Jurassic World Primal Ops Beginners Guide and Tips

Build lasting bonds with your favorite dinosaurs and overcome any challenge standing in your way!

In the actionadventure game Jurassic World Primal Ops, players will lead their handlers on missions to protect dinosaurs against groups that harm and poach them. If the assignment calls for it, players will have to guide their handler along a straight path while using a tranquillizer gun to dispatch poachers or even to tame some dinosaurs. This Jurassic World Primal OPS beginners guide is aimed at showing new players the mechanics and what could be done in order to progress through the game and even become better.

Other than that, other important aspects would also be included in what to do and learn throughout the course of the game. Players should feel free to return and check out the guide whenever they need to and see what works best for them. Whether the goal is to sabotage a Jeep, clear a poaching camp, or sample eggs, players’ tasks will all ultimately include the same path.

Jurassic World Primal Ops Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Keeping Distance

The poachers could be a concern if they outnumber players, and with their damage, it would be easy to lose given the situation of a numbers game. Additionally, a challenge in the game would be the weapon of choice for players, because the given tranquillizer gun has a slow rate of fire. However, there are steps players could do to handle them. When players first spot the poachers, it is advised that players keep their distance and hold the shoot button to try and get some early hits and possibly knock someone out before the poachers react.

2. Use your Skills efficiently

Use those skills Jurassic World Primal Ops
Image via Behaviour Interactive

Players can summon the dinosaurs they previously released to aid them in battle in addition to using the distinct skills of the three different heroes to sneak into the enemy bases. Three of the heroes could have some skills that could be very useful in different scenarios, and picking the right one could definitely put players in the right spot for an easy clearing of any stage. Take note that brute force is always an option but the idea is to work out a smart strategy to make things a little less complicated.

3. Teamwork is Key

The ancient behemoths will undoubtedly be useful in combat, using all of their strength to defeat adversaries. Players should pay close attention to which one they would want to bring to a fight or to just be part of their collection. There may be nothing wrong with having a few dinos up in your base, but choosing the best one could make things easier.

4. Master your Movements

Most likely, players will be shooting while almost always moving backwards. And that is still alright because players would be using their dinosaurs to defeat their opponents most of the time. Of course, having one’s own resources is helpful in case of players run out of summoning points or there are too many reptile buddies for players to handle.

With their ability to smash through obstacles and knock out poachers with shields, players’ dinosaurs will serve as their backbone. Generally speaking, it will cost more points to summon a larger dinosaur. When choosing which three dinosaurs to bring along the journey, take in mind that a player’s points only go up to 10 and generate swiftly from there.

5. Save your Larges Dino for the last

It is advised that players bring at least one large dinosaur that is capable of tearing down barriers and flattening any shields, as well as at least one smaller dinosaur because they are typically swifter and more precise rather than running around and destroying everything in their path, allowing another force to actively and quickly take down enemies.

6. Keep upgrading your Dinos

Upgrading Jurassic Park Mobile Games
Image via Behaviour Interactive

Players can rank up their dinosaurs and handlers whenever they want in Jurassic World Primal Ops. Players should enhance what ones they want as soon as they can because this is crucial. Players would want to keep up because the adversaries will quickly gain power over the course of the game.

7. Utilise your Points effectively

Keep in mind that a player’s points recover fairly quickly, so players can afford to wait a few seconds after each group of poachers to be prepared for whatever comes next. Players should not hold back when calling their dinosaurs when they are needed. Players should also keep a look out for secret chests with valuable treasure along their journey because there may be opponents there as well.

8.Upgrade the player’s Handler and weapons

Upgrading a player’s handler as frequently as they can is essential since he or she must be strong enough to care for themselves in emergency scenarios. Players can also improve the handler’s weapon, which is obviously suggested to deal damage to solve issues quickly when the game hands players that kind of situation.

9. Prepare your Dinos for the worst

The Best Among the Rest Jurassic World Primal Ops
Image via Behaviour Interactive

Players should make sure their dinosaurs are prepared for any assignment because they are a player’s most valuable tool. The player should select their favourite and most practical dinosaurs to prioritize so that they can considerably boost their strength by ranking them higher. Players should also try to limit the number of dinosaurs they choose to no more than five, as upgrading too equally will waste a player’s resources.

10. Keep collecting Dinosaur DNA

Dinosaurs can be obtained from missions or by collecting enough dinosaur DNA, which can be purchased or acquired in crates. Players would have more versatility with a large crew, so why not get out there and save some dinosaurs!

Final Thoughts

These are just the basics that beginner and newer players can check out if ever they could give Jurassic World Primal Ops a try. These simple tips and tricks could make a player’s playthrough much easier to deal with and help them understand it all at a fairly easy and early rate, and when moving forward in the game. Players can feel free to mix and match what dinosaurs they want to use and also come back to this guide whenever they feel the need to. What would be important is what players can do to understand the game and also have fun whenever they play it!

That’s it from this Jurassic World Primal OPS beginners guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this Jurassic World Primal OPS beginners guide useful.  

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