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K vs DJ Alok vs Chrono in Free Fire: Who can be the best choice in the game

Who is the best for you?

Free Fire has various characters with special abilities to enhance the gameplay experience for the player. There are two default characters available to the players but they do not have any special abilities. However, you can gradually unlock the other characters with abilities in the game. K and DJ Alok are both active characters and decent choices for aggressive as well as passive players. And recently, Chrono has arrived in the game. This article on K vs DJ Alok vs Chrono in Free Fire analyzes and compares all of their abilities to help you decide who can be your best choice in the game.

Knowing the skills of K, DJ Alok and Chrono in Free Fire


K vs DJ Alok vs Chrono in Free Fire

K has a skill named “master of all” when this skill is activated a huge ring is formed of 6m which converts up to hp at speed of 500℅ and the max possible EP is increased by 50. The passive skill of this active character is named JIU-JITSU mode, this mode gives 2 EP every second. The character K doesn’t have any power to increase speed. K has a cooldown of 20 seconds

DJ Alok

K vs DJ Alok vs Chrono in Free Fire

The character named DJ Alok has a skill named “Drop the beat” when this skill is activated a ring is formed of 5 meters, the ring heals the player and allies up to 50HP and gives the user 15℅ increase in speed. Alok has a Cooldown of 30 seconds.


K vs DJ Alok vs Chrono in Free Fire

Chrono has a skill named “Time turner” when this skill is activated it makes a shield of 600HP. When the shield is activated, the Allie inside will be given a 30℅ increase in speed. The character Chrono doesn’t have any healing power. The Chrono cooldown is 40 sec. However, Chrono will be up for grabs till 30th December 2020.

Assessing the abilities of K, DJ Alok and Chrono in Free Fire

After knowing about all the 3 characters, now let’s know about the abilities of each character and know who is good in which situation in the game.

Abilities/SituationDJ AlokKChrono
Healing/Rush50HP – Can help the user to rush much better because of healing and speeding together250HP – Cannot be preferred for rush because only healing is done while speed is essential 0HP – Can be preferred for rush because of the increase in speed. If the player is damaged he can be safe inside the shield because it has 600 durability
Healing/Camp50HP – Cannot be preferred for camp because when you don’t have healing and are low, this character can heal but can’t heal to full250HP – He is best for camping because if the ep is finished player can switch mode to regain ep and again switch mode to heal.0HP – Can be preferred for camping as sometimes a player might be stuck in the blue zone and have to escape. Speed can help him to rotate inside the zone.
Protection/Revive teammate0HP – Can be preferred for saving teammate because of speed. Use it to rush fast to knocked teammate and healing helps in reviving teammate faster0HP – Cannot be preferred for rescuing teammate because of lack of heal and speed as not every teammate will have ep which can be converted in HP600HP – Can easily rescue teammate because of high speed and 600HP shield which can lend them a lot of time to heal.
Escaping/Rotating zoneCan be preferred for escaping from enemy because of speed increase. Can be preferred in rotating zone because of increase of HP and speed at same time.Cannot be preferred for escaping from enemy. As it only heals and for escaping enemy you need to be out of their vision as soon as possible. Can be preferred for rotating in zone as it heals a lot which helps a lot.Can be preferred for escaping from enemy with increased speed and 600 HP shield which helps to heal. However, not preferred for rotating as it only has increased speed and for rotating zone you need healing also.

K vs DJ Alok vs Chrono: Who is the better Free Fire character?

DJ Alok can be bought from the store section in Free Fire for 599 diamonds. However, K and Chrono are a bit cheap and can be bought for 499 diamonds. Now it all comes down to the question that whom should you choose.

For the rush player, DJ Alok is mostly preferred because of increased speed which helps in fast rushing, and healing power help in 1HP clutch. Chrono is best for the player with camp and mid-range fighter as it provides a shelter to heal and increase speed for changing place to place. K is best for Camp and support players which can be used for third parties and rescue or camp. The recommended best squad for a full-squad game is K, Alok, Chrono, and Clu.

What are your thoughts about this article on K vs DJ Alok vs Chrono in Free Fire? Drop in your opinions in the comment section below!

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Ayush Kumar

Alok is the winner because it the the cheapest of all.

Sadhana Shinde

Alok is the best [ dude]

Balraj Singh

K is best due to unlimited health in short range. Fast healing with inhalers


K is best

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