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PUBG Mobile: The complete guide to Squad Roles, Strategies and Tactics

While playing in the squad in PUBG Mobile you may sometime face a problem of maintaining your squad. Furthermore, despite having the best players in your team you fail to get chicken dinner regularly. On the other hand, a team with low skilled players easily beats you down and takes your prize. It’s not always the faults of your teammates instead it may be due to your lack of team strategies or fault in squad roles. Now you might think about how to specify roles to your squad members or how to choose the correct squad roles which would be best for your team. This article contains the best squad tactics with full information on roles, strategies and tips from which a team can easily make their squad the best in PUBG Mobile.

We have divided the roles into two categories: Strategical Roles and Tactical Roles. The Strategical Roles are the most important and compulsory roles. Whereas the Tactical Roles are the optional one and you can choose any four roles according to your choice and squad requirements. So without further ado lets dive deep into a detailed analysis of the squad tactics in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Squad Tactics: Strategical Roles

“Strategies without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategies are the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu

PUBG Mobile Squad Tactics

In-Game Leader

This is the most important role in a squad in PUBG Mobile. Your squad must have an IGL or In-Game Leader who will make important decisions and guide the team in the game. The IGL is responsible for giving different commands like when to charge or when to be defensive depending on the situations or how to take positions in different situations.

Having a good IGL in a squad reduces the pressure of strategy making of other squad members. Don’t get confused between an In-Game Leader with a Team Leader. Team Leader is the leader of your team in the real-world whereas an IGL makes decisions and shows leadership only when you are in-game. Usually, the Sniper or the Marksman should be your In-Game Leader.


Scout is also one of the most important roles in a squad. Their main work is to gather information for the team. Some activities of a Scout includes: to spot where are the enemies, locate the best place to visit in the map, to keep a look on how many enemies left on the opponent squad, etc. In other words, you can also call them as the co-leader of your squad. They can also take the place of the IGL in his absence. Usually, the Marksman or the Sniper should be the Scout of your squad.


This is also a must-have role that you should include in your squad. This role is required while pushing i.e. when you are attacking. Their main job is to push from an off-angle to corner an opponent. Unlike other Strategical Roles, a Flanker is not predetermined before a game begins. The role of a Flanker can be changed in the middle of a game depending on the situation. Sometimes in some fight cases, you might don’t need a Flanker at all. As a team gets used to this role more and more and while working together you will be able to quickly realize when you are the player in the Flanker position and you don’t hesitate to push fast and suffocate your opponent.

Usually, the Carry Fragger or the Supporter, or sometimes the Marksman falls in the position of a Flanker.


Just like the Flanker, a Spoiler is also not predetermined before a game begins. This is also a must-have role that you should include in your squad. This role is required while your squad is being pushed i.e. when your team is in the defensive position. The main work of the Spoiler is to hold an unsuspecting position in order to surprise the enemy. Understanding when to utilize this is where you can get your money’s worth. When an opposing team is needing to push you, find a spot somewhat hidden and lay in and wait. Ideally, the opponent will walk right into your crosshair and give you a free knock.

While playing the spoiler role be sure to be patient as you’re waiting for a firefight to begin and chaos to ensue which will give you the best opportunity to do enough damage to the enemy where they will be unable to recover. As a Spoiler, make sure your team is understanding and that is how you will be playing by giving them this information they’ll be able to comprehend that at the beginning of a firefight you won’t be able to assist and you’re waiting on them to bait an opponent into your trap.

Usually, the Sniper or the Supporter, or sometimes the Carry Fragger falls in the position of a Spoiler.

PUBG Mobile Squad Tactics: Tactical Roles

All the Tactical Roles are optional. We have included secondary roles for each role in case of any absence while playing. You can choose any four of the following roles as per your squad tactics and requirements in PUBG Mobile.

The Sniper

Snipers are hands-down the most controversial role of any team’s composition. In the current meta, we strongly believe that Snipers are outdated due to nerfs to all bolt action rifles. However, while you’re playing through the new skill-based rating in public games, we can promise you that having one player running a bolt who is talented shooting, it is going to be extremely effective. In order to make sure you are utilizing this player to best of your ability, it is important you give the Sniper the proper gear.

pubg mobile, pubg mobile sniper
The Sniper

Firstly, make sure your Sniper is equipped with the highest range of scope your team has to offer. On top of that, in the early game, while looting, make sure you call out any bolt action you see. In the case, your team is blessed by a crate, be sure you give the level 3 helmet to your Sniper as he will be more commonly trading headshots with opponents.

As a Sniper understanding what you do is going to be vital to your usefulness to your squad looking for knocks on players and cover around you is paramount for a few different reasons. For one, you will gain info for your team on who is in front of you. On top of that, you will be removing helmets and gear from an opponent. In some cases, your team will have no other opportunity besides crashing a compound that an opposing team is holding, then as a Sniper, it’s your time to shot first and foremost declare to your squad ahead of time that you are looking for a knock on the target squad.

Make sure the team realizes that when you hit a shot, they need to be ready to hop into their vehicles and slam into the opponent’s cover. Snipers don’t get discouraged by a lack of kills compared to your teammates.

Primary Weapons: The Primary gun for a Sniper includes a Bolt Action Rifle and an Assault Rifle. The secondary role of a Sniper can be a Carry Fragger or sometimes a Supporter in need.

The Marksman

The Marksman is the most underrated player you will see in PUBG Mobile. The reason is that most of the players used to think that what’s the use of a DMR when there are more powerful bolt action rifles. Obviously, bolt actions are the most powerful weapon in PUBG Mobile but a talented DMR shooter can knock out a sniper more quickly. So, don’t dare to underestimate a Marksman. Sometimes they played more OP than all other teammates.

PUBG Mobile Squad Tactics
The Marksman

Now, comes the main job of a Marksman in your team. Marksman actually works as an assistant to a Sniper. Their main task comes when there is a mid to long-range fight. Let’s suppose a situation the Sniper in your team has a Kar98k and the opponent is wearing a level 3 helmet then it becomes impossible for your Sniper to knock him out in one headshot but if you have a Marksman then after a headshot by Kar98k a single DMR body shot can knock that opponent out.

Sometimes a situation comes when the opponents are running, at that time the sniper can’t shot or it’s complete luck that the sniper gives a running headshot or body. Then comes the role of a Marksman who is the only one who can knock the opponent down either by using a DMR or an AR (M416) using a 6x scope. While looting the Marksman gets the second-most priority after the Sniper, for example, in case of scopes and helmets.

Primary Weapons: The primary gun of a Marksman includes a Designated Marksman Rifle and an Assault Rifle. The secondary role of a Marksman can be an Entree Fragger or a Carry Fragger.

The Entree Fragger

The Entree Fragger or you may call the Entry Fragger is basically the front-line fragger in team fights. Your Entree Fragger is going to be the player you have in the lead while pushing. These players put themselves on the line to get knocked so you can follow up with a quick trade. In most team fights this is pretty simple, just shoot the guy shooting your teammate in buildings however is where it may take a little more practice.

pubg mobile
Entry Fragger

If you are Entree Fragger and you know there are opponents inside, then it’s important you understand that in this situation your job is to push through a door, clear enough space for your teammate to come behind you and relay any information you can as quickly as possible. As you push through, pick a likely angle that you expect the player could be either hard left or right in most cases and prepare to instantly look for a spray down.

In case of a 2v2 or 3v2, use the Entree Fragger putting out any damage is a huge help. Try timing your push with grenades, a quick flash, or even the sound of a frag can throw off your opponent and make them less aware while your push is coming through. Lastly, as an Entree Fragger, you need to understand this pushes in your control. Your teammates will be playing off of you. If you hesitate stutter step, block doorways, or don’t give any information, you’re setting your teammates up to fail. Don’t be scared to use the duos in public games to practice Entree Fragging in 1v2 situations. The more practice you have with your teammates the smoother this will go in the future.

Primary Weapons: The primary gun of an Entree Fragger includes both as Assault Rifles and if the Entree Fragger is also performing any secondary role then he may include an Assault Rifle and a Light Machine Gun or a Bolt Action Rifle depending on the role. The secondary role of an Entree Fragger can be a Carry Fragger or a Sniper.

The Carry Fragger

The Carry Fragger in a team works as a 2nd man Fragger. The main job of a Carry Fragger is to flank and surprise the opponent from behind when he will be busy in a fight with the Entree Fragger and your other teammates. Carry Fragger actually works as the most important helping hand of the Entree Fragger.

PUBG Mobile Squad Tactics
The Carry Fragger

If you choose a role of a Carry Fragger then your synergy with the Entree Fragger in your team must be high enough as you have to be aware of what and how he is going to push according to the strategy of your IGL and accordingly you have to choose the unpredictable way to surprise your opponent and give them a knock.

Performing good tactics usually makes a Carry Fragger one of the most valuable players in a team. In some cases, there is no way you can flank to surprise the opponent. In those cases, the Carry Fragger use to distract the opponent either by frags or by giving cover fires to make the push a successful one. Another role of a Carry Fragger is to provide all the possible information he faces while pushing to the Entree Fragger to make him aware of that. To make the role of a Carry Fragger smooth, keep on playing duos with your Entree Fragger and have a hot drop.

Primary Weapons: The primary gun of a Carry Fragger includes an Assault Rifles and a Light Machine Gun. If he is also performing any secondary role then he may include an Assault Rifle. He may also equip a Designated Marksman Rifle along with an Assault Rifle depending on the role. The secondary role of a Carry Fragger can be an Entree Fragger or a Marksman.

The Supporter

Lastly, here comes the Supporter. A Supporter watches minimal threats while the team is offensive. Therefore he is someone who takes the less than glamorous roles in the game under their own responsibilities. Whether it is holding a potential threat that may be looking to make a play in your team or even just watching behind late. A Supporter will frequently give up personal stats in order to protect the team. This player can focus on a specific aspect of the game finding potential threats and keeping them under control allowing for the rest of the squad to put out offensive damage.

pubg mobile
The Supporter

There is no right-hand rule, a Supporter has to maintain. This role is experimental and will perform according to the requirement of the squad. Here’re some more situations where you can fit this role well. Sometimes it requires someone who can take direction well. It’s good to designate this player as the driver too. When things go south, you never want two people fighting over the driver’s seat, while the enemy is firing at you. In a breach scenario i.e., while pushing, the Supporter will follow close behind the Carry Fragger or the Entree Fragger. After the push, the Support role will loot enough health items and grenades, to distribute among teammates in need. And when things go wrong, i.e. the player whom the Supporter is following gets knocked down. He will be there to help get those players back on their feet.

Primary Weapons: The primary gun of a Supporter includes a Light Machine Gun and an Assault Rifle. The secondary role of a Supporter can be a Carry Fragger.


In the end, when it all goes perfectly according to plan, Boom! Your squad will obviously bring chicken dinners on a regular basis.

It is always helpful to organize your squad tactics in PUBG Mobile. This is not certainly the only way to organize but a guideline to get you to start thinking more strategically. Once you start to play with better tactics chicken dinners will come by easily at the end of the day.

Do you follow any other strategy and squad tactics in PUBG Mobile? Let us know also in the comment section below!

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