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PUBG Mobile Tips: Should you separate your jump and climb in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile introduced the option to have separate controls for jump and climb in its recent update 0.13.0. For a majority of players who had been playing the global version since the game first came out, this wasnʼt something they gave much thought to. Most of the players who actually wanted to keep the controls for jumping and climbing separate faced trouble when they separated them, most of the trouble is because of the confusion about when to use jump and when to use climb.

Upon being separated, the climb button can also be used to jump normally when there is no obstacle present in the vicinity of the player. However, the jump button canʼt be used to climb over obstacles (thereʼd be no point in separating them otherwise). It only has one job- to jump.

Are Jump and Climb in PUBG Mobile a disadvantage now?

The choice to separate jump and climb was introduced much earlier in the Korean version of PUBG Mobile and to the Chinese version (made by the developer Timi). Players playing either of these two versions, who chose to separate the jump and climb buttons have had some time playing with the separated controls. Players in the international version are reluctant to separate the controls because they feel that itʼll be a disadvantage for them, not being well versed with their controls layout, especially with the increasing competitiveness in the game.

However, this new feature is actually really helpful and once incorporated into your gameplay it can improve it greatly!

The Advantages of Separating your Jump and Climb in PUBG Mobile

There are two prime advantages of separating the jump and climb controls. But first, if you donʼt know how to separate it, go to in-game Settings -> Basic, and toggle Jump/Climb separate.

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Now, getting on to the advantages:

1. Close-Range Encounters

If youʼve played PUBGM enough, you surely mustʼve faced troubles in gunfights in close range, especially in areas that involve obstacles, like boundary walls (AKA “broken walls”). The primary problem associated with them is that if an enemy is on the other side of the wall, you pretty much always try to get on his side and kill him. But sometimes that doesnʼt go your way and you end up dying because climbing takes a lot of time.

How does jumping help here? Well, see the small gaps in between the tall walls, like shown here.

Jump and climb in PUBG Mobile,
“Broken wall” as referred to by PUBG Mobile community

If you use the jump control here instead of climbing over the wall (and yes it is possible and pretty easy to do!) you save about half the time. Moreover, the climbing gets you to lose your crosshair direction, which may be at the enemy, while a jump doesnʼt!

For example, if you know the enemy is behind the wall here and you want to jump on him and finish him, you might die if you climb because thatʼll make you lose your crosshair, adding to the fact that the enemy can kill you even while youʼre climbing since it is a slow process.

Initiating the jump
Keeping your crosshair in the general direction of the enemy

As shown in the picture, you can jump while aiming your crosshair in the general direction of the enemy! This gives you the benefit of surprise, without losing control. The same technique can be applied to other obstacles too! Upon practice, you will see that jumping at the right moment and place can also help you get on places faster than you did when you were climbing, like the containers of Georgeopol and Novorepnoye. Moreover, the jump-only button makes you actually jump while climbing the stairs to the top of a house, while the combined controls made you climb/vault at every step. Another interesting fact to be noted!

2. Getting in/out through windows

We all try to loot as fast as possible in the early stages of the game, right after landing. If the place where you and your team lands is a city, you face problems getting in/out of buildings through windows. While looting fast, a player tends to go into or out of a building through the closest opening in the players vicinity, and a majority of the times the opening happens to be a window. A city is also a place that you may be caught in the back by an enemy who was just luckier than you, got a gun first and decided to camp comfortably in a house.

In cases like these, looting fast is essential. This is where jumping, instead of climbing through windows helps. Again the time taken by a player to jump through a wall is almost half of the time taken to climb through a wall. And that is ignoring the mistakes that commonly occur when the player doesnʼt climb but instead jumps at the window until it finds a way to climb!

Jumping onto window in PUBG Mobile
Jumping onto a window
Faster way to get in/out of houses PUBG Mobile
Crouching just after and landing inside

Hereʼs whatʼs happening in the two pictures: As soon as the player approaches the window, the jump is activated, and the player reaches the window. However, he isnʼt inside yet. Quickly, the crouch button is clicked, through which the player lands inside the house instantly. After some amount of practice, this process takes less than half of the time youʼd spend trying to climb into the house through the window. The same can be done for exiting through a window too. You may wonder what is the special use of the separated jump control here since the combined controls did the job till now.

To clear your doubt, the combined controls that you had been using till now didnʼt give you as much control over what your player was doing when you brought him/ her near a window. If you use the combined controls and try to jump-crouch through a window, chances are that you might end up climbing even though you meant to jump but the game didnʼt interpret your instructions since you were too close to the window so you climbed in instead of jumping through. Separated controls prevent this from happening. This jump-crouch method of getting in/out of houses helps you loot faster. It facilitates your fights where you might need to go from building to building and take fights. It also helps you avoid the occasional camper who might try to shoot you while you are climbing.

So, these were two of the advantages that may help you improve your gameplay by separating your jump and climb controls. PUBG PC has given the option to have separate keybindings for jumping and vaulting to players, and it was adopted widely by players! Shroud and WackyJacky being amongst them.

Long story short

PUBG Mobile has become highly competitive now, with more and more players looking to get to that next level of gameplay, participating in tournaments, pushing to the higher tiers and grinding for Conqueror. An interesting feature like this, which shouldʼve been introduced to the global version earlier, still deserves to be given a chance to be used. Having extra control will be confusing at first, but with practice, your gameplay can improve greatly!

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