Image via Neocraft Limited

The Barbarian is an all-out warrior, which specializes in hand-to-hand combat. Hence it is necessary to be in close proximity to the enemies, now while this does help to land powerful blows but it also exposes the character to various other enemy strikes.

2. Mage

Immortal Awakening Beginners Guide, Immortal Awakening Beginners
Image via Neocraft Limited

Mage offers powerful magical spells which could prove to be devastating against enemies, Mage uses projectile attacks, hence it is not necessary to be in close proximity of the enemies while attacking them, this gives an advantage to the player because they don’t take immediate damage from the enemies.

3. Demon Hunter

Immortal Awakening Beginners Guide, Immortal Awakening Beginners
Image via Neocraft Limited

Demon Hunter just like Mage offers ranged attacks, her attacks come from her powerful bow, which has magical attacks when compared it can be said that The demon hunter is better than Mage because of the mobility and damage per second. The controls of the character are a little complex for newcomers in the game, however, with enough practice, they can be easily mastered as well.

4. Necromancer

Immortal Awakening Beginners Guide, Immortal Awakening Beginners
Image via Neocraft Limited

Necromancer basically relies on his black magic which can be used to summon the undead companions who assist the Necromancer in defeating the enemy. The character is easy to use and the minions he casts provide a lot of support to the players.

Utilizing the in-game Character Customisation

The game Immortal Awakening has a lot of customization options, whether it is the armor sets available or the skins for the four character classes available in the game. Each character in the game namely, Barbarian, Mage, Demon Hunter, and Necromancer have almost six to seven different skin options available each, however, most of the skins present in the game have to be unlocked via BR points you accumulate in the game.

Image via Neocraft Limited

The armor sets you equip in the game do not change your in-game character’s appearance. The appearance stays according to the skin you choose for your character. The armors while having different levels lack variety, there are up to six to seven armor sets max present for each character which can be leveled up according to your progress in the game. Your in-game inventory offers you to hone your skills and forge better equipment for the battles ahead.

Introducing the Basics of Immortal Awakening

Mounts and Companions

Immortal Awakening offers travel companions that can be unlocked via missions or using redeem codes, for redeem codes be sure to check out our article. Mounts offer a companion on your travels, there are several mounts present in the game with different statistics and skins.

Immortal Awakening Beginners Guide, Immortal Awakening Beginners
Image via Neocraft Limited

The best advantage of mounts is the reduction in the traveling time from one point to the other. Mounts can also attack enemies depending on their attacking stats their attack can be deadly, and they also offer stats bonuses to the player’s abilities, depending on the percentage bonus available, it can really complement and boost the attacking and defensive stats of the player.

Choosing the correct Pets

You also get the option to have a pet as a war companion in the game, pets in the game offer varying different stats which can be further upgraded through nurturing the pets. Pets are divided into Five categories, R, SR, SSR, UR, and then the ultimate SP. As you keep on progressing into the story, more pets would start to come your way.

Immortal Awakening Beginners Guide, Immortal Awakening Beginners
Image via Neocraft Limited

You would have to catch them in order to have them in your options to equip them. Your pets can have devastating effects and stats them depending on their level in the game. Hence it is always a wise decision to have some pets with you while you are on your quests.

Combine different Rank-up materials to increase the BR bonus

Rank-up materials are potions and shards available from in-game shops or questlines which can be used on your character to promote your character to a whole new level in the game, for example, Barbarian at level 1 is an apprentice warrior at level 2 is a skilled warrior, and so on, you can keep on increasing the character level for better stats and better equipment. As you keep on increasing the level of your character the BR bonus you receive would also increase.

Forging Weapons to slice your enemies

With the help of crafting material and coins, you can forge stronger weapons and armor to compete well with your enemies in the game. Forge allows you to craft new weapons as well, you can place shards that are available to be collected through in-game events and quests in the weapon slots and give your equipment a mythic touch as well.

Immortal Awakening Beginners Guide, Immortal Awakening Beginners
Image via Neocraft Limited

There is an option of auto-enhance as well in the game, which allows you to automatically enhance your equipment once sufficient materials are present to make that upgrade.

Utilizing the Rune System

You can access the Rune system through the in-game character menu, in Immortal Awakening gems play a huge part whether it is to upgrade your gear or to trade for better rewards. However, accumulating these gems is not an easy task. It takes the completion of several missions in order to even collect five to six gems.

The rune system, however, allows the players to craft gems, crafting of gems is done by accumulating Runes which are ancient tablets that can be used to craft in-game gems. The Rune system, however, is unlocked at level 160 in the game, hence you will have to progress further in the game to unlock this feature

Immortal Awakening Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Immortal Awakening offers a lot of options, while being simple in the beginning it could overwhelm new players, hence this Immortal Awakening Beginners Guide aims to provide clear-cut tips and tricks to help the players get the best out of the game in the early stages. After investing multiple hours in the game we have listed the following tips and tricks to help out our readers in mastering the game.

1. Use the Pathfinding option to navigate through the storyline

Immortal Awakening offers an engaging storyline where missions are initiated by interacting with different NPCs scattered all across the map. There is not a very detailed HUD present in the game, which can make it a little bit hard to find your way and progress into the game further.

However, if you click on the top left part of the screen where your mission objectives are shown then the game actually controls your character and leads you to where the objective actually is. This can come in very handy, especially where there are no clear instructions regarding the game is present.

2. Use the AFK option to let AI fight the enemies instead of yourself

AFK, away from the keyboard option lets you give the attacking controls to the AI completely, the game will itself fight off the enemies around you and help you progress further without any fuss. This however only controls the attacking pattern and does not affect the defensibility of the character, meaning your character won’t block or dodge any on-coming attacks and can lead to you losing a lot of HP.

Image via Neocraft Limited

Hence you should decide when to use the AFK option and when to not. One great strategy is to spot high-tier loot areas on the map and then go there while turning the AFK option on. This would give you a lot of loot with minimum effort.

3. Join guilds within the game to collect high-tier rewards

Lone wolves die young. Be sure to join guilds to get more players to assist in your quests and get rewards by topping the scoreboards in the community guilds. The guilds offer more bonuses and rewards by sending and collecting daily items to your friends in the community. This can give the players access to many new items and crafting materials that are not present elsewhere.

4. Keep upgrading your skills and arsenal of weapons

Immortal Awakening Beginners Guide, Immortal Awakening Beginners
Image via Neocraft Limited

Each time you level up and further you progress into the story, the enemies you come across will be tougher than before. Hence it is necessary to make sure that you keep your skills and weapons fully upgraded, it would come in really handy while fighting the enemies later on.

5. Keep an eye out for Loot

Immortal Awakening Beginners Guide, Immortal Awakening Beginners
Image via Neocraft Limited

Usually, when you defeat an enemy, they drop loot, and the level of loot increases progressively as you play the game. Sometimes there are legendary items dropped as the loot that you won’t want to miss out on. Hence it is extremely important and useful advice to keep a tab on the loot which is being dropped by the enemies.

Final Thoughts

The game, Immortal Awakening offers a great adventurous experience for players, it offers variety when it comes to powerups and skill sets. The game has a few bugs when it comes to using the attack and dodge buttons however the game was just recently released and would definitely improve as the newer updates would come. There are a lot of in-game options available the game, however, with this Immortal Awakening Beginners Guide, it would be easier for new players to get the best out of this game.

Did you find this Immortal Awakening beginners guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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Why cant i equipt rank 7 gear? It just says insuffient awaking points.. when i know i am way past the level requirements. Its about to make me stop playing the game. Please email me if you know how to fix this problem.

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